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Save resources, locate leads and create lasting customers with Mass Planner - the only automation tool you need for excellent FACEBOOK, TWITTER, INSTAGRAM and PINTEREST marketing!

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We are dedicated to meeting your every needs

We want to make sure you get the most out of Mass Planner and create impactful and relevant marketing strategies for your business.

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Get faster results with the latest technology

With a modern mindset, our team is dedicated to deliver the fastest and the most powerful social media automation technology in the market.

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We don't advertise our presence on your social media posts

Keep your own voice on social media with our newly-available technology to drive more traffic, customers and expand your audience.

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Be part of a great and big community

If you are looking for a hand getting started with your online marketing strategy, we are here for you. Join our community and submit your questions or suggestions.

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We are committed towards our goal of delivering the best automation software for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram

  • Schedule Facebook posts for future publish

    Schedule posts on as many Facebook Pages and Groups as you need.

  • Automatically find new Facebook Pages and Groups in you niche, to attract new customers.

    Automatically find new Facebook Pages and Groups in you niche, to attract new customers.

  • Automatically share your content on Facebook Groups

    Have your unique content automatically shared on the groups you're member of. Attract more costumers and drive better sales!

  • Schedule posts from RSS feeds

    Automate the sharing of your latest blog posts to as many Facebook places as possible with RSS campaigns.

  • Complete history of your Social activity

    Have a complete history of the scheduled posts along with the direct link to each post you made with Mass Planner on all available platforms: Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

  • Automatic Backup

    With automatic backups, you don't have to remember to back up your files. Mass Planner ensures that your campaign details aren't lost or damaged.

  • Extended Multi-Account

    Use Mass Planner with up to 25 different Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest accounts.

  • Instagram likes

    Automatically like other people's Instagram photos and get more likes and followers yourself.

  • Schedule pins for all your Pinterest boards

    Have your pins published on the perfect times for better reach to your followers.

  • Automatically re-pin quality content on Pinterest

    Find and auto re-pin quality pins, based on your keywords to boost your Pinterest activity and boards.

  • Auto-follow quality boards and interesting people on Pinterest

    Find high quality boards or persons in your niche and start following them on auto-pilot.

  • Schedule Twitter content for future publish

    Find perfect timing for your Twitter content with Mass Planner. Take your time to schedule your posts to help your business remain active.

  • Automatically follow interesting people on Twitter

    Find and automatically follow Twitter accounts with Mass Planner based on your keywords for your niche.

  • Flickr Integration

    Import quality content from Flickr on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Make sure you add value to your customers!

  • Contact potential customers

    Find better leads and create lasting customers with Mass Planner.

  • Instagram followers

    Automatically follow and unfollow people on instagram so you get more followers and grow your account

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  • 5 days FREE Trial

  • Get access to Mass Planner with a month-to-month subscription

  • Get the Group Share Module for FREE

  • Get the Multi-Account Module for FREE

  • Get the Group Joiner/Unjoiner Module for FREE

  • Get the Feed Campaign Module for FREE

  • Get the monthly subscription
  • 6 Months Subscription




  • 5 days FREE Trial

  • Get access to Mass Planner with a 6 months subscription

  • Get the Group Share Module for FREE

  • Get the Multi-Account Module for FREE

  • Get the Group Joiner/Unjoiner Module for FREE

  • Get the Feed Campaign Module for FREE

  • Get the 6 months subscription

Our customers love Mass Planner

  • Ella Morgan - Facebook Marketer

    Ella Morgan - Facebook Marketer

    "It was soooo easy to set up, I thought it would take some time to get used to it, but to my surprise in 4 minutes I was ready to go. So I jumped right into searching more stuff to post. Mass Planner is a great time saver, thanks guys !"

    Andy Green - Blog owner and enthusiast

    Andy Green - Blog owner and enthusiast

    " I’ve used it for a few weeks, then there was an interruption in the service for a few days as it was still in beta testing, I was checking every hour to see if it’s back on, couldn’t believe I could manage without it before. "

    Mike Leroy - SM Consultant, Teront Pace, Inc

    Mike Leroy - SM Consultant, Teront Pace, Inc

    "Mass Planner helped me save hours and hours each day, it’s like having a personal assistant 24h/day & 7 days/week on call. It doesn't complain and does exactly what I tell it to do at the times I specified. How amazing is that?"

  • Aggies Page - <a class="testimonials-link" href=""> </a>

    Aggies Page -

    "I have been one of the privileged beta testers for the app. I must say the app is pretty good. The people behind the software are great too as they are pretty swift in adding new features and correct bugs if any reported. Alongside testing the module I have realised the power of the tool , that not only saves time but also generates a great traffic to your website, page and increases sales. I wish I had found this earlier on, would have saved me so much time.I now spend time dealing with customers rather than advertising :)"

    Danny Shaw - <a class="testimonials-link"  href=""> </a>

    Danny Shaw -

    "The Massplanner team have built not one but two amazing app’s that in only a short space of time have become the new bench marks for Facebook and Pinterest marketing. There excellent support, are not only professional and quick to respond but also pick members brains for improvement ideas and then “actually” implement them. Very excited to see what evolves next."

    Voltz Ro  - <a class="testimonials-link"  href=""> </a>

    Voltz Ro -

    "I have been using this software for more than two months now and I can say that I am extremely pleased with it. It was designed to be used both by beginners and the more advanced users of IM. What I like most is that I have the freedom to make posts as I wish, it’s because I choose a random time between posts and I can use the spin function for text. Of course this software has many useful features for any user, searches for groups in your place and at the same time it can join them. Besides all this, the software can work with two Facebook accounts (you can also use proxies). For a modest fee you can purchase an extra module that makes it go up to 10 accounts simultaneously. There are a lot more to say but I don’t want to get boring. In short, this software will make your IM life easier."

  • Shawndra Manning - <a class="testimonials-link"  href=""></a>

    Shawndra Manning -

    "I just want to say this is the coolest thing ever! LOL I ran across this by accident yesterday and thought "what the heck I'll try it for the 5 days". I have had my business facebook page for over a year and had 70 "fans". I installed this, joined over 100 groups and ran 1 campaign today. I got over 60 new "fans" on my page today alone! One day after I installed this. This is just genius. I can't wait to join more groups, run more campaigns and start with the pinterest side of it. It is sooo worth the $10 a month, I also got 3 orders today that I wouldn't have got without these new fans, thank you! "

    Caroline B - <a class="testimonials-link"  href="">G+</a>

    Caroline B - G+

    "I have a little business in design and have my own store now, besides a boutique in biggest online stores. I have tested a lot( maybe all) the service offered to automatize advertising in social media, from free to $30 a month, but I never found what I needed : link + big images + no limit on group posting. When a friend told me about beta testing a new tool, I decided to give a try to MassPlanner. I found it amazing from the beginning, first because the number of groups allowed is not limited to 50( or less, like in other tools), it is unlimited in fact ! Second, because we could post big images, and I sell design, my customers need to see before buying ! And third, because if we choose the perfect time lapse between 2 posts, Facebook didn’t block us. Never ! Then, when I try the “Group Share” post, I could see how many people see my post and I could test and chose the good timing to post. And now, since post in Pinterest is implemented, I try to have always 2 or 3 posts per hour to still be present on social networks. The team is really reactive in responding in our demands.Cherry on the top, the subscription is one of the cheaper of the market ! I really think I will stick for a long time with MasPlanner !"