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8 Ways To Come Up With Fresh Blog Post Ideas

8 Ways To Come Up With Fresh Blog Post Ideas

As we already tackled turning ideas into amazing articles and blog posts in our previous posts, it is time we focused some more on the ways to come up with something new and fresh when your idea pool is a tad dry. If you consider yourself to be a blogger, you must already be familiar with the importance of blogging in this day and age.

it is time we focused some more on the ways to come up with something new and fresh when your idea pool is a tad dry

Being out of ideas can happen to anyone. I have experienced it loads of times. In the moments when I haven’t posted anything in ages, well, days, but it feels like ages, I turn to a few tricks known by the more skilled of bloggers. And that helps me get through the idea drought and get to the phase of the idea draft.

I have decided, in my infinite blogger’s wisdom, to share this inside knowledge and help out people who have found themselves in similar situations and see no way out.

Worry not! There is a way out. Actually, there are 8.

With my list of 8 ways to come up with fresh blog post ideas, you will never feel powerless in the face of a deadline again.

With my list of 8 ways to come up with fresh blog post ideas, you will never feel powerless in face of a deadline again

#1 Draw ideas from your previous blog posts

What else is better to look for inspiration in than your work itself. If you have written plenty of materials before, you must have a hefty knowledge of certain subjects. Read those older posts you have loved and you were immensely proud of. Maybe those posts will give you a vision of what you should do next.

Not only that, you should read the posts you were not very proud of. Make the best of them, try to write something different that would improve on your previous articles and offer something new and current on the same topic.

Draw ideas from your previous blog posts

Finally, there might be a topic you touched upon, but haven’t really paid the right amount of attention to. You could do a whole post on it now.

#2 Draw ideas for other people’s work

It is not shameful to look for inspiration in other people’s work. We all do it. Only we won’t always admit to it.

I am not talking about stealing someone else’s work. Don’t get me wrong. I am talking about mere harvesting of the ideas planted deeply in other people’s posts.

Draw ideas for other peoples work

You might get completely new ideas unrelated to the content of their articles while reading them. But then again, you might see something interesting that you would like to expand on in an article of your own. Maybe do some additional research on it and give your own valuable opinion on the subject.

#3 Give new life to your older posts

Revivals can be amazing for your blog. Just like in film or theater. Rejuvenate an old story that has been dead for a long while and let your newer visitors read something that will be useful and informative for them.

Give new life to your older posts

Change part of the articles that need to be refreshed, from references to external links and newer statistics. Maybe write your new opinion on the matter, if it has changed, and explain why that has happened. You are smarter now than you were before. And some topics never get old, your approach to them changes. That is all. Sometimes all you need is a facelift.

#4 Do a round-up

As a blogger, you read plenty of other blogs, out of curiosity, searching for information or just staying up-to-date. You admire some of your colleagues’ work or you think they are on to something. Yes, I dare to call them my colleagues. Maybe you just believe they make a valid argument, even though you are not so vested in the subject itself.

If you don’t have the time or you just can’t come up with fresh blog post ideas at the time, after reading several of other people’s posts you can compile a list, or a so-called “round-up” of the worthy ones.

By doing this, you don’t really have to do a lot of writing yourself, although it is best if you say a few words about why you chose to include each particular blog entry. After all, you are offering your readers your expert opinions. You can use other people’s original content. They will be grateful, if anything.

after reading several of other posts you can compilea so-called round-up

Not only that, remember that being a blogger is not only about sitting in front of your laptop and writing, it is about being a part of the community, contributing to something larger. Building good relationships with other people like you is necessary for your survival. Networking is crucial in any vocation, blogging included.

#5 Do a personal piece

Every once in a while a blogger needs to show that they are human as well. Your blog followers will feel more connected to you if you let them in a little bit. By making them feel closer, they will trust you more and you gain credibility. If a personal story fits the theme of your blog, you can do them more often.

For example, if one blogs about cooking, they should do more of pieces like “The best recipes for helping you with a break-up” or “How I made my special day even more special with these recipes”. If a blogger is into literature, they can write an article on what book they like to read when they are sad and why, or what is the most inspirational novel they have read and what it has inspired them to do.

