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10 Laws of a Converting Social Media Strategy

Apart from the classic methods of marketing your business, nowadays, the social media and blogs can increase the quality of your audience, broaden your customer base and generate higher revenues. This lead to the development of online marketing, more exactly social media marketing. Creating a social media strategy and implementing it can be a very daunting task if you don’t have any prior experience or someone to introduce you to it.

If you want to create a social media strategy with great impact for your business, you ought to comprehend the basics of it. If you want to boost your SM strategy’s quality, here are 10 laws you should abide. These ones will make sure that you improve the quality of your brand, customers, and can be a starting point for the future development of your business.

#1 Observe Your Audience

Your social media profile is all about your audience; its sole purpose is to ease the communication between your company and your customers. Before creating any SM strategy it’s vital to observe your audience, the content they generate, the important aspects of their interaction with your company. Once you know that, you will be able to generate content that will be relevant for them, rather than fill their newsfeed with irrelevant stuff.

#2 Focus on Your Goals

Customers look for professionals in every niche they have contact with. If you have a company selling smartphones, create you SM strategy around them. This will help you become a smartphone guru in your customer’s eyes. Even though you might be tempted, don’t shift the focus of your strategy on multiple things, such as smart watches, smart TVs, etc. Quality over quantity!

#3 Quality Over Quantity

Like we said before, you should aim for quality, not quantity. Rather than aiming for 20.000 followers that vanish before your first contact, you should aim for 1.500-2.000 followers that will constantly engage with your company. They will read the content you generate, share it, gossip about your products and services. This is the kind of followers you are looking for!

#4 Perseverance Is Key

You should create a long term plan for your SM strategy because, even though you might get results quite fast, this doesn’t happen very often. Some companies have become very successful due to some viral marketing campaigns, but those are the exceptions, not the rule. The great majority have created a long term SM strategy in order to create a proper follower base, this is what you should aim for.

#5 Quality of the Composition Is Key

If you want your content to be shared, talked about, it should be of high-quality. Professional essay writing services can be of great help during this stage of the process. They have lots of experience in generating engaging content and they can increase the overall quality of your SM campaign. When shared, apart from being seen by more people, your content will appear on more and more pages, thus all the search engines will consider it highly relevant.

#6 Look for Doyens

You should also focus on finding influencers in your industry. There are tens of blogs and bloggers out there that have large audiences. If you engage with them, you can connect with people interested in your business and products. Connect with these bloggers, establish yourself as an authoritative source of information and they will start sharing your content. This way, your content will reach a greater audience.

#7 Add Value

Rather than focusing your SM campaign on selling your products, you should focus on generating shareable content. You are right, the end purpose of your campaign is to increase your revenues, which means you have to sell your smartphones. Even so, before starting to sell your products to someone, that person has to trust you. The only way you can gain their trust is to engage with them as much as you can and help them out.

#8 Every Person Is Important

If you get private messages, it means you are doing a great job. Your followers want more in-depth information about the advice you give them and this is a great thing. You should pay close attention to these persons because they are your most loyal followers. You should answer to their messages and keep them close to you.

#9 You Should Be Reachable

Putting your content out there and then vanishing into the dark won’t be of great help. Your followers might have questions regarding the content you just posted, they might want to ask you a few questions. You should be out there answering their questions.

#10 Cooperate with Other Experts of Your Industry

If you want your content to be shared by experts of your industry, you should do the same with their content. You scratch their back, they’ll scratch yours! It’s a win-win situation. You should create a plan 70% authentic content, 30% shared content, this will offer great results.

Wrapping up

Social media is a very powerful tool for today’s marketer. When creating your SM strategy you should focus on engaging as many people as possible. Once you do that, keep them close to your company by delivering high-quality content and they will reward you by buying your products and services. Abide these 10 laws of a successful SM strategy and you’ll become a social media phenomenon.

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