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How To Use Circles To Get More Traffic From Google+

How To Use Circles To Get More Traffic From Google+

Statistical knowledge of the software is powerful information on how to use circles to get more traffic from Google+. Data compiled by Edward Morbius in 2015 show that there are 2.2 billion Google+ profiles with only 9% of which have any publicly-posted content. 37% of the said percentage have commented on YouTube as their most recent activity, and 8% as changing their profile photos. These figures show that there is little activity among the users, and it is probably attributed to unfamiliarity with maximizing the potential of the said social media tool.

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Before learning how to use circles to get more traffic from Google+, you must be able to maximize the use of your profile page. Branding is important since it gives people a general idea of who you are and what your purpose in interacting with the rest of Google+ users is. Building up and consistently updating your profile will help you in the long run.

You have to make a good impression of who you are to be able to use circles to get more traffic from Google+. A good profile photo or logo is what always appears publicly in streams and in interactions, therefore, it is important to upload the best photo possible. The cover photo has a lasting impression as well. Optimize other information you are given the freedom to provide to make your profile stand out among millions of accounts.

Effective management is the best way to use circles to get more traffic from Google+. A strategic approach must be done to make Google+ work for you. This approach primarily focuses on filtering who you circle, and which circles you get into. Though it may be a tedious process, at first, it will help you save time in the long run.

Here are some tips to help you manage your account effectively.

Organize Your Circles


The key to using circles to get more traffic from Google+ is to have these organized. You have the freedom to categorize your contacts according to your needs. Controlling these circles enables you to allow people who will see your updates and establish whose updates you want to see in your own stream.

The default circles will help you get started and to get more traffic from Google+. Simply drag the contacts to the circles to start managing. You may want to add certain circles to help you categorize the type of interactions you will be having with other people. As you go along, you may want to add more to adjust to the engagements you are having.

You can get tips on how to use circles to get more traffic from Google+ from Jared Abrams on his blog. He has created his system wherein he understands the type of content he shares with certain circles and what streams he sees. He classifies these accordingly to easily see the content they generally have in common.

To use circles to get more traffic from Google+ in this way is highly advantageous. It allows you to be updated with the latest trends, so you yourself can also be more knowledgeable about the type of content your followers might be interested in seeing. It also allows you to engage more with the active users, sharing possible content tips and insights. This is also a way to avoid being unfollowed, which is true since some people may find your constant posting of uninteresting posts a reason for unfollowing.

Though there are posts you may find irrelevant, Abrams shares another idea to use circles to get more traffic from Google+. His Watch Circle, which he regards as a “must see” circle involves people whose posts he would like to know at almost any time. It allows him to be well-informed of information that he might not need now, but might be useful in the future. You may want to adapt this idea if you follow certain people whose interests, which may not be yours now, you are open to be engaged in in the future.

Follow and Be Followed Wisely

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Knowing which accounts to add to your circles and where you are added will help you get more traffic from Google+ from using circles. Most people would suggest to follow as many accounts as possible. They would also strongly suggest following back as the polite thing to do, especially when it doesn’t seem like a spam account.

On the contrary, this may harm the potential to get more traffic from Google+. Your circles will get cluttered with the number of people you include. It also clutters your home stream with posts from people you are not interested in.

When you are into a cause or business, mismanagement of this aspect might give you difficulty to use circles to get more traffic from Google+. In mass following, you are not certain that the people you add to your circles or get into may be interested in your posts. As mentioned earlier, it may become a reason to be unfollowed and your effort in adding people to circles turns into a waste of time. Being involved in too many circles not only costs you your time and effort, but also an unwise risk as well.

One suggestion to use circles to get more traffic from Google+ is to manage the number of people you add to your circles. You may opt to start with a manageable number, like 100 people. Start with people you know personally to build a personal connection through Google+. You may then want to proceed to follow those whose forte is same with your area, or whose expertise is that you want to be at par with.

Whatever your goal is, it will help you to get more traffic from Google+ circles. The authorities or the most influential in that industry already have ample knowledge, together with significant experience to be where they are now. The Find People feature on Google+ is useful for this, especially when looking for such people or brands is challenging at first. You may then proceed to circling people and being included in circles of your interest.

Finding people to circle, and later on, be included in circles, is another factor to get more traffic from Google+. There are several ways to locate people to circle aside from typing their account names directly. You may want to take a look at Suggested Users Lists (SUL), click hashtags, check accounts of those who post their comments or ripples and join Google+ communities. Make sure that those who you add are advantageous to your purpose, and not just to spike numbers on your profile.

Monitor Engagements


Keeping track of the interactions in your circles is another wise way to get more traffic from Google+ circles. Christine DeGraff is one of the best-known users in Google+ Circle management. As a co-founder of circle management tool, Circloscope, she has a deep understanding of the importance of monitoring circle engagements.

There are various ways to monitor Google+ circle engagement and get more traffic out of it. One way is the interaction ladder, which is the movement of people through various circles based on engagement. This is effective most especially when you have identified those people who are actively interacting with you and are interested in your content. Placing them on more permanent circles makes more sense.

Quality over quantity is essential to use circles to get more traffic from Google+. DeGraff’s approach in circles is proactively targeting people and pages she wants to be following her page. If she finds them interesting, she engages. A manageable amount of people in the circles who you are able to interact with is better than to just having a lot of circles, but with low to no engagement. At the end of the day, you have a goal you want to achieve and you have identified Google+ to help you reach it.

Wrapping it up


These are just some of management suggestions to help you use circles to get more traffic from Google+. As with all suggestions, you are free to take or reject it as customization of this social media tool allows you to be flexible on how you use it to your advantage. Along with this flexibility are the numerous opportunities for you to reach your identified goals in the operation of your account. You know yourself well enough to come up with a system that you can easily manage.

The wise use of resources is the underlying factor to help you use circles to get more traffic from Google+. You should know all the features of Google+, and be updated with the latest developments to keep your account up-to-date. You should then be able to establish yourself through your profile, and derive with circle management techniques effective for you. Relationships between the ones you circle and where you are circled should be nurtured through active engagement, preferably scheduling such to ensure you make the most out of the circles.


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