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10 Holiday Instagram Marketing Ideas For This Season

10 Holiday Instagram Marketing Ideas For This Season

Instagram marketing? It is actually more effective than you would have imagined and here’s why.

Despite being one of the relatively newer platforms available on the internet, Instagram has already surpassed most of the social networking sites in terms of number of users. Instagram has over 400 million monthly active users. 75 million people are active on Instagram on a daily basis.
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Since its launch in 2010, over 30 billion images were shared by this photo and video social mobile first networking site. That’s almost four times the world population. Instagram appeals to the younger demographics that prefer telling their story via pictures. If 85% of top brands are maximizing Instagram, then you should too. So Instagram marketing should be part of your strategy this holiday season.

If your business is already active on this platform, then these 10 holiday Instagram marketing ideas is simply just for you:

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#1 Ask followers for their choices

The best way to get customer interaction/user engagement is simply by asking your audience questions that they are compelled to answer. One way you can do this is by asking your readers their favorites among your Instagram posts. Not only will this give you an idea what your customers liked about your previous posts, but it will also give you an idea of what kind of products or images to post the next time around.

#2 Catalogue your inventory

Start posting your stocks on hand. Catalogue them. The trick here is to enhance your images and use the same background for all posts. Use catchy keywords. If you are selling clothes online you can include powerful hashtags like #christmasmusthaves or #fashionmusthaves. Though Instagram does not allow for the creation of albums or boards to separate the categories, you can still segregate them via hashtags used.

#3 Create sales and other promos

Want to sell more products? Why don’t you make promos like 3 plus 1 or 5 plus 1? Nothing makes a shopaholic’s heart beat faster than when you say promo, discount or sales. These magic words would only encourage these people to spend more.

Personally how many times were you enticed to purchase something only because they are offering a Buy 1 Take 1 promo or if your purchase reached a certain amount, you also get a certain discount? Creating these kinds of promotions will ensure that your Instagram marketing will produce positive results.

#4 Regulate your posts

Too little of something is bad. So is too much of everything. Please do not flood the news feed of your followers by posting indiscriminately. Limit your post to one a day. This is just enough to whet the appetite of your fans and keep their interest intact.

However, if you are an online shop who uses Instagram simply for selling then posting a few times in a day is acceptable. But you have to schedule posts to come out on a periodic basis. Not exactly at one time only.

Instagram users do not like to see a lot of updates or statuses coming from only one person. There is a tendency that you might even lose your audience because they got irritated from receiving too many updates from you.

#5 Post testimonials or proof of purchase


For people who are still thinking about buying the good and services you are offering, seeing posts about testimonials and proof of purchase just adds to your credibility. This is because the online world is full of scam and seeing testimonials mean that someone tried your product and liked it.

#6 Support a cause

There are so many causes you can support. What cause is close to your heart. Are you for the street kids? The abused? The abandoned? The neglected? Or are you pushing for some kind of reform? Put a portion of your sales for these worthy causes and advertise it. Many people love the idea that part of the money they paid you for will actually go to a good cause. It also shows that your business cares about other things… aside from making money of course.

#7 Promote your Instagram on your website and other social media sites

Most social media platforms are already networked with other sites. It is actually very easy to promote your IG account with your other social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. You can even create a widget or plug-in for your site, so your Instagram profile is visible on your website.

#8 Start a contest or create an electronic raffle draw

This is another sure-fire way to boost your customer engagement. People who often browse social media sites would love to come across a contest or raffle draw that they can join. In fact, these people would often tell other people about your gimmicks. Most people would love to win something that they did not pay for.

#9 Get your followers and fans to post content

This works both ways- it allows your business to highlight your customers by giving their post the recognition it deserves through re-gramming or re-posting. At the same time, it gives you valuable content without the hassle of coming up with a concept or taking time to prepare your post. Fans and followers would love nothing but to see their efforts being recognized.

#10 Create your own hashtag</h3

Create your own business’s hashtag. The hashtag should be something that is easily identifiable with the products you are pushing. Then encourage your followers to use your hashtag. Doing this makes brand recognition easier. It also makes other people find you faster since the hashtag is identified with your business.

Wrapping it up

It cannot be denied that more and more people gravitate towards social media. Instagram marketing is a must for you and your business if you want to maximize sales potential during the holidays.

People are spending for gifts during Christmas and most of them have already preferred doing their shopping online due to its convenience. Normally, holidays are the busiest season for businesses and people are really spending their hard earned money to buy gifts for their loved ones. Potential big profits are expected for businesses that cater to the demands of people during Christmas shopping.

Make a killing during the holiday season. Catalogue your inventory, create your gimmick. Make the most of Instagram marketing now.

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