Do a personal piece for your blog

However, if a blog is rather impersonal, it is slightly more difficult to do that. But there is always a clever way to do it, just not as often perhaps. Write about how you have learned something from your own life, and carry the same experience into words relating to the overall theme of the blog.

I try to do it as much as I can, since it makes both writing and reading my posts much more enjoyable and I feel more connected to my readers, as they do to me.

#6 Read printed publications related to your work

Traditional print is waning in popularity, but that does not mean that its influence is lessening with experts. With most significant contributors stating their opinions in monthly or quarterly published magazines, they are clearly a go-to place for intellectual food or news of innovation. [Tweet “From Forbes to Martha Stewart’s Living, print is still where big shots spill their beans”].

From Forbes to Martha Stewart Living print is still where big shots spill their beans

You don’t get just the story itself, you get the way it was told, which can at times be more valuable.

#7 Visit informative websites dedicated to your line of work

The same works with big-name websites and portals. Actually, most of the traditional publishing houses, like The Economist or The New York Times, have transferred to the Internet as well, so you can access most of its content online. Sometimes there is a small fee required, but mostly you can do without.

check online sources ofcontent to get ideas

The thing with visiting a website nowadays that makes it all easier is that they have their own search directories, so you find something of your and your readers’ interest in a jiffy. Tags are of immense help as well, so one can browse through certain categories and simply absorb ideas.

I am a big fan of this technique. Sometimes I feel like I am in the Matrix of ideas.

#8 Rely on your readers for new ideas

This is possibly the last resort, but certainly not the worst one. [Tweet “Reader feedback is a highly useful thing for a writer, journalist or a blogger”].

Readers are eager to get informed and they will ask you for writing on certain topics all the time. You should pay attention to their wishes and keep records on what they want. When you are left with no topics of your own, reach for your readers’ questions instead.

Reader feedback is a highly useful thing for a writer, journalist or a blogger

You can do this in several ways, whether asking a direct question after you blog entries or via posts specifically designed for this purpose or even a Facebook poll.

This would be a good way to profound your relationship with your readers.

With these 8 tidbits of advice on how to think of some genuine blog ideas, you will have a blog as revered as massplanner’s. Hopefully, you will include us in a round-up or two

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Marketer and social media expert. I started out doing regular website SEO back in 2005 when things were a lot easier. Adapted to the changes and tried everything myself in order to see what really works and what doesn't. Even if I see all the gurus advocating for a way or other of doing things I always want to see the results with my own eyes so I do my own testing. Be sure that if you're reading my articles what I talk about in them really works. Fell in love with Social media a few years back when I started looking for alternate ways of driving traffic to my sites. The interaction and meeting new and interesting people all while actually working is a great way of doing things.

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  1. metz

    People often run out of ideas to write. There are bounty or unlimited resources on and offline. Like for example on number six “Read printed publications related to your work”. If you are into reading blog posts from bloggers and marketers online, why not give yourself a chance to read a book, magazine or a topic on a newspaper that is related with your work.

    We can find new ideas from people outside the internet and I believe it’s fresh and innovative.

    We can play on our previous articles, retitle them and search for fresher updates and ideas for that certain old blog post you have. Revise and add more spice and you can never say you’re running out of fresh ideas.

    Smart and helpful tips, I must say. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Johnny

      Always glad to be of help 🙂 indeed there are so many resources that there is no reason not to have a topic to write about.

  2. Johnny

    I loved the picture as well, though I did not create it 🙂

    Glad to hear that Chery, it means you’re one of the lucky ones, there are many people out there struggling with what to write next and I see a lot of people asking about that.

    I guess if you’re passionate about what you do you shouldn’t have any problems writing about it.

  3. Sunday

    Hi Johnny,
    If we take time to look deep enough we surely will find fresh articles ideas. All around us are inspirational ways of generating these ideas.

    I often utilize the work of experts related to my work, my old posts, and related online sources for fresh ideas.

    There is no doubt that many who will read this piece would find the ideas shared here revealing!

