The “Celebs” of Facebook – the most liked pages worldwide

Have you ever wondered which are the most liked Facebook pages, what people like and what they follow? We’ve made the research in order to find out. After all if you want to be the best in your business you need to learn from the best. This might be a funny exercise but you never know what you might learn from checking them out. If you see something you like test it out with your page and see how it goes!

Ok so let’s dig into it

1. According to the last statistics from August 2014, the first, and most appreciated page is, guess what, “Facebook for every phone“. Although not a very updated page ( currently the latest post seems to be from December last year) the number of likes reaches 502,505,195. It seems that people just love to browse Facebook from their phone more and more, not sure if there’s anything marketing related that you can learn from this one, but it’s on the top and here is how it looks like:

the facebook for every phone page

2. I bet you won’t figure out which page is next. On the second place stands “Facebook“, with 163,875,463 likes, the number increasing daily. Can you imagine how many accounts are now active on Facebook? This only means that people are nothing but satisfied, so, good job, Facebook! It’s a little strange though that the site that was launched long before the mobile app had  3 times less likes that that. It could mean that people using Facebook on the phone are a lot more prone to hit the like button ( hint hint )

the facebook page printscreen

3. Now we’ll migrate to an exotic place, where “Hips don’t lie” on latino rhythms. Yes, that’s right, Shakira is next in top 10, occupying the third place, with 103,951,142 likes. I’m not sure if people liked her page because of her music or for her eye-catching dancing abilities, but I know that she is one of the most complex artists I’ve ever seen. One of the first things that I notice on the page is that it lets everyone post here, so if you’re into anything related to music, beauty, celebrities this might be a good page to post once in a while onto.

Shakira page on Facebook printscreen

4. Let’s get to sports, more specifically, football. Who do you think may be next? The fourth place is saved for Cristiano Ronaldo, the well known football player from Real Madrid. His number reaches 98,189,215 likes. At the moment of writing this he seems to be posting about a contest – finding a t-shit of his, hidden somewhere in London. Interesting idea, even though it limits the number of people that can play this game it definitely will keep his fans happy and active.

Ronaldo Facebook Page Printscreen

5. The fifth on the list is Eminem, his page being liked by over 94,500,326 people. One of the most notorious rap singers and also declared The King of Hip Hop, Eminem also played the main role in “8 mile”, a movie which I totally recommend if you enjoy listening to hip hop. Check out his posts a little, something that  is immediately visible is that he seems to be using hashtags quite a lot, and also he seems to be selling a lot of clothes :). Here’s how his pages looks like, don’t mind the banner…

eminem page on facebook printscreen

6. On the sixth place is Rihanna, with 89,882,832 of fans only on Facebook. Ram pa pa pam! How can you not like her unique style and innovative music? Her music covers a large range of styles, from reggae influences “Man down” to powerful songs like “Madhouse”, or soft love songs like “California king bed”. Regardless if you are a fan or not, there are many people that liked her page for a reason, check out what she posts, how often, see if there’s anything there you might learn from.

Rihanna page on Facebook printscreen

7. What drink has the most catchy and original commercials? I’ll tell you, Coca Cola! This is the next page in the top 10, with a total number of 88,467,570 likes. It’s recipe hasn’t been completely found out yet and there is one more secret ingredient which makes the difference between Coke and any other similar sodas. Check it out in this amazing commercial! It’s an oldie but a goodie.

8. The eighth page is one of my favorites! It doesn’t pass a day without searching a movie trailer, watching a tutorial or listening to music, so I’m grateful for Youtube, whose page scored 84,003,002 likes! But let’s be honest, who doesn’t like Youtube? You have to wander though, why a social media platform of its own need a Facebook page? Could it be created by a fan or just the power of Facebook is so great that everyone and everything needs a Facebook page in order to exist? I incline to the former as I think the google people could have done a better job with the design of the header.

youtube page on facebook printscreen

9. How about getting back in time? The ninth in the  Facebook “Celebs” Top 10  is the TV show “The Simpsons” with 74,656,920 likes. In my opinion this will never get old, as it’s one of the most viewed animated shows which satirizes the values and non-values of humanity. Whens’ the last time you saw an episode? After you take a look at the page in order to see what you can learn from it, take a break and see one, it will help you go on with renewed forces ;). And yes I know I’m not posting a printscreen of the Facebook page next, but you can see that for yourself, I think this image looks better.

the simpsons family screenshot

10. Last, but not least, the tenth place is occupied by Texas HoldEm Poker, with 70,633,068 likes. Let’s get lucky and have some fun, shall we? Just joking, you don’t need to go and play poker right now, I’d even advise not to play at all, there are a lot more better ways to spend you time, though I guess this depends on everyone’s hobbies. What you can do instead is check out the page and see if there’s any reason for having that many likes besides the fact of being a worldwide knows cards game. Are they doing anything in particular that you can use? For example the first thing that I notice on this page, unlike the others so far is the use of the pinned post feature. They have a post that they want every new fan to see. Have you used pinned posts? Maybe they would go great with your type of page!

texas holdem poker facebook page printscreen

To wrap everything up

So, top 10 covers a large range of domains. Actually it includes all the sides of entertainment, such as music, communication, search engines, television, and all kind of games. This is a small part of people’s interests and they materialize even in real life, becoming ways of spending their spare time. However, the competition is tight and every minute brings a new like to a certain Facebook page, so it’s just a matter of time until another one will compete for popularity and billions of likes. Now let’s find out about your favorite pages! Leave a comment below and name 5 of your favorite pages that you look up to.


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  1. georgie

    Coke all the way baby, I think the coke page should be on top, can’t stop drinking it

  2. Patty Angus

    I’m wondering who hits like for facebook, you’re already on it why would you do that? On the other hand they could just automatically like their page when you create your account like other platforms do and they would be number 1

  3. Gayel

    Wohooooo, Ronaldo is my fav, saw the contest too, couldn’t join it unfortunately but damn nice prize

  4. Jaymee Middlebrooks

    Ha, Simpsons, this brings back so many memories, ok I’ve got to watch all the seasons all over again now…

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