You are currently viewing A Step by Step Guide to Create A Facebook Business Page

A Step by Step Guide to Create A Facebook Business Page

A Step by Step Guide to Create a Facebook Business Page

Free and user-friendly, the Facebook Business Page is now one of the newest ways for businesses to sell their products to their consumers on a much larger scale. It allows many businesses, be it a multi-million empire or a humble home-based industry, to reach out to more people like they regularly get by some old-school way.

But, unlike the younger days of Facebook, setting up your very own Facebook business page is not as easy as ‘1, 2, 3’ because of the many factors that can make or break its success even before you could jump on and start clicking. For that reason, this step by step guide is something to take note of to ensure your success from A to Z.

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Business category

If you already have a buzzing and budding business, choose from the categories that Facebook presents. Are you a corporation or a proprietorship? A product or a local business? Choose wisely because this would become your Facebook business page’s general identity within the social media platform. When people search a specific type of business, all those who are under that type are listed.

The first big mistake you could do as a business owner is not knowing what your identity is. It may not sound as big of a deal but not knowing the difference between being a local business from an online brand is a deal breaker.

Being specific

be specific

After choosing your category, it pays to be specific. Some people who are in a hurry to click away tend to skip this part because of the long list of specifications. But what others fail to understand is that it allows your Facebook business page to be properly segregated from other who are in your category.

Do not confuse your identity with other types seeming that the fancier ones are better. Look at what you are all about, as a business and take it from there.

Naming your Facebook Business Page

Naming something might be understood as the simplest business decision you would ever do. But to those who are really adamant about becoming a unique entity, creating a catchy yet simple one becomes the hardest task, even harder than making the business plan itself, especially to those businesses that are just starting up. Take time to really think about what you will call your page. What kind of services do you render or even the product/s you are trying to market.

In deciding what to name your Facebook business page, avoid doing unnecessary capitalization or word merging. This makes it harder for your future clients to find you. Also, long names are not advisable because it becomes more difficult to remember them, especially to those who have just heard about you for the first time. Try to keep things short and concise. And as much as possible, easy to remember. If the name you choose doesn’t work for you, you can still go back to your Facebook business page settings and change it.

On the other hand, if you have already established your own brand, then making the corporate choice is easy. You just type it into the box provided, and you’re done.



We now go to the important, yet very tedious part of the set-up. Regardless of your business being a greenhorn or a household name, keying your business’ information should be one of your priorities when it comes to setting up for Facebook business page.

Typing your exact information can make or break your Facebook business page’s success. Nowadays, consumers are becoming more dependent on Facebook in gathering information about businesses they are trying to be in contact with. Restaurants, for example, need to jot down their exact address, contact numbers and even business hours and rates/menus, in order for their prospective clients to get an overview of what they can offer, the type of cuisine and so on.

You can also add your websites or blogs and link them through URL. And, of course, you can link your other social media accounts to your page so that you can redirect traffic from other social platforms to your Facebook business page.

Updating this list of information should also be done regularly or as changes occur in order to inform their clients, most specially the contact numbers. Basically, your page becomes your online business card.


After you click ‘Save’, your page is now ready for your creative business mind to decorate. Add a catchy profile photo or maybe your business logo to your Facebook business page to add color and vibrancy. Adding a great cover photo is also a great way of making a big statement – like your company slogan or a catchphrase – before your new followers scroll down. Don’t leave your page bare.

Connect and Optimize

When everything has been set-up and your page is up and running, you can now start adding your email contacts. If you created the page within your current active Facebook account, invite your friends to like and follow your Page. You could also add some spice to the invitation message to really grab them and make them your followers.

You can even create a small team of people dedicated to keeping your page running and updated and optimized. Posting great content, addressing queries about the business and relaying them to you, the owner, and even marketing your Facebook business page to gain more likes are just some of the things you need to constantly do to keep it on top of everything. The more people know and talk about you, the easier people will find your business.

Wrapping it Up

Now, with this guide, creating your best Facebook business page is easier and much more proactive. Gone are the days of simple Brand names and product plugging. Facebook might become more complex but things don’t have to be complicated.

It may not be as easy-breezy as ‘1, 2, 3’ but just follow these simple and effective steps and making your business grow bigger and achieving your goals are now within your reach.



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