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Everything You Need to Know About the Coming Instagram Timeline Update

Everything You Need to Know About the Coming Instagram Timeline Update

There’s a great buzz with the coming Instagram Timeline Update. In the past weeks, we’ve been invited to click those three tiny dots to turn on post notifications. Though there has not been a definite date for its implementation, Instagram News gave us an idea about what it is.

Instagram Timeline Update 101

Instagram Timeline Update

Instagram is trying to improve the experience of their users by customizing their timeline. The order of the videos and photos will be based on the relationship they have with the account owner, the likelihood of interest in the content, and timeline of the post. The Instagram Timeline Update will still enable you to have all the posts of those you are following but in a customized order.

Instagram is looking at forgoing the chronological order of the posts. They think that users are missing out on 70% of their feeds. Posts that their users may care about the most may be neglected, thus, they are testing the possibility of catering to the interests of their users.

How will Instagram make the timeline tailor-fit to their users? They have stated using algorithms to help ensure that eventually the posts that the users see first are those of high interest to them. This then entices the users to spend more time online, see more ads, and generate better business for Instagram.

We can most likely attribute this change to Instagram’s affiliation with Facebook. Facebook has been successful with its use of algorithms in its own News Feed. Studies have shown that some Facebook users got enraged when they found out about it. Despite this, the use of algorithm has led them to an increase of 1.5 billion users, and improved engagement metrics.

This Instagram timeline update is currently in its testing phase. Instagram stated that they will be taking the time to get this change right. They are also monitoring feedback from all their users. #InstagramChanges has been trending lately in relation with this.

Three Tiny Dots: To Click or Not to Click?

turn on notifications

Before you click on those three tiny dots as requested by those you follow, you may want to pause and think about it for a while. Some would say that it could eventually be annoying. The fact that you follow them on Instagram for whatever it is that they post shows your interest in them and their affairs. Turning on post notifications could lead to unnecessary updates you will be getting about them.

With the upcoming Instagram timeline update, some would settle with the algorithm generated feed. They are curious to know how they are being perceived based on their various Instagram activity. They would also opt out of push notifications to make way for more important updates they need to know.

All we’re saying is this; we don’t really have much information about the upcoming Instagram timeline update. What we can do is to understand what the existing functions are, and choose if we want to apply that or not. The more we know, the wiser we get.

How This Will Affect Users

affect users

Choosing to turn on the post notifications may be our major concern as regular users. In comparison with their personal brand, or with other regular Instagram users, this change won’t affect much. The individual friends they follow and interact with will still be seen at almost the same rate it shows now.

It’s a different story for bloggers, personalities, and brands who utilize Instagram as their primary social media platform. It is one of their biggest business opportunities. Some may have this as the only source of income thus making the change a pretty big deal to them.

These influencers are asking a significant amount of money to promote various products and services. The Instagram timeline update may affect their audience reach. The algorithm of their individual users may not reflect these as on top of their interests, thus placing them at the later part.

This, in turn, affects the amount that they ask for from their advertisers. When they see that these influencers are getting fewer engagements, they would be having second thoughts in investing on them. They would prefer those who would have a greater reach and better engagement for better mileage.

These brands and influencers have invested on engagement statistics. These constitute comments on their posts and the number of likes their posts garner. This determines their placement in the news feed, and they are the ones who really need you to follow them.

How to Stay on Top

how to stay on top

If you’re interesting enough for your followers now, you don’t really have to worry about the coming Instagram Timeline Update. You have followers who frequently engage with your posts. This will reflect on their algorithm and place you among the first posts they see.

If you haven’t been getting as much engagement now, you may want to implement changes immediately. You might end up lying low on your follower’s timeline, and become forgettable. When the time comes for them to clean their account, they may unfollow you.

Stay on top of your follower’s timeline when this Instagram timeline update comes by improving your content and its presentation. Like in all other social media platforms, users here are very dynamic. They are constantly faced with influencers and brands with offering various ones.

Your content should always be consistent with your brand. It should always reflect your identity. This makes it easier for your followers to associate you with their niche or industry of interest.

Communicate your message better through better visuals. Take better pictures and videos using the best kind of equipment and technique you can. There are tools online to help you make infographics more attractive to your followers.

Wrapping it up

We only know so much about the upcoming Instagram timeline update, but there’s a lot we can do about our own account. We have the power to control what and how we see updates. We can take steps to improve our content not only for the sake of the update, but for ourselves and our followers as well.


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