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8 Ways To Get Started With A Successful Social Media Strategy

8 Ways To Get Started With A Successful Social Media Strategy

In case you’re feeling overwhelmed about Social Media Marketing these days, don’t despair. You’re not alone!

Sure, there’s always the social media superstars bunch that makes it all look like a walk in the park. You’re probably wondering what kind of magic they do. While it’s definitely not an easy task, it’s not impossible to learn the magic. You just need to know how to start off on the right foot.

We’ve found 8 ways to make it easier for you to get started and stay on top of all your social media channels.

1. Start With One Platform At A Time

Most newcomers get so excited with social media marketing that they want to try all the platforms at once, and soon get overwhelmed with all the information and give up on social media altogether.

figure out which social media platform is for you

What should you do first is figure out which social media platform is best for your business and start from there. After you master this platform (or at least you have a clear plan for it) you can move to the next one and start building a cross-platform social presence.

2. Learn From The Best

Twitter is an amazing source of fascinating content that helps you and your business grow. But in the same time it can be a soul-crushing waste of time if you don’t follow the right people.

Save your time and follow the steps of the current social media masterminds. You will find more actionable insights in their daily advice than in 4 years of college.

3. Optimize Your Social Profiles

Your plan is to get yourself discovered by the right people. Optimizing your website is just the first step. You need to optimize your social profiles too, so you can expand your business’ digital footprint and improve your website rank in the same time.

4. Be Part Of A Community

People are social beings. They need to communicate, to discuss ideas and share interests with others. To form tribes, communities.

People are in a constant quest for finding a group to belong to. They just don’t function well in solitude.

be part of an online community

So when talking about social media, a community represents one of its most powerful features, gathering all the people sharing the same interest in one easy to reach place.

The multitude of the benefits you get from being a part of a social community makes it crucial for your online development.

5. Learn How To Interact With Followers

The first thing you learn when starting with social media is that this is no place for a monolog. You need to have real conversations like you would have them face to face.

The difference is that on social media, they remain for others to see. That’s why you need to be careful how you react, even in the most stressful situations. You need to learn how to turn around the negative comments.

6. Learn How To Avoid The Most Common Pitfalls

Today there are millions of Social Media accounts and pages, competing for the user’s (small) attention span.

Creating something unique isn’t easy, I’ll admit that. But doing the same mistakes over and over makes it even harder for your company to have successful social marketing.

Audit your strategy and see what stops you from growing a successful online following.

7. Always measure your social efforts

The essence of your social media efforts is to get your brand closer to your community. To engage with your community and build a positive social sentiment for your brand.

always keep an eye on your social media metrics

It’s important to assess and measure your relationship with your customers. But it’s more important to know what to measure.

While the number of likes, followers or shares can be a good indicator of the efficiency of your social efforts, you should really be paying attention on how your social efforts help nurture your relationship with your customers.

8. Automate Your Social Media Posting

Your goal is not to keep yourself busy all day with social media, but to be productive.

A good social media marketer knows how to plan in advance and how to use his time efficiently.

The best way to optimize your work is to use automation tools. That doesn’t mean that you should remove your work entirely, but rather use your time wisely.

what are you using to schedule your facebook posts

Obviously, we use Mass Planner for most of our Social Media tasks and it gives us more time for other crucial parts of our business. Maybe not all in one like Mass Planner, but there are other tools too that can help you with scheduling and automation.

So, what are you using to schedule your Social Media Posts?


Marketer and social media expert. I started out doing regular website SEO back in 2005 when things were a lot easier. Adapted to the changes and tried everything myself in order to see what really works and what doesn't. Even if I see all the gurus advocating for a way or other of doing things I always want to see the results with my own eyes so I do my own testing. Be sure that if you're reading my articles what I talk about in them really works. Fell in love with Social media a few years back when I started looking for alternate ways of driving traffic to my sites. The interaction and meeting new and interesting people all while actually working is a great way of doing things.

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  1. Sunday

    Hey Johnny,
    These eight ways to get started with successful social media strategy are right on track. I agree with them.

    More so, the number 5 way ” Learn How To Interact With Followers” is crucial. Just as the use of an effective automation tool like Mass Planner must not be ignored!

    If the social marketer learns how to interact with followers then it becomes really easy achieve quick success.

    Interaction, engagement and assessment are key factors that will determine success for the one who engages in social media campaign.

    Conclusively, I suggest that anyone confused about how to get started with social media marketing should consider these 8 ways for a start.

    1. Johnny

      You are right Sunday, if you have followers but don’t know how to interact with them it’s a complete waste, also doing everything manually when you can automate most of the tedious tasks is another time waster.

      If you’re serious about your business, you should invest in tools and knowledge and success will come.

  2. Ivan Bayross

    Hi Johnny,

    There are times when I’ve felt that Social Media Marketing was envisaged and crafted for the wizards straight out of Hogwarts and Harry Potter. Then I landed on this Blog post. While I totally buy into the idea that learning such magic is not impossible. It’s starting off on the – Right foot – that worries me.

    I’ve only two, right and left and neither seem capable of delivering me an Ah! Ha! moment in SMM, but I digress.

    The advice you’ve delivered about choosing a SMM single platform, figuring out how to use it really well then moving on to the next is really reassuring. Like all newbies I’ve tried to jump onto several SMM platforms at the same time and nearly drowned in all (do notice – nearly drowned – though).

    I do have my nose above water and I’m now doing exactly what you’ve advised I’ve chosen Facebook and I’m plodding along from one tiny success to another. Cross platform marketing you say? Ah! well soon, soon.

    What I found the most valuable Johnny, is the embedded links in your post, connected to extra (very valuable) reading. Each topic you’ve written about did not leave me hanging in mid-air wondering what do I do next. The perfect example being the link that took me to a post that helped explain which social media platform in the best.

    This is really gracious of you. It shows that you are really an experienced Blogger, most of all that you really want to add value to your readers.

    Your advice about being part of and participating in a community is spot on. I hopped across and spent some time reading the link you’ve embedded in that topic. Awesome input from you Johnny.

    I really enjoyed reading this Blog post, it educated me in so many different ways, great content, superb cross linking to related content and short pithy well-crafted topics. I learned a lot about the topic and about how to craft a really great Blog post. Thank you.

    1. Johnny

      Hi Ivan, thank you for your great comment, indeed taking it easy but keeping at it is the only way to go with everything in life in order to succeed.

      I am really glad this article helped you want to go forward and I hope it will help everyone reading as well as if it does it means i did not waste my time writing it 🙂

  3. Joannie Seal

    Wow after reading this it definitely makes me go and concentrate on one social media profile.

    1. Johnny

      Do that, it really pays off and come back in a couple of weeks and share your experience with the rest of us 🙂

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