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What’s New and How to Best Use The LinkedIn Mobile App

Whats New and How to Best Use The LinkedIn Mobile App

With its new upgrades in line, the all new LinkedIn Mobile App has generated a big roar, enticing everyone, both new and old users, to check them out and try it on for size. With new features and even a revamp on their overall look, eager business owners and professionals are now turning into the platform’s mobile, user-friendly application as an on-the-go job and business search.

The LinkedIn app creates a shorter yet wider bridge for each individual user. This allows each account to gain numerous job and business contacts without having to personally search for them by foot or messing around with search engine results. It also makes it easier for the user to update and keep in touch with their clients and other business owners.

This marks the biggest step into the 21st century by LinkedIn. It can now compete even better with other mobile-based platforms. With its new designs and user interface, the app is taking the mobile app world by storm. And with its new key features, it is best to read on about how to best use them in order for you to really get the best out of it.

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Streamlined and simplified

The LinkedIn Mobile App has been reinvented, creating a less fussy interface for its user. The app is designed to be simpler in terms of usage, streamlining it and allowing the user to use the app more freely compared to the other restraints of the previous versions. Also, with this new format, the app is becoming less cluttered, an aspect that most users are concerned about. These can be broken down into 5 key features.

#1 Your Home Feed

This shows all the content from your specific network. It helps you out in your activity by showing information related to you, finding those that are most relevant according to your preference. It then combines it with your function, skills and industry with the conversations and contents you like.

On the onset of creating your profile, the LinkedIn Mobile App will ask you about which content are you interested about and would like to get updates from day-in and day-out. Over time, you can then unfollow the ones that have no value to you, decluttering and streamlining your experience down to which you need most.

#2 Your profile

By clicking “Me”, you can easily access your personal information – basically, your professional identity. You can edit your profile by clicking on the pencil icon located on the right side on your profile photo. You can then update your header, name, education, your current address and even a summary of information about you. when you’re done with it, just click save.

The feature of the LinkedIn Mobile App also shows every information you have allowed to be publicly viewed and at the same time monitor the people who are showing interest in reading your profile, who has been sharing your content and even those who have been commenting on them. Just click on the post you like to monitor and choose the “@” sign then start typing the name of a user you want to check out. The moment you start typing it, a list of users appears and is slowly filtered as you become more specific. It also allows you to edit for personal and professional data with ease, right on your phone, keeping things fresh and up to date. This makes the experience more personal.

#3 Your Network


By setting in your chosen professional network, you are able to get updates and daily briefings on it, showing your network’s current activity like a change of profession. It allows you to see in mere seconds the people you might know within your network and even get suggestions on who you should be in contact with depending on your compatibility based on your profile. It also shows the highlights of your network, like celebrating a new employment or even a promotion.

Another great feature of the new LinkedIn Mobile App is that you can sync your calendar and be more productive with it. With your calendar in-synced, going into meetings will become a lot smarter. Not only will you be notified of your meeting but you will also be directed to read the profile of the professional you are going to meet with. This allows you to take note of what they do and what they like and see if you share the same altogether, avoiding small talks and getting a much productive meeting.

#4 Your messages

The “Messaging” tab of your LinkedIn Mobile App leans more towards a casual way to connect and converse. Rather than the traditional business emails, it allows you to initiate conversations much quicker, utilizing a very light interface. Tapping someone for a question or a business discussion becomes easier, simulating a real-life conversation.

With it, messaging within the app is more natural compared to the usual email conversations. It allows users to message their networks with much more vigor and sincerity since it can present more concretely the exact emotion employed by each one involved.

For those who dwell more into casual business talks, you can utilize the available profile icons and can even turn on/off notifications for the conversation. You can even add color to it with the app’s very own rendition of emoji stickers that are specially made for the app’s professional users.

#5 Your searches

300% Faster and a whole lot smarter, the LinkedIn Mobile App search tab allows you to find anything in the LinkedIn universe, quickly and efficiently. Searching for people, groups, and even jobs are now at your fingertips, displaying search results even before you’re finish typing in your search query. It can even show you every little detail of your search – from the people who share than skill or group to even the groups who discuss it thoroughly. You can even search keywords and find what’s boiling over other people’s discussion.

A Better Look

linkedin better look

For both Android and iOS mobile units, the new LinkedIn Mobile App interface is much friendlier than before. The new app makes a more efficient handling of the small screen that the mobile phones have compared to those of the wide screen of desktops or laptops. This way, the user can focus on the information from their network contacts much quicker.

Compared to other social networking mobile apps, the LinkedIn Mobile App considers not only aesthetics but also the culture behind it, the kind that users will stick to a long time.

The new app is based on the latest trend in app culture. The mini-share bar located on top of the app’s home screen quite similar to other social media sites. It allows you to write posts and publish them; you can even mention other users with it. Posting photos and adding links from other sources is also available. Privacy options are also made easily accessible. Basically, the new LinkedIn Mobile App offers a more enriched sharing space – which both casual and professional users seek for.

The screen is cleaner, with a sidebar located at the bottom of the screen, showing the 5 key features of the LinkedIn Mobile App. One theme runs throughout the app, making it more consistent and less of an eyesore. Even the notifications boards and other visual designs are centered around the concept of sterilization – casual, friendly and most of all, catchy, making this a more enjoyable professional experience.


Being endorsed by someone is a great way to get noticed and, much better, be hired. This is one of the newest features of LinkedIn Mobile App. This way, companies who are in search of new recruits can get a better glimpse of your professional potency, rather than just referring to whatever you write on your profile page, similar to the real-life job application process where employers turn to the candidate’s references. It also becomes a point of reference when it comes to fact checking and seeing if whether or not the listed expertise and skills are as accurate as they appear to be.

To help out the recruiters, LinkedIn has acquired and commissioned a fact checking company to aid them in the verification of the claims made by the user being recommended. Though it may be a great help to them, through sleuthing will depend on the businesses and recruiters efforts in verifying facts.

Wrapping it up

This has been truly a great year for LinkedIn and its avid users. With a brand new approach to social networking, LinkedIn entices its old and new users to become more active by creating a more connected professional world, right in the palm of your hands.

The Interface offers a more appealing and enjoyable experience. Conversations can now become more personal and profiles even more detailed and accurate. The five key features are more heightened and have become more efficient in terms of accessibility and usability. New features like Endorsements allows recruiters to better sift through their candidates. These and more awaits you with the new app from LinkedIn. All you need to do now is to download it.


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