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The Best Ways You Can Use Facebook Ads To Drive More Sales

The Best Ways You Can Use Facebook Ads To Drive More Sales

Some of the best ways you can use Facebook ads to drive more sales to your business makes use of the dynamism of the said social media channel. Numerous companies want to achieve their business goals, targeting the high number of users who actively use the social media channel. It has proven to be an effective advertising tool according to statistics, which indicate that the return of investment from ads in Facebook in e-commerce is an impressive 152%. Read on these few pointers to help you boost your sales.

#1 Improve Ad Images

improved ad images

Improving the quality of your business’ ad images is one of the best ways to use Facebook ads to drive more sales to your business. A study conducted by eBay researchers in 2011 show that the image quality has an influence on your buyer’s behavior. An image with a high quality draws clicks, and increases your return on investment, compared with images with poor quality. There are also elements in an image which can also be used to predict click-through rates.

In making your businesses images better to use Facebook ads to drive more sales, you have to be conscious of some elements. Facebook guidelines state that the text should only take up a maximum of 20% of the space for the image. Include words which are only essential to describing the image or complements the ad. For pictures with humans in it, putting the text in the subject’s line of sight will make the viewer more likely to follow-up on the ad.

Remember the importance of click-through rates to consider in using Facebook ads. Studies have shown that click-through rates are doubled when clear images capturing people’s emotions are used, especially with smiling and attractive faces. These rates are tripled when you use product close-ups and a far shot in an image. For multi-product/service ads, alternating between images of people and close-ups is a good way to go.

Make sure that you focus on what you have to offer when you use Facebook ads to drive more sales in your business. Highlight a particular feature or detail which will make your target market intrigued. Avoid using stock photos as it may not be related to your brand, it is not exactly what you want your market to avail.

#2 Clearly Identify Your Target Market

Identify your market

Classifying your target market can help you in using Facebook ads to drive more sales. It will assist you with the approach you need to do while maintaining your business’ identity. Learning about the people who will be availing what you have to offer will increase online and foot traffic for more sales. Here are some classifications you might want to consider to aid you.

Your fans and followers are who you should maximize to use Facebook ads to drive more sales to your business. To achieve this, make sure you have a strong fan base first. An important factor to keep your account up and running is the engagements involved in it. You might want to check on some tips to increase social media engagements, as this also drives more sales.

Keep in mind your current customers when you use Facebook ads to drive more sales to your business as well. This is especially for those who you are targeting for upsells and upgrades. For offerings with multiple prices and tiers, aim for those at the lower tiers to upsell the most expensive ones.

Those who provide you their email addresses are those you can consider when you use Facebook ads to drive more sales for your business. They trust you enough with something that personal when you ask them for it. As an engaging business, this is a venue for you to answer inquiries which can help them to consider buying what you have to offer.

#3 Align Your Ad with the Landing Page

consistency is key

Consistency is definitely the key to using Facebook ads to drive more sales to your business. When your customers and potential ones see that you maintain the identity of your brand at all your promotions and platforms, it builds up your credibility. After all, you do want your target market to invest their money in what you are selling them. Typically, this also produces a decrease in online shopping drop-off rates and increase conversion rates.

Getting a higher Advertising Relevance Score is also a reason you should consider when you want to use Facebook ads to drive more sales to your business. This measures how relevant your ad is to your target market. This is used by marketers to test ads prior to running a campaign, and enhance existing campaigns. This metric is designed to lower the cost of reaching your target market to avail what you have to offer.

An increase in your conversion rate is another reason for you to think about when you use Facebook ads. Those who click your advertisements expect to be directed to the landing page that you indicated for them to go. Taking them to where they should go will let them understand your business and what you have to offer. It also avoids you from performing damage control, especially detrimental viral posts, when they feel they have been hoodwinked.

#4 Develop Lasting Ad Campaigns

develop lasting ad campaigns

Making your ad campaigns stand the test of time is an important consideration when you use Facebook ads to drive more sales. This social media channel is very dynamic, and has a growing number of users daily. You have to make these work to your advantage, especially when there are also a number of advertisers who have a similar business approach as you do. Remember also the limited time frame your ads appear, and also how ads fade and become unnoticeable as time passes.

One way to use Facebook ads to drive more sales wisely is monitoring your click through rate. It takes diligence and vigilance to keep track of the various factors affecting the rate activity. Learn what type of ads are effective to attain your marketing goal. Ads which do not attract much clicks should be paused before they turn out to be a flop.

Batching is also something you can optimize. Grouping the ads you submit for the approval of Facebook for posting is a wise decision. You can change as needed based on those who pass their standards. Should an ad lose its interest or be ineffective, you have ones ready for activation.

Patience in this matter is vital when you use ads to drive more sales to your business. It takes a while for Facebook staff to review and make a decision on your submissions. If you only submit one or very few at a time, the waiting may cause you to lose momentum. In Facebook, you have to be as dynamic and updated as the users themselves.

#5 Make Ads with Quality Content

develop lasting ad campaigns

Use Facebook ads to drive more sales by ensuring that the content of your ads is interesting enough for those who come across it. Users encounter various, numerous ads per day. As these are a lot of which may draw their attention, you have to stand out and make them click your ad. More importantly, your ads should be convincing enough to be the stepping stone in availing what you have to offer.

Be conscious of the tone and language you use for your Facebook ads. Make sure that you are able to send your message across your target market clearly. Speaking in a way which they can relate with makes them more comfortable in doing business with you. Deliver it as brief and concise as possible.

Use Facebook ads to drive more sales to your business by placing content which caters directly to the identified needs of your market. If you are offering something new, create the want to make your offering sell. Use call to actions for a more direct marketing sales approach.

You can drive more sales to your business by creating intriguing content. In a way, you can deliver it in a shocking manner which will make them click the ad to address their curiosity. Make sure that it is still consistent with your brand and what you have to offer. Avoid misleading them just for the click, as it may break trust and damage your credibility.

Wrapping it up

These are some of the best ways you can use Facebook ads to drive more sales to your business. You should be able to know how to approach your target market to communicate with them effectively, and also, keep them updated with your lasting presence on their home pages. The image on your ad attracts the user immediately, and, therefore, should be posted of the best quality you can conceive. Be consistent with the content that you are offering in your ad, and on the landing page you direct your users to help build your credibility as a brand and what you have to offer.


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