How to use Mass Planner and avoid getting banned by Facebook

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This is something that I see some people asking lately, so I thought to address this issue and set things straight. It’s all about how you use Mass Planner and it’s not about the software itself. If you would do the same things manually that you set Mass Planner to do for you it would have the same outcome, if you spam too much your account will be banned even if you do it manually or if you use a software. On the other hand if you take it easy and make it look as natural as possible you will be fine.

Another thing to know is that Mass Planner is untraceable. It does everything in a browser exactly like a human would do it, clicks links, moves the mouse to certain points, clicks, enters text, presses the submit button and so on. There is no way for anyone to know that those tasks were not done by a human except over-doing it. It you set it to post on hundreds of groups with several campaigns that would mean over a few thousand actions made in the same day and that is a dead giveaway.

Now that you understand the above you might be wondering what to do in order not to leave a trace and to have your accounts safe, the idea is easy: Make it look real. I said the idea is easy, implementing it will be a little harder and will require a lot of tweaks here and there, but if you’re really into doing Facebook Marketing you should already know this.

Many of our users are using the Group posting/scheduling feature without previously reading how to use it, because of this they enter values that are too low and end up in trouble. First of all you need to be informed about how to use the tool at your disposal, I know it could take a little time to read through everything but it’s better to spend a few hours one time and learn all you need to know about Mass Planner instead of going through the trouble of waiting 1-2 weeks for the Facebook ban to pass.


Let’s take a look at the reasons Facebook blocks an account that posts on groups often:

  • 95% of the time is because people in the groups you posted marked the post as spam
  • 4% of the time is because you are posting too much
  • 1% of the time has other reasons known by Facebook alone


So, how can you make sure this doesn’t happen to you? Looking at the above reasons the following solutions are obvious:

  • The accounts you post to should be screened really good before you start posting. You should know if the group owner allows the kind of posts you’re going to make or not. Often it is the group admin marking your post as spam that will get you in trouble. So take the time and look through the groups you’re going to post to and make sure they allow the kind of post you want to make.
  • Note if the groups is active enough so if you make 2-3 post a day or even 1 post per day your posts will be between other posts made by other people or you’re the only one posting there. If you’re going to fill a group with only your posts be sure a ban is coming your way.
  • Take a few moments and create good post that don’t look like the spam you see everywhere on Facebook, also if you know how, spin your text so you make it differ from post to post, this will leave an even smaller trace.
  • Ideally you should not post more than once on a group per day, unless it’s really active and you know it’s safe


On top of these there are a few other things that you should keep in mind when starting your Facebook Marketing:

  • Make it look legit, always, don’t only post to hundreds of groups per day and nothing else, as that is a dead giveaway.
  • Make different actions on your account, also post on your wall 1-2 times a day, like a few items from your feed
  • Make friends, an account with no friends or just a few but no interaction is also looking fishy. Make new friends, it’s easy just join 4-5 Add Me groups and you will find enough friends there to fill your account. Don’t overdo it though, a few every couple of days should be ok
  • The usage of the account is very important. If you have never posted on a group but one day you join 200 groups and start posting on all that will surely look strange. Take it easy and grow over time. Join 4-5 groups a day, post in an increasing number of groups every day/couple of days and you will most likely be fine.


A couple of things you should know about Facebook new accoutns vs old accounts:

  • you can do a lot with an older account, Facebook will be more permissive as you’ve been around for a while and shown that you’re not there just to spam.
  • if you make a new account just for doing Facebook Marketing with it, you will have to be very careful. Don’t just create the account and go join hundreds of groups and start posting because you will be banned by Facebook before you even manage to join a couple of groups. Just think about it, how does that look? What normal person that wants to join Facebook will do that? It’s a dead giveaway that you’re there to spam and Facebook knows it.
  • For new accounts start really really slow, for the first 2 weeks at least vary your action and take is slow. Make a couple of new friends each day, post on your wall whatever you want, join 4-5 groups a day, no more, like some pages and feeds, comment on some pages and so on. Make it look like there’s a real user behind all this. After the initial 2 weeks just start slowly increasing the page, joining more groups and posting more in groups but again don’t overdo it and make sure you choose groups that follow the above points.
  • It also helps a lot if you verify the accounts with a phone number – just something to keep in mind.


There are a lot more things to know about Facebook Marketing, as it’s a complex thing and it takes some time to learn everything, but if you follow the above and start slowly, grow it pace by page in a month or so you should be able to post on a couple of hundred groups each day. Combine this with the fact that you can take care of multiple accounts at the same time ( up to 10 with the extended module ) and that number can increase tenfold. That would mean that after a month and a half for example you could be posting on a couple thousand groups with 10 account. That is a lot ! You will have an amazing reach and a lot of traffic to your business.


  1. sule says:

    This post is an eye-opener.Great post.Keep up the temple and God bless.

    1. Johnny says:

      Thank you 🙂

  2. hanno says:

    very very useful .. thx alot

    1. Johnny says:

      Glad to be of help 😉

  3. justeme says:

    this used to be the rules of FB till a couple of months ago, I would say 4 months. I Used to post in 100 groups for each account with no problem . I Got banned for 2 weeks for posting only 50 links in one day though the content was so much related to the group theme and I only post once daily. Anyhow now I post only in 30 groups, but u need lots of accounts to make a difference with that.

    1. Johnny says:

      After the recent update they have lowered the limit of spam reports needed in order to penalize an account. How this works – if several people mark your posts as spam they will take action faster than before when it required a lot more people to mark your posts as spam.

      This doesn’t necessarily mean your posts are 100% spam, people might not like what you posted for whatever reason, some might be competitors or maybe you’re posting in the wrong group. The reason doesn’t matter if several people will mark your posts as spam in a short amount of time you will get a penalty.

