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The Best Ways To Use Periscope For Your Business

The Best Ways To Use Periscope for Your Business

Do you have a business and are wondering how to incorporate Periscope into your marketing? Do you want to reach a certain target audience but don’t know how to effectively do so?

Fret no more because this article will show you just that, the best ways to use Periscope for your business.

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Now firstly, what is Periscope? It is a video app that allows users to do live video streaming directly from their iOS or Android phones. It was acquired by Twitter in January 2015 and was launched on March 26, 2015. So basically, one can turn their phone cameras on and broadcast for all to see or restricted to just the chosen few. It has real-time comments and interactions and also the names of the people pop up when they join in and interact with the person broadcasting it.

By now, your head is spinning with possibilities as how to use Periscope for your business. Here are a few ideas:

#1 Showing Live Product Demonstrations

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If you have a new product, the first thing you need to do is share it with your target audience. What better way to do it than to use Periscope for your business through an interactive broadcast of your product? Complete with demonstrations and your viewers can interact with you real-time.

If your audience is a bit busy, they can save the videos and watch them later at their own free time. And you, the business owner, can also use another video platform like Youtube after your live streaming.
In this way, people can watch your videos again and again, until they can be convinced to buy your product.

#2 Sharing the Industry News


Sometimes there may be an update within your industry, and when you use Periscope for your business, you can broadcast it before somebody gets a chance to blog about it. You can have live discussions about the recent breakthrough, and your audience will feel included in your success stories.

#3  Connecting with Prominent Figures

connecting with influencers

Another way to succesfully use Periscope is for you and your business to get noticed. This app is a very great way to connect with prominent figures in your industry. Be consistent in joining in their regular broadcasts, ask a few intelligent questions or perhaps add some insightful comments, then go ahead and share it on your other social-networking platforms.

Instead of using Periscope for marketing to your customers, why not communicate with a journalist or a blogger. There are no geographical limitations, so it is very easy to connect with them, and of course in doing so, you will be connected to their followers and audience as well.

You can have press interviews and perhaps include this journalist or blogger during your video streaming. Their opinions are taken highly by their peers and followers, and if they are present for your product or business, it is free advertising for you which is very effective for market conversions.

#4 Taking your Viewers and Connecting with them Behind the Scenes

behind the scenes

Give your viewers a glimpse into your business and take them behind the scenes. One conversation starter is by doing a question and answer during your live broadcast. It is like having your own booth at a trade fair, but this time, it is all through online media. Take this opportunity to connect to as many customers possible.

One way to use Periscope for your business is by doing live tutorials. It could be a new feature for your target audience or some new information about your business. The possibilities are limitless. This would give your customers an informal look at your business and is a great way to satisfy their curiosity.

#5 Building your Mailing List


During your broadcast, you can ask your audience to leave their email addresses in the comments to sign up for additional information about your business. In doing so, you can enter it in your database at a later time and you can send them when your next broadcasting would be.

There is also an option for auto-broadcasting wherein you can share your live streaming with other Periscope users. Everything can be real time or even chat based during your broadcast.

#6 Having an Interactive Customer Support

customer support

Most Twitter users are using their mobile devices to access the site. With Twitter’s strong mobile presence and combined with Periscope, they now have superior video streaming capabilities which make it ideal to use Periscope for your business with interactive customer support.

You can use Periscope for online tutorials and of course, it is a big convenience for help desk purposes. One business killer is usually poor customer service but that could all change now because of Periscope. There is live-streaming and your help desk can show your customers what to do instead of just describing it on the phone which could all get lost in translation. Companies can show that their customer service agents are humans and not robots which can actually minimize misunderstanding between customer service agents and your clients.

#7 Sharing Customer Feedback

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Customer feedback is very important for any business because it can actually make or break you, your company and or your product. Most customers, if not all, rely on online reviews just like they rely on personal recommendations. While online reviews already showed their prowess in making a good impression, think about how effective would be if you are to use Periscope for your business by delivering reviews via live-streaming.

There would be a live interaction between company, product users or people just looking around undecidedly. There would be a clear demonstration of the feedback and reviews done through video would be even more genuine as compared to just reading about it.

Companies can also have a real-time question and answer sessions for their messages to be communicated clearly to their customers. It is actually a great way to clarify points of confusion and misunderstandings or any misconceptions.

With Periscope, there is no text character limit like what Twitter have, and so the questions and answers are relayed more clearly. It is more organized and with the right spokesperson, your brand messages would be delivered effectively and thoroughly.

#8 Brand Transparency

brand transparency

Trust issues are everywhere. Especially when you are trying to market a product or a brand online. Reluctance from your customers can be fixed when your brand or company is transparent about what you are trying to market. When you use Periscope for your business, it helps you to reach your target audience more clearly. It has the possibility to eradicate any assumptions about your product or company because, with Periscope, your customers can see things for themselves. Periscope can actually engage with customers which can effectively build customer trust.

And just like online reviews, once you got their trust, it will turn into marketing conversions. And what better way to achieve it, but with live online video streaming.

#9 Periscope’s Real-time Engagement

real time engagement

A quick response from Facebook or Twitter will not even compare to Periscope’s real-time engagement. Think about your customers asking a question and getting an answer face to face. It is just like having them in your store.

Most of our consumers like to have real-time answers to their questions. They want direct answers, no beating around the bush. If not taken care of, they look for another option. With Periscope, you can change the minds of detractors with your real-time, face to face responds.

#10 Spreading Word about Exclusive Offers

exclusive offer

You have an exclusive offer that you want to announce right now? Then use Periscope to broadcast these offers live in real-time. No need to wait for ads to get published, or blogs to be written about it. You can do it the moment you can finalize the offer. It is like having a live event 24/7.

If you are the decision maker in your company, once decided, you can video stream your exclusive offers and it will spread like wildfire.

Wrapping it Up


Use Periscope for your business to share live-stream video not only with other Periscope users but with other social-networking platforms as well. You can have real-time conversations with your audience during your broadcast which could help in establishing another set of followers. You can broadcast consistently and regularly, and people will be clamoring for more information or update for your business.

You can use automatic scheduling for your published videos and respond to comments in a timely manner for your consumers to learn more about your company, brand or product.

Educate yourself on how to use Periscope’s features and take advantage of it’s many uses. Take time now to unleash the tremendous and limitless potential and discover the best ways you can use Periscope for your business.



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