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10 Ways to Use Data to Improve Your Social Marketing

10 Ways to Use Data to Improve Your Social Marketing

There are several ways you can use data to improve your social marketing. Statistics reflect via figures, charts, and graphs what is going on your site. When you are able to analyze and maximize these in your marketing strategy, you will see significant improvements in your engagement and growth rates.

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#1 Brand Awareness

A way to use data to improve your social marketing is knowing whether your posts are creating impact in marketing your brand. Knowing how you are going with your marketing efforts lets you know how thorough is your existing strategy. You would want your resources to be utilized properly and in the most effective way.

Whatever the status of your brand is, it is a good idea to use data to improve your social media marketing this way. Upon the creation of your brand, you have set a vision, mission, and goals. These are what you want to achieve after the time and effort you made in coming up with the aforementioned. After all, this is your foundation for all your actions.

#2 Review Traffic

Use data to improve your social marketing by keeping track of your presence and your online traffic. Christopher Penn explained in the 3 Steps to Diagnosing Declining Website Traffic that the keys to understanding website traffic is through your audience, behavior, and acquisition. Check the status of your recent and recurring visitors. A decline on the former shows that you need to address acquisition problems, a decline on the later shows that you need to improve your site’s content, and if it is both then you need to address your structure.

Another way to use data to improve your social marketing is looking into behavior. Make sure that your sitemap is indexing all your pages, resubmit if it does not. Identify the cause of disconnection, as lost traffic from recurring users may mean that they have lost bookmarks, have not looked you up through search engines, or typed the domain. Organic and search are most likely the reasons if there is a decline in your recent user growth.

#3 Creation of Influence Programs

One way to use data to improve your social marketing is by identifying brand advocates and industry influencers and carefully measure their impact. They have established themselves as credible sources of information, opinions, and reviews in the industry that even those outside are intrigued with what they have to say in matters in their field. They have their own following and fanbase, which you would want to consider selling your brand and brand offering to.

For example, you check on your statistics for those who are on the top of the ranks among the fans of your brand. Contact those with the widest reach, biggest networks and in return, give them exclusive content on your new offering. WGC Interactive with their Harry Potter DVD release were able to reach more than 5 million people through 43 influencers and were able to garner more than 400,000 clicks.

#4 Budget Management

budget management

A way to use data to improve your social marketing is by refining budget management for your marketing. Marketing managers need to be wise on the amount of money available for spending while meeting their marketing goals. At the same time, they should also be able to reach their targeted return on investment. This makes one’s marketing efforts more targeted and focused to stay within the budget.

#5 Creation of Buyer Personas

Use data to improve your social marketing by specifying buyer personas for your brand, if it hasn’t been accomplished already. The foundation of accurately acquiring this is the user profile data. This aids in understanding your user base, and in customizing your marketing strategy according to the results. You need to make the necessary adjustments periodically, but still be consistent with your brand to maintain its identity.

When you use data to improve your social marketing this way, the user profile data provides you with your base’s names, gender, age, email addresses, location, and other pertinent personal information that they have shared with you to have access to your content. This helps you target the best audience you must be catering to achieve favorable results. This is true for social media platforms like Facebook, where you can create ads that target specific types of users.

#6 Focus on User Experience

Focus on the experience of your users, especially when they have positively responded to your call to action. Website heatmaps allow you to see what parts of your webpage your visitors are responding to. This range from hovers to clicks. This aids in raising your conversion rate, and also in improving the overall experience of your visitors.

Remember that this way of using data to improve your social marketing should be centered on your visitor’s experience. An example of using website heatmaps to your advantage is during the testing phase of your website design (or redesign). You can analyse your data to see if users mistake some design elements for others: for example, they try clicking some highlighted text assuming it is a link.

#7 Device Lay-out Design

design layout

Find out what devices your clients and prospects use when reaching out to you via social media or your website. Using this data enables you to better design your social campaigns, contests and other marketing materials.

By customizing your website layout to the device your visitors are using, they don’t have to switch to another device for a better view, or let the opportunity pass due to irritation. The same goes with your social media posts optimized for smartphones, tablets or any other device your audience uses.

#8 Respond in Real-time to Opportunities and Threats

As a social marketer, you should be responsive to cope with the ever dynamic online world. Online users, though can generally be classified at a certain point, are subjected to various factors which can change the way they look at and perceive brands.

Lenovo was able to use data to improve their social marketing. They combined the social conversations and data from various digital sources to specifically cater to customer experience and product quality. As they have set this month’s target before these would be discovered through customer support calls, they were able to save millions in warranty claims.

#9 Global Views

global views

Get a global perspective of the reach of your brand with the data that you gather. This aids in the promotion of your brand in a wider scale to create an impact in other countries who may have been visiting your website for quite a while already. They may be untapped business opportunities for you who you can consider reaching out to.

Coming up with creative campaigns which are customized to the culture and tradition of your global audience will definitely improve your marketing activity. Your brand may transcend to something more innovative to boost your social presence and impact. A global view of your brand’s impact and engagement allows you to prepare for possible expansion opportunities, which includes additions to your offices and personnel as well.

#10 Competitive Advantage

Make use of social media analytics tools to gain a competitive advantage and improve your social marketing in the process. This will help you know your position among those in the similar industry. This will also give insight into improving your marketing strategies to be at par with, or even surpass your competitors.

This way you can identify opportunities to cater to business needs which are yet to be satisfied. It also aids in determining other areas to focus on, to add or supplement the ones you put your head in now. You will also be inspired with new ideas for your online content.

competitive advantage

Wrapping it up

We have presented 10 ways for you to improve your social marketing. Learn where to look, how to look, and how to interpret the data. This will empower you with the information you need to devise the best course of action for your future marketing endeavors.


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