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Twitter Polls: Find Out How To Maximize Their Benefits

Twitter Polls- Find Out How To Maximize Their Benefits
Just more than a week ago, Twitter has officially launched its Twitter Polls after having its dry run for about a month. As a marketer or business owner, this is something that you must consider increasing your customer engagement rates. With Twitter Polls, you can ask questions to your followers answerable by a yes or no. You can also give them two options polls.

Creating the poll is pretty easy.  Here are the steps:

  1. Log in to your business’s Twitter profile
  2. Click on Compose New Tweet
  3. Select Poll
  4. Type your question
  5. Provide 2 options for your followers to choose from
  6. Click Tweet

Twitter does not publicize tracking of your participation at the polls, so it means that your vote is safe from being shared with marketing firms. You can get the number of votes per option but not the list of who actually voted for what. Polls are valid for 24 hours.

How do business owners and marketers benefit from Twitter Polls?

Here’s how:

Follower engagement, follower engagement

As mentioned above, Twitter Polls is a very effective way for you and your business to engage your followers. Polls allow you to ask your fans for their opinions about certain things. With Twitter, a simple yes or no to the survey conducted would suffice. Or if it isn’t a yes or no, you can give your followers two options that you can choose from.

@28HourPolls, a Twitter account dedicated to the best polls on Twitter that last for 24 hours, as the name suggest, has already 164,000 followers.

As you can see in the image below, some of the polls have over 100,000 votes, hundreds of shares and favorites.

24hourpolls twitter polls

#1 Twitter Polls is a great research tool

Need to know what your customers want and need? Twitter Polls will be of much help you. It allows you to ask your followers directly about what they want from your business. By providing your Twitter followers two options, you will know their opinions regarding your issues or concerns. The two options limit is actually making your life as the Twitter Polls owner easier because you do not have to wade through so many options (and sometimes very opinionated suggestions) from other people.

#2 Twitter Polls allow your followers to vote regarding your brand or product

Customers of your products, services or brand, are just like any other customers of any other businesses. They want to feel important. They want to feel appreciated. Giving them the option to voice out their opinions about certain aspects of your business via Twitter Polls will make them feel that their feedback matters.

When customers feel that their votes count, they will be loyal to your company. In most cases, they will also become advocates of your brand by encouraging their friends and family to give your products or services a try.

twitter polls

#3 Polls are a fun way to use Twitter for social media marketing

Because of its 140 character limit, uses for Twitter are usually limited to just tweeting relevant facts about something. Unlike with other social media networks where you can write whatever you want without the limits. Twitters Polls is a fun alternative to the usual way of marketing your brand through this platform.

#4 Twitter Polls is a great way to increase your followers

Twitter is very effective in tracking results based on your hashtags or targeted keywords. Most people who use Twitter to research about a particular brand or product will just type the keyword or the hashtag so public tweets and that of their followers will be sifted through.

Polls are eye-catching because they are a deviation from the normal tweets, so the probability of a user to follow you on Twitter is quite high.

#5 Twitter Polls will test your creativity

Twitter is pretty challenging. As a business owner, your dilemma here is how to present your Polls in such a way that it can catch the attention of your followers and hashtag researchers enough for them to participate in the Polls.

Unlike in ordinary tweets where you can add any sort of media. Twitter Polls do not have that capability to add images or videos. Want your polls well participated by both followers and non-followers, make them as creative and as exciting as possible.

#6 Twitter Polls is a great way to get follower feedback

A user or follower’s vote is counted but it remains anonymous with Twitter Polls. This means that you will be able to get feedback from people who would normally shy away from answering direct tweets or questions.

#7 Twitter Polls is effective in marketing

Surveys and polls have been done countless times in both traditional and online marketing, and this will continue to be used in the future simply because for a business to survive, it must conduct periodic surveys to get the pulse of the buying public. Twitter Polls is a simplified approach to email surveys because it only allows one question for every tweet.

#8 Twitter Polls give you options on people to follow

In Twitter, you have followers, and you follow certain people too. Since you are on Twitter to promote your business, following as many people as possible is beneficial to you. Your dilemma now is how to ensure that you have a higher chance for sales conversion with the people you follow.

The people who answered your polls might be doing it just for fun or they could be interested in your products and services. This means that they are already aware of your brand, and these are the people that you should follow.

#9 Twitter Polls give you the voice of credibility

In building a business, credibility is everything. You cannot expect to grow your business if you do not have credibility. Credibility is essential in business because without it, you will not gain the trust and confidence of your customers. Credibility is your business’s reputation.

When you give out Twitter Polls, you are giving your followers a glimpse on how you go about with your business. When you make a follow-up or follow through with it, it cements your reputation as a person who means what he or she says.

Consumers and potential customers normally gravitate towards businesses with a good reputation.

Wrapping It Up

Most companies will benefit from Twitter Polls though some niches and businesses will gain more advantage from these than the others. One prime example of a business who will gain from using Twitter Polls would be sporting teams and brands, entertainment, fashion brands and a smorgasbord of other enterprises.

election day twitter poll

Even politics can use Twitter Polls to check the popularity of their chosen candidates versus their opponents. As the Presidential elections are just over a year away, polls regarding the probable presidential candidates have been numerous already from the start of the party debates up to their suitability.

If you haven’t started using Twitter Polls yet in relation to your business, you can test the waters by doing a simple survey regarding some features or benefits of your business.

For example, your business is in the website creation and development. You may ask the followers what their preferred hosting service is. Since you can only provide two options, and then select the two most popular hosting services that you are using. In this way, you already have an insight to your customers’ choices.

If your motive for creating these polls is to pick the brains of your followers, then it is imperative that you consider their feedback whenever you will act upon on that particular subject or topic. Discounting their opinions defeat the purpose of having the Twitter Polls in the first place.

[Tweet “If you want to succeed, make your customer’s needs and wants a primary concern.”]

It is also proper etiquette to be answering polls of the people you follow. If you expect people to answer your polls, reciprocate it by taking active participation in their own polls. Not only will you have voted on the outcome of that particular survey, but you are also building bridges with the polls owner.

Another good thing about the Twitter Polls is that they do not allow for followers’ comments regarding their votes. People tend to be very opinionated, and they are not shy about voicing out their concerns especially in social media. In this regard, all votes are under the cloud of secrecy. Even if your followers told you what they voted for, you could not check for the validity of their elections.

what do you think about twitter polls

As this has just been rolled out by Twitter, the long-term efficacy of the Polls is still to be determined but given the popularity of polls, quizzes, and surveys; this is something worth trying for especially when you are just starting to create an online presence. Twitter Polls is one good way to create noise in social media without the hassle of creating long articles regarding your business.

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