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Top 6 Pinterest Tools for Social Media Marketers

Pinterest is an indispensable social media marketing tool. With an average of 305 million monthly users, your pool of potential clients is massive. How will you effectively communicate your message to your target market? Here are 7 of our top Pinterest tools for social media marketers.

#1 Pic Monkey


Pic Monkey is a Pinterest tool used for online image editing. This is quite similar to Photoshop, but not its features are not as broad. Still, it helps you make tweaks in images to make it Pinterest-worthy.

Adjustments you can make include changes in ratio, contrast, color, sharpness, brightness, and direction (rotation.) You also have the option to add filters, and even fun overlays.

Pic Monkey has tools to help you with touch-ups for facial features. You can rid of spots and blemishes, smoothes facial lines, and even whiten teeth. You can also change eye and hair colors as well.

Perform your image editing without logging in. This is why it is being used by a lot of Pinterest is users. Access is very convenient, which saves precious time. If you want to avail of special editing features, you have the option to register for a paid account.

This Pinterest tool can also help you designing your pins with quotes. They have numerous font styles to choose from. You can even create your own watermark for your branding.

#2 Woobox

Woobox is a Pinterest tool for your promotions. This can help you with your marketing campaigns to expand your audience reach through points and prizes.  You can launch coupons, sweepstakes, instant wins, photo contests, polls, and pin to win competitions.

This Pinterest tool offers the user free creation and installation of Facebook Page Tabs on your business page. This allows you to customize and manage content specifically for your Facebook audience. Woobox integrates other social media tools for the creation of landing pages where your audience is.

The Pinterest Tab is great for visual brand targeting. You do not have to navigate away from the page to explore your pins because you can see the curated images within the Facebook tab. You also get complete statistics for your page for all those who viewed your tab.

Pin to Win It” competitions is used by companies worldwide for product and service promotion. Popular companies include Butterball, Crayola, and Fisher Price. Aside from pertinent information, the entry form found on the company’s Facebook page is where the users can pin images from a specified pins list by the company.

You can customize the details of your competition. Customize the form fields to for information you might need for future reference. You can also enable the contestant to have a single entry or multiple ones.

#3 SumoMe


Sumo Me is a Pinterest tool to help you drive more traffic to your Pinterest account from your blog or website. You have invested high quality and interesting Pinterest-worthy pictures. Though your visitors might be in awe about those images, most of them wouldn’t really think of pinning that image and crediting it to you.

It takes time to save the image, then upload it to their own Pinterest account. If they were presented with an opportunity to share the image and do it in a convenient way, they might just do it and even frequently. This helps you drive traffic to your Pinterest account. This increases the engagement rate and effectivity of your Pinterest campaigns.

Sumo Me’s Image Sharer feature is the most useful for your Pinterest account. Web plug-in allows your site visitors to share your images to their social media accounts, including Pinterest. Floating buttons on the images allow them to pin the image in a few seconds.

As your visitor hovers on the images, you can control where the share icons show. This can appear on the left, right, middle, top, or bottom. You also have the option to have it shown on your home page, on mobile, or on a desktop.

#4 Pingroupie


Pingroupie is a Pinterest tool for you to easily find groups in Pinterest. Pinterest boards is an organized collection plans, ideas, and interests that relate to your business’ identity. These boards show what you are about, and the products and services you are offering.

Members on your Pinterest boards can make contributions. As a pin is posted, all members can automatically see it. The more interesting it is, the higher engagement it receives. Viewers may like, repin, and even share the content to other social media sites.

Finding a group which is of the same or related interest as your brand may be difficult. This Pinterest tool makes that job easier. It has an extensive database of active searchable Pinterest groups.

You can customize your search in the various options in the site’s homepage. You can specify a category depending on your need. Having an authority site that encompasses many topics in a nice is the way to go.

You can also search groups by title. You can filter by description as well. The latter is a good option since these have more words than the titles. It has a higher chance of you finding the best group to join in.

#5 Canva


Canva is a Pinterest tool you can utilize for infographic creation. Infographics are trending nowadays because it is a creative and convenient source of information. Data is presented with graphics that enhances a person’s ability to see trends and patterns on the topic at hand.

This Pinterest tool has a million of vectors, stock photos, and illustrations. Preset filters can be used, and advanced photo filters can also be acquired. Thousands of icons, shapes, and other elements are available as well. You have an option among the growing number of fonts as well.

You may not always be in front of your personal computer or laptop. Mobile access to this Pinterest tool is available. You can access this via your iPad in case you have a brilliant idea you simply cannot postpone creating an infographic about.

This Pinterest tool is available for free. If you want to use Canva’s premium images, you can avail each for $1. You get quality images either way.

#6 Rich Pins Validator

Rich Pins validator

Pinterest’s own Rich Pin Validator is a tool which does exactly what it is called. Rich pins contain extra information on the pin itself. There are 6 types of these: movie, place, recipe, article, and app. Your selection makes your pin more informative than a regular pin.

These types of pins get more engagement and shares than the regular ones. You need to have an open graph (OG) scheme markup on your article to get a rich pin to appear when you pin content from your blog or website. Pinterest will then gather information from those meta tags to utilize.

Access the social settings tag in the plugin, then go to Facebook. Check the “Add open graph meta data,” which is the same for Pinterest as well. In your Pinterest settings, click on the link to “verify your site with Pinterest.” This will direct you to get a meta tag for your blog or website.

You can then add the tag to the space and finally, save the changes. Several meta tags will be posted automatically. You will want to go to your post, and scroll down the content. Fill out the meta tag fields in the box “Yoast SEO” and “Social” tab for Facebook. Pinterest will take them when applicable.

Above the Yoast plugin, you can utilize the rich pin validator. This activity will let you input a URL from your blog or website to the URL debugger. This will then indicate the success of the setup or not.

Wrapping it up

These 6 Pinterest tools specialize in various aspects for your social media marketing needs. Experiment with these tools to find out how you can use them well to achieve your brand’s goals. Make sure you get the best return of the great investment you have put in it.


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