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Best Practices In Using Facebook Pages

Best Practices In Using Facebook Pages

What is Facebook Pages?

When Facebook started out, it was another basic social network for college students. Now Facebook has become the most widely-used social network in the world. It not only help us to connect with friends and family, but it’s also a big contributor in helping brands get in touch with their communities.

Users have increased their need to depend on this social platform. Namely, because Facebook gives users the most choice on what they put up about their lives and the privacy and visibility of these posts. This is what gives Facebook the leverage it has with our marketing needs in the form of Facebook Pages.

The use of a Page is important to any brands. Facebook, being the largest social network known to man, its usage has become crucial for building your brand and getting in touch with your customers. Facebook provides you with a huge marketing advantage, but only if your business can keep up with its constant changes.

Facebook Pages is all about personal relationships; that’s why you, as a business, need to make sure your presence is more subtle and not there to scare people off. If you want your business to success, the only way is to adapt and keep up with these essential practices in using Facebook Pages.

Engage, Not Advertise

engage not advertise

Sometimes our ads and marketing strategies can get on people’s nerves, especially if they are online just to talk with friends and family; your ad could become more of an interruption than a good strategy. Remember that people are not there to buy, they are there to interact. Always remember to be courteous, professional, and avoiding spamming. This means that sending constant event invites and messages or links to like your brands page is a big no-no.

Facebook Pages is best used for engaging with other people, which is what you should be doing. Genuinely interact with your audience so that you can build a better, stronger relationship.  Try not to only post links and reminders or product endorsements to get their attention.

If your audience asks questions, you can use the “reply” feature to answer back on comments.

Talk with your subscribers.

Ask them questions.

Provide them with something they can actually use and enjoy.

You should offer your audience more than what they’re offering you so that they want to stick around.

Always keep in mind that we are trying to build something that’s based on a rooted relationship, the best way to take advantage of this is to join in on the conversations with your audience. Most page owners just forget to be human on their Facebook Pages.

Have a Specific Goal for Content


Most brands focus so much on all the different ways to have a great marketing strategy and just end up crashing and burning in the end. The best success in anything you do comes from narrowing your focus to one set of goals. You need to figure out what it is specifical, that you are trying to get done.

Is your goal about getting likes on your page? It is increasing your pages engagement to a certain percentage? Is it to drive more traffic to your businesses website? When you know that it is that you want to accomplish, you are setting a straight route to success for yourself.

You’ll have a well-oriented game plan, and won’t be stuck on useless methods.

Constant Shares Doesn’t Always Mean Valuable Content


You could post as many times as you want within a day, and it might generate some attention. Take into consideration though that sometimes what you are sharing has no or little value, so it’s not doing any good in the end.

Sometimes we generate likes not out of need but because for most it’s a habit to simply like something. In this kind of scenario, your subscribers may forget they even liked your page in the first place or simply not notice your posts on their feeds. Be choosy on what you share so that they don’t find your posts as a nuisance and rather something they need.

Consistency is the Number One Tool in a Winning Strategy


Don’t expect everything will happen in a matter of seconds, it takes time seeing as you are putting a lot of effort into it. If you’re looking into long-term growth patience and consistency, go hand in hand, just like gathering traffic for a website or blog. If you remember to focus on your goal and keep pushing along with what you want to achieve, there’s a promise that you will, in fact, see improvements.

You should also take advantage of targeting posts to bring what you want to say to the right group of subscribers. This kind of targeting allows you to publish posts on the feeds of people who are more likely to be interested in what you’re talking about. These posts can still be seen on anyone’s page timelines, but will only be intentionally distributed to the news feeds of your target market. This can be a powerful tool for any business who needs a grasp of the right audience to target.

There are also some little tweaks and tips that though may not seem that important can and will help you to improve your business’ interaction and appeal to the audience, keep you connected and in line with your followers, help you better your products and services and ultimately give you an upper hand in the market.

quick tips

#1 Keeping Posts Short

Have a good headline and keep the post to less than 250 characters to gather more interaction and to encourage your audience to engage with what you’re saying.  Keep in mind that on a Facebook page, a post that’s only 250 characters or less will get you 60% more acknowledgement, attention and good feedback.

#2 Post Photos and the Works

People are always attracted to a likable photo, an eye-grabbing video or any kind of media that they might find interesting for that matter. This will generate more interaction and help you gain a larger audience as well.

#3 Post, Post, Post

Posting once a day is probably the best way to get off on the right foot. Make your posts user-friendly and not too promotional. A good strategy would be to post a single marketing message whereas you can post 9-10 informational messages.

#4 Exclusive Info for the Fans

Providing exclusive information for your subscribers, will help get you that like, and also assist in keeping it knowing that you appealed to your target market.

#5 Deals and a Bunch of Perks

Post coupons, season deals, all the works. Everyone loves a good deal, and everyone enjoys a few perks from time to time.

#6 Have Your Own Editorial Calendar

Take note of all the key times you need to update and come up with something new for your Facebook page. Use this to also measure and gather the relevant metrics like feedback and daily likes etc. to guide you to improve on your strategy. This can also help you pay attention to competitors doing their own thing on Facebook.

#7 Mobile Views and Third Party Apps

Most often the view from a mobile app on your about section is different from that of what you’ll see on your desktop. Try making a short description and Company Overview so it doesn’t look weird when someone opens your page on a mobile device.

Some people also complain that third-party apps on Facebook pages but what they don’t know is that you can collect more email address through this and give incentives to users to want to enter their email address for chances to win a prize or etc. this is a way of cross-promoting.

#8 Always Start From Scratch

You can always research and get inspiration from other pages before you actually launch yours. Find the ones that are similar to what you are going for and study how they keep theirs running. Study those big brands and what they are doing, since these are the most influential.

Don’t be threatened by the feeling of just getting started — Facebook will be there to walk you through the steps and provide you with additional help that you might need along the way, so your not entirely doing it all on your own. Over time, you can always go back and forth in perfecting all the little detail. Just get yourself started and everything else will follow.

Wrapping it up

There are so many different things that you can try and improve on to get the incredible Facebook page, and all it takes is practice. Never forget though to have fun! Think back to why you started in the first place and how your intentions helped you set your page goals. Making your page all about business doesn’t mean it has to go and get boring.

Of all the social networks, Facebook is ever-changing sometimes it can get frustrating for us as marketers with brands. Just don’t worry about it too much, you can get around all the bumps. Just remember to be adaptable and continue to build what you started out doing with solid methods. Remember valuable content, engagement and genuine consistency is what it’s all about!


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