Social Media Marketing Tips for the Holidays

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Social Media Marketing Tips for the Holidays

The festive season is almost upon us! If you are a marketer or an entrepreneur, the holidays should be a time to make the most of sales. Approximately a third of annual sales occur in November and December. If you want to boost your marketing efforts, to position your brand in front of customers, and to fulfill your business objectives for the season, embrace social media marketing. Keep in mind that the social connections you make during the holidays can be fostered throughout the year. Utilize these social media marketing tips for success.

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Show Your Love for the Holidays

When you showcase your business in a holiday environment, people connect it to the holidays. Remember that your clients and prospects are getting into the holiday spirit so you should follow suit. Add holiday images to your Twitter background, Facebook timeline, Pinterest account, YouTube channel, Google+ profile, and Instagram account. If you sell a product that would make a perfect gift, upload pictures of people giving it.

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Run a Sweepstakes or a Contest

If you give to your customers and fans, you make an investment. When giving, leverage the opportunity to get more subscribers, leads, and potential customers. Run a sweepstakes and give a grand prize. A sweepstakes can help you to collect email addresses and garner new fans who engage with you throughout the year.

To create a deeper connection with fans, run a contest. A contest offers a great way to connect with people that are already swamped with advertisements because you make them the heroes. Ask fans to upload videos, images, or to send texts. Let them choose the finalists and winners. Remember that people are pressed for time during the holidays hence ensure the prize is valuable so fans don’t feel they wasted their time creating content for the contest.

Give Special Offers

During the holiday season, people look for sales and special offers. These two play an important role in holiday buying decisions. Since the value of each purchase is more closely examined these days, give special offers. Offer coupons, coupon codes, and special deals to your fans on social media sites. Let them know that the deals are exclusive and they will know you don’t take them for granted. Potential clients will start engaging with your company because they know they will benefit. As a result, you will build your online community.

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Align Your Holiday Marketing Strategies with Your Brand

Sure, creating a great experience for your customers and fans is important, but if your marketing plan is not linked to your brand, you lose a chance to showcase it. Think about the products, services, messages, and experiences you have been constantly delivering to customers and how you can build upon them during the holidays. For example, you can tell your fans to choose their favorite product in your company for a chance to win a gift card. Ensure that your holiday initiatives are connected to your brand’s identity and purpose.

Focus on Share-ability

People share content for different reasons. The most common are:

  • To build and maintain relationships
  • To spread the word about brands and causes they care about
  • To define themselves to others
  • To entertain or educate others

Therefore, if you want your holiday social media marketing strategy to spread like wildfire, you must make sure it’s shareable. You can tell a story, appeal to your fans’ need to connect with each other, tug at their heartstrings, or create a sense of urgency. You can also request them to share your content.

Provide Valuable Content

As you well know, the holiday season is a frantic time filled with stress. Some people travel long distances, others entertain while others shop for gifts. Share useful content to make your fans’ lives simpler. For instance, you can offer a free gift guide to help those searching for gifts. Make the most of content marketing and create blog posts, social media updates, videos, infographics, and email blasts. Provide useful information to your customers and prospects to help them make informed buying decisions. Your brand will be seen as a symbol of quality content and people will easily buy from you.

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Use Holiday Hashtags

Unquestionably, this is one of the most important social media marketing tips. Hashtags present a great way to connect with people who are not a part of your social community. They are a popular way to discover and share information on social media platforms. Since hashtags classify posts by keyword, you can target people interested in a certain topic. If you fail to use hashtags, people won’t be able to find your content. Use popular holiday hashtags and those that trend for your topic to increase brand awareness.

Measure Your Success

The only way to know if your initiative is successful is by tracking it. Select metrics that show you if you have achieved your goals. Whether you want to increase engagement, sales, or brand awareness, track your initiatives before they start. Additionally, use link tracking to monitor direct sales and other client actions from social posts. By tracking the effectiveness of your initiatives, you can see what worked, what didn’t, and what you need to improve on.

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Do Some Social Good

The festive season is a time for giving. Don’t be left behind! Add a charitable component to your social media marketing plan. Give back to your community and let your audience know about your involvement. You will establish your business as a key player in the community. Too many businesses are self-centered and do not support charitable causes. Choose to be different. Tell people to give donations on a certain day, create an event to honor a charity, or organize a Tweetup. Never forget that even a virtual fundraiser can help. Partner with a cause that supports the values of your brand.

There are high chances that your clients and prospects will be on social media during the festive season. Whether you sell a service or a product, social media can help you to connect with holiday shoppers and boost your sales. Leverage these social media marketing tips for the best outcome.


  1. Sara says:

    Great article Johnny! At, our social media contest builds increase 50% during the holidays, so it’s definitely a crucial time for businesses! Running promotions is a great way to start building your list for Q1 and Q2 as well so you can market to your audience all year long!

    1. Johnny says:

      You are definitely right Sara, thanks for the input !

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