    1. Johnny

      Thanks Sunday for your input, so in the end it seems everybody has the same sources of inspiration 🙂

  4. Sherman Smith

    Hey Johnny,

    These are some great ideas for blog posts that you listed here. 2 points you said I believe that really helps are #5 and #8. Why? Because it makes you more transparent for one and for the other it show’s how much you are concerned about your reader’s interest and success. With that said you build a better connection and it return visitors metrics will increase.

    Thanks for sharing Johnny! Have a good week ahead!

    1. Johnny

      #5 is also a favorite of mine and love doing it as often as I can 🙂 Thanks for a nice comment 😉

  5. Lawrence Berry

    Coming up with new ideas can sometimes be a lot of work and can sometimes be a hassle, especially when you have written over 100 posts already. When you are a professional blogger, you have to have a set schedule on when you post in order to be looked at as a professional. So, you always have to be on the hunt for new ideas. What I personally do is keep a idea journal with me at all times. Ideas come all the time when I am working out, watching tv, or reading. So i write the new ideas in my journal. I never really thought about looking at my old blog post and re-kindling them. That is a great idea though. I also like the idea of reading other posts and articles to gain more ideas. When coming up with new post ideas, you have to remain creative all the time. Not just when its time to write a new post.

    1. Johnny

      Keeping a journal is definitely a great idea as well and there are a lot of modern devices that can help with this, it doesn’t necessarily have to be a notebook and a pen.

  6. Nanda Rahmanius

    Hi Johnny,

    Awesome article, indeed!
    You really brought the subject that makes getting excited. 🙂

    I agree with all the points that you mentioned in this article. Honestly, I have tried a few of them. And indeed, there are some points that were new to me.

    I could not agree more with the previous post. You know, when I read my old posts, I was surprised because I did not think that I have poor writing skills once. It gave me new ideas to write something new and update the article.

    Oh yes, round up posts is a trend lately. There are many bloggers who do that. I also have done so. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing, Johnny.
    Have a great week ahead!


    1. Johnny

      I know what you mean, often times when I go through my old article I see a lot of things I could change for the better, I think it’s a sign that we’re growing and improving so it’s a good thing 🙂

  7. Pamela B

    Ideas sometimes seem to be endless and then all of a sudden there’s a wall. When I experience that, I take that opportunity to be a little more social on the web. I have enjoyed reading your tips. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Johnny

      Glad to have you with us Pamela, being social is always a great idea!

  8. Yavan

    Hello Johnny,

    You shared a great points for a new blog post. I often use the point #3, this will help my blog to be updated too.

    But you shared some more amazing points to get great ideas to for new blog post. I’ll try your these amazing ways to write a new blog post for my blog.

    Thanks for sharing these valuable tips 🙂

    1. Johnny

      Always glad to be of help Yavan

  9. Vasanth babu

    dear Johnny,

    U have given 8 amazing innovative tips which ll be more helpful for me in the future blogging. As i am beginner, i just really want to know that what kind of benefits You will get from these kind of contents.

    i am not telling that your blogging contents are bad. i just want know that what are you getting back from this blog. Just traffic are some thing else.

    Thank you for sharing your tips You have

    1. Johnny

      On the internet everything is about traffic, if you can get enough traffic you can do anything. So first thing is to get traffic then how to monetize it.

  10. Freddy Gandarilla

    Hi Johnny!

    These are great tips for bloggers!

    I gotta save these – they are very good tips to help us come up with new content for our blog online.

    One of the tips I like to implement, the most, is to look around at other blogs – while learning from them, I also think about how I could come up with my own version of the content.

    You are very right …. we are constantly borrowing ideas from each other. That is just how everything works in life!!

    Taking the time to read other blogs, and other information sources – on topics related to your blog’s niche – will help you get fresh ideas when you are looking for them! 🙂

    This is a great post for bloggers …. highly recommended to read!

    Thanks for the knowledge here!

    have a great week! 😀

    1. Johnny

      Exactly, borrowing and if we’re good enough improving on what we see others do, that’s what everybody can aim for.

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