Content Marketing: How To Make Your Post Go Viral

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Content Marketing How to make your post go viral

Youtube sensations. Online buzz. Insta-famous and anything in between have one thing in common and that is VIRAL! You see, with the advent of modern technology, strong wi-fi and the easy access to it, can actually make anyone reach stardom, especially with this type of content marketing.

The basic idea of content marketing is to actually spread the word, using the awesome and unfathomable power of the world wide web. Nowadays, more and more people get discovered by talent agencies and even get their big breaks into the industry they want to pursue just by posting something. But do you really want to become a viral star? Well, listen up because we are gonna dish out the stuff you need to think about on being one!

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See what’s hot out there


Focusing on current trends and what makes the world buzz is a great step in content marketing. Research viral content and see what makes it tick. Chances are, you would have a bigger and better avenue of making your post viewed by people because you are under the people’s radar of what’s happening. Even Twitter is a great way of weighing the scales of content marketing and see what people are mostly #TalkingAbout.

What they like to see

If you’re still testing the waters on what content to make, try looking at what people would like to click and share. True, posting something personal is great, but do remember that the success of your content marketing relies on the fact that if people who see it would deem your post shareable to their friends. They would freely avoid something they don’t take a liking to.

Inspire someone

inspire someone

Now, if you are really set on posting something within your heart’s desires, then you better be posting for one word – change! Does it change the lives of others for the better? Are you changing a wrong idea in a/the society to a good one? People can see through your content marketing strategy- remember that, please. Nobody likes a self-absorbed, limelight hungry person with a nice post.

Go for something deeper than just another blog post. A possible great move for your content marketing is talking about how you overcame your struggles. Talk about an event and how it changed you. You can even talk about a serious issue that really hit you to your core as a person and spread the good word of hope and love. Be a shining light for others!

Paying attention

What people don’t realize is that most of the times, the only content marketing you’ll ever need is what you post. Making a video for example. Capture a great moment – like someone proposing along the national highway where they first met or someone saving a kid from a burning building. Videos like that can get tons of traffic on the internet. Now, we’re not telling you to actually put together an elaborate scheme of over-the-top ideas and then film it for the world to see – no, no we’re not. We’re simply saying, get out there and prepare to capture a glimpse of life. Life is your biggest subject!

That ‘Big’ break

Now, this takes a lot of patience, perseverance, and a bucket’s worth of good luck. The biggest, and probably the rarest, form in succeeding in your content marketing is having someone famous view your post! Having a star like and share your post is the ultimate form of content marketing because they have the asset you want to have – their followers! Anything they like, do, see, share or whatever, is automatically on their follower’s list. Then they would share that with their friends, and so on and so forth – it’s actually an endless wave of people watching, liking and sharing your post! So, keep crossing your fingers, you might just be the next Justin.

The Funny Bone

funny bone

This one is a no-brainer and is probably the most used content marketing strategy done by anyone who has a camera, a laptop and a very good internet access. There’s really nothing to it, actually. People, no matter what age or race, would simply love to have a good laugh! You can even say that the most famous videos out there on the WWW are the funniest ones you would ever see. Remember that baby who laughs as her dad was tearing pieces of paper? It was posted years ago and people still remember and watch it again and again and again. Who wouldn’t?

The Power of Social Media

Social media, since the age of online communities, has been a great tool for content marketing, all because of one reason – it’s FREE!

Think about it, post something on one platform and it can be automatically seen by thousands of your friends! Use your online friends collectively and harvest their appreciation through likes and shares. There are countless social media platforms found in the internet. If you have enough time and patience to do it, you can even post and link your content to and from these sites. Try Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Blogger, Digg, Reddit, StumbleUpon, Forums on your niche, Twitter, Google+, Youtube, Pinterest and many more, and see what really works for you.

Shock and Awe

shocked face

Viral posts can also be something people find controversial. The trick is polarity. Us, human beings, have a tendency of showing interest in something so shocking, so controversial that you just can’t help but share it with your peers and see what they think of it. Look for a topic that has a lot of issues in it and dissect it and analyze it in a way that would reveal the truth behind it. But be warned. This type of content marketing has also its downfalls. Some people would be critical about your analysis or findings so be ready to defend it with facts. Just be careful about what you say and do to make it happen. One wrong move and it can turn the tables on you.


Tedious, yes, but worth it. Optimizing your content is one of the best ways to get yourself out there. Fine tune your content with keywords or even tag it in order for it to be found within the first page of any search engine. This way, your content would be discovered and accessed much easier. Nobody likes to dig through 10 pages of search engine results just to find you, no matter how great your content is.

Timing is really everything

timing is everything

We’ll say it again, timing is everything! A great headline, coupled with an awesome post, is wasted by simply posting it at the wrong time. Look at your clock before clicking publish. Try to analyze how many people, awake ones, can actually see it right after you do post it on the internet. Analyze how much activity the web has on specific times to calculate the perfect time of the day or night to post something interesting. It won’t really be seen as much if you post 3AM in the morning because by the time people have woken up, their feeds have been filled with #IWokeUpLikeThis and #GoodMorning posts from all over the world.

Don’t push too hard

The worst thing you can do is overdoing it. True there are online overnight viral stars but these things only happen to those who were lucky enough to have that happen to them. Just because you posted something emotional, inspiring or what have you doesn’t mean it will automatically be viral. Some things take time to blossom. Patience, this time, would be your truest virtue. People see, smell, hear and feel desperation. So just chill and let things unfold on their own.

Just keep up the supply of great content and you’ll get there, eventually. By the way, never, under any circumstance, should you ever ask someone to like or view or even share something. Forcing someone to do so would just result to being seen-zoned.

Wrapping it up

So there you have it! Follow these and your post would be the talk of the town, or even the world! Going viral may not be an easy task, but face it head on and you shall never fail. Just be patient and it will come.

All you just need to do is a good idea and great content marketing move and you are set!

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  1. Martin Lindeskog says:

    Zoe: I wonder if the upcoming video clip for my crowdfunding campaign (for my first book on tea), will go viral! I hope it will have a funny bone in it… 😉

    1. Zoe Summers says:

      Good luck with your campaign Martin! Hope you’re getting the results you want 😉 A video is a great choice for your marketing, as it’s trending right now but still underserved in the content marketing field. So, video marketing it’s a huge opportunity right now. Hope it will go viral 😉

  2. Ashna says:

    The article was really helpful. In order to set up a better working content marketing strategy, more effort is to be taken. Using infographics along with your quality content can definitely make your post go viral.

    1. Johnny says:

      Thank you Ashna. Glad you find it helpful! Indeed, infographics can help you a lot if you want to make your post go viral.

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