Mass Planner Guest Posting Rules and Benefits

Want to submit your guest post to the Mass Planner blog?

Please review the guidelines below before submitting your guest post in order not to waste both our times. We’ll know if you don’t and we won’t review your submission!

There are also many benefits for submitting your original guest post, read about that below in the “What’s in it for you?” section.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Your guest post should be relevant.

The Mass Planner blog covers topics including social media, social marketing, Facebook tips and tricks, twitter tutorials, Pinterest marketing strategies and good business practices. Our audience is looking for fresh ideas and better ways to succeed online, get new leads and increase their business’ visibility.

This being said we won’t accept anything related to other topics that do not interest us or our readers.

2. Your guest post should be well written.

We are only looking for high quality articles, with a good command of punctuation, grammar, organization, language, style, clarity and tone. We’re definitely not looking for badly written articles that are barely in English and you should not expect us to edit or re-work your article for you.

Here are some tips you should follow:

3. Your guest post should be useful.

We are not looking for re-hashed information or stuff that has been talked about everywhere. Our readers are looking for helpful, practical, interesting, useful and actionable information that they can use immediately and can bring them significant benefits so that’s what we require from you.

4. Your guest post should be unique.

We only accept unique articles, that have not been posted anywhere else and that will not be posted anywhere else after they appear on the Mass Planner blog. If you submit your article to us and it gets accepted, we own it.

5. Editorial guidelines.

We reserve the right to many any changes that we consider necessary to your article in order to make it a perfect fit for our audience and blog. We will share the changes with you before publishing the article.

If we review and accept your guest post and it appears on the Mass Planner blog, you grant us a license to be the exclusive publisher. You can re-publish small extracts on your site if you want but you cannot publish the exact same article anywhere else. We become sole owners of the article, you will get credited as the author in the author bio though.

6. What’s in it for you?

There are several benefits of writing an amazing guest post from us, here are the main ones:

As you can see, you can expect a lot of interaction and visibility for your article, so make it count and you might very well become the next authority in your field.

7. Ok, I want to send  you my article.

If you’ve gotten this far and managed to read through all the guidelines and more importantly if you agree with everything and believe you can do a great job and write an amazing article then go ahead and use the contact us form to let us know. What to include:

If we like what you’re written so far and the idea for your guest post we’ll write back with the go-ahead and you can start writing the article and send it over when ready.

8. We’ve posted the article.

If everything went well and you sent us an amazing article and we published it, we’ll do our best to advertise it like we said in the “What’s in it for you?” . We do require 2 more small things from you:

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