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Why Mobile Marketing Should Be The Focus For 2016

Why Mobile Marketing Should Be The Focus For 2016

Mobile Marketing. This is the future. The face of marketing is shifting to mobile and if you want to stay competitive, then you must adapt to the change as quickly as you can.

The shift to mobile is rather expected with Apple and Samsung always competing with each other in giving us the latest models of Android and iPhone devices. We cannot discount the upgrades of the other phone manufacturers as well. With so many mobile devices to choose from, it’s not difficult for people to choose mobile over desktop. Plus it’s a lot more convenient and easy to use.

For now, mobile has already taken over desktops. Mobile media time is now 9% higher than desktop which is at 42%. This year, mobile ad spending is at 49%. Though it’s a pretty impressive number, it still lags behind from mobile media consumption.

It is interesting to note that respondents in the study conducted by Nielson about Consumer Media Consumption, 89% of the time is spent on mobile apps while only 11% is spent on mobile sites.

Here are the reasons why mobile marketing should be the focus for 2016

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Everybody is going mobile

Numbers do not lie. 80% of internet users have mobile phones. Facebook alone has 1.39 billion out of 1.55 billion users who rely on mobile devices to log into their accounts. Out of that impressive number, 47% of these only log into Facebook using mobile.

64% of Facebook videos occur on different mobile devices. Facebook accounts 60.3% of all mobile social sharing.78% of Facebook ads revenue comes from mobile ads.

Twitter is one social network that has a very impressive platform perfect for mobile marketing. It has approximately 250 million mobile monthly active users. 80% of their monthly active users log into Twitter using mobile. 25% of Twitter’s advertising budget is focused on mobile.

LinkedIn is also doing well on mobile. 50% of LinkedIn visitors access it via mobile, 40% of users have used the LinkedIn mobile apps to look for jobs. 15 million profiles are viewed daily on mobile. The average mobile job views are at 145 million.

Mobile devices are responsible for 50.3% of e-commerce website traffic. 60.3% of mobile consumers worldwide use their mobile phones and devices as their only source for internet. In another study conducted by Text Marketer, 76% of the respondents say that they are more likely to read an SMS or text message more than they can be bothered to read their email.

Mobile is convenient

What’s not to like about mobile? Mobile takes convenience to another new level. Mobile phones and devices let you do practically everything. You can make and receive calls. You can send and receive text messages.

You can check popular social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. You can do online shopping. You can Snap Chat with your friends. You can even write blog posts using your mobile devices. You can book your plane tickets. You can manage your calendar. You can simply do everything.

Proof that mobile marketing is working properly? You are doing your shopping online. Most popular websites have mobile apps you can download to your phones and other devices for ease of use. Isn’t that great? And shouldn’t that be where your business is supposed to be heading?

Your business website must be easily accessible via mobile. Aside from that fact, it must also be visually appealing to the eyes when viewed via mobile because there are certain obvious limitations to mobile too.

Number one you have to take into consideration that your mobile screen is basically smaller so high definition photos might need re-sizing. Also, you have to check if tabs on your websites are visible and clickable on mobile.

Ensuring that your business website is mobile ready and friendly is the first step you need to do if you want to be serious with mobile marketing.

Planning Your Mobile Marketing

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Set your goals. As the business owner, you must have clear goals that you want to achieve in mobile marketing. What are examples of these goals? This includes the target number of mobile opt-ins, registrations and such. Goals can be categorized based on when you want your targets to be achieved. It can be short term or long term goals.

Strategize to meet your goals. Once you have set your goals then it is time to create a strategic plan to meet your business’s goals. You want how many opt-ins? No problem. You can provide coupons and vouchers to help you meet your targets.

When you already have a marketing promotion in mind, the next step is to act on it. Fine tune the little details like rules and time frames. Official rules must be easily accessible by everyone. Do you need age verification? What are the means of entry?

Manage your goals. Setting up a contest is just one example of mobile marketing. Give email opt-in or opt-outs for your customers.

Keep track of your results. Tracking of your promotion is really critical. You must know whether your campaigns are working or not to ensure that you replicate whatever is successful and get rid of those with less than stellar performances.

Promote, promote, promote. Marketing is all about promotions. Do your mobile marketing in as many platforms as you can- there’s your website. There’s Facebook. There’s Twitter. There’s LinkedIn. There’s even Instagram.

Wrapping it up

Technology in the hands of businessmen

In order for any business to succeed it always boils down to how sound the business owner’s strategies are.

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Businesses thrive when you plan for it from conceptualization to actual promotions to even after sales. And it’s always best to have a Plan B or Plan C. Especially for start-ups, Plan A rarely works so you must have some flexible plan that you can activate at a moment’s notice.

How about you? Do you have any sound mobile marketing tips that you can share with us?

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      Thank you, Harry! Indeed, we cannot ignore the mobile scene anymore if we want to stay in business.

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