      What you can do about this is:
      1. Go through all the groups you post to and check if you are allowed to post there the kind of posts you make, see if you previous posts are there, if not they might have been removed due to spam complains and you should definitely not post there anymore
      2. Change a little that way you compose your posts, try to be more helpful, post higher content rather than make the posts look like ads/spammy.

      We have many account that are continually posting to over 300 groups per day with no problems and no penalty so it can still be done it just takes a little more patience and setting up.

  4. jannie van heerden says:

    Thank you for the advise!

  5. Daniel says:

    can anyone tell what is the limit of accounts i may add on massplanner if i have monthly subscription

    1. Johnny says:

      You can have up to 2 accounts for each platform, if you need more there are one time extra modules for +2 +8 +15 or unlimited accounts for each platform.

  6. Lance says:

    Hey Johnny, does Facebook track what IP address the posts come from as a way to ban accounts that post too much or multiple accounts from the same IP. Does massplanner us proxies?

    1. Johnny says:

      Hey Lance, Fb definitely tracks ips, if you use 2 different accounts on the same ip to post the same link over and over it will catch you fast. You need to use proxies to stay safe, ideally max 4 accounts per proxy if you’re not promoting the same url. Yes, Mass Planner can use proxies, you can set a different proxy for each account.

  7. Derek says:

    How best to get mobile verification done without getting into several sim cards ?

    1. Johnny says:

      Well, you either have a couple of google voice accounts on hand – you can use those to verify the accoutns, or sim cards, no other way. For sim cards you can get them your own, or there are several places online where you can get one time verification codes – can’t recommend anyone as I haven’t used any lately but I know there are a few offering this.

  8. Jorge says:

    Hi Jonny

    What do you think about buy PV Old Facebook Accounts , Do you think this actions could be useful for avoid take care a new account from Zero.

    1. Johnny says:

      Yes, that is definitely helpful, take care though where you get them from, some people sell stolen accounts and could get you in trouble, if you have a good provider at a good price though they will work, yes.

  9. andrew says:

    please im in nigeria, can i use your service for my multiple accounts without getting ban

    1. Johnny says:

      sure, where you’re from makes no difference, you can use proxies from any other country.

  10. #1plannerfan says:

    Hi Johnny do you have more information on inviting friends to like your page whats the maximum per day or safe setting for page likes. The thought occurs to me that if there are too many actions in a day fb can tell that it’s not humanly possible to do so many likes, shares, posts, post to groups within a given period of time or a day. The combination of all these actions together maybe one of the other reasons fb stops accounts. whats your thoughts

    1. Johnny says:

      I haven’t tested this in a while, so I can’t give you an accurate answer, my advice is to start low and increase the amount each day until you reach a number you’re happy with. The way Mass Planner is built won’t let you do too many actions, because it works like a human would inside a browser and it takes time for pages to load, to navigate from one page to another and do the work. On the other hand it would look strange if every couple of minutes you do the same action 24h/day, you are right so you need to set it as close to normal human behavior as possible.

      1. #1plannerfan says:

        ok thanks again 🙂

  11. Bob says:

    Hi, I was wondering if Massplaner has default settings built in to prevent suspicious activity (in order to avoid getting banned) Are there certain parameters settings, instructions, to setup several facebook accounts for example safely. I have seen that some people leave footprints, because they set Mass Planner up wrong. Basically, is there a setup guide with recommended settings so you absolutely don´t get banned??


    1. Johnny says:

      The only thing you need to take care of is to not set it too aggressive, try to think how a human would use those accounts to market and do that, the settings that are set by default should be quite safe.

  12. Dave says:

    Hi fucking love mass planner been searching for something as good as this for ages!

    the above is great guide for group posting but slightly different tactics needed for posting in comments on Facebook pages

    When commenting on Facebook pages i find after a couple of days using the same link I get ghosted, if i spin the link with different URL shortners will this help? say 10 different short links? am using 10 different accounts with ten different proxies and all PVA, Would it be better to use non PVA accounts blast the links for a day with the accounts knowing they will get ghosted or banned,then start fresh with 10 new accounts and rotate the proxies?

    1. Johnny says:

      Glad to hear you like it 🙂 As for your question, unfortunately facebook can see behind url shortners, so no matter if you use 10 or 100 different ones it will know it’s the same link, can’t say for sure what would work as I haven’t done this too much but you’ll have to find something better than simply shortening the link.

      1. Dave says:

        What is a better solution

  13. Terry says:

    Hi, does facebook also track domains that coexist on the same hosting? I have a few different sites that i promote by posting links to them on fb groups etc from different fb accounts – can facebook track that i’m posting these links using a single IP for all the domains and penalize me for that or is it safe to post links to different domains from the same hosting using a single IP as long as i’m not linking to the same domain from all the accounts?

    1. Johnny says:

      can’t say 100% sure but I think you’re safe, haven’t seen anyone saying this would be a problem. there are a lot of sites hosted on the same ip for all the shared hosting providers out there.

  14. keri says:

    Hi I set up mass planner and used it for the 1st time, I posted to 50 groups, and within a few hours my facebook account is locked due to phishing

    1. Johnny says:

      Not sure what you mean about the phishing stuff, where were you posting and what? As for what happened, how fast did you post, did you post the exact same thing on all groups or different things? You need to learn how to do this before you scale it up.

  15. Suzanne Smith-Byrne says:

    I have a message on a Campaign that says Facebook is sleeping due to a warning. I have used Facebook groups manually and cannot see evidence of any warning. Have you any idea why this is so?

    1. Johnny says:

      Yes, that happens sometimes for certain content, if you post the same exact content/link/image multiple times. It will work with other posts but not with that one, so the campaign will pause for 24h and wait for that to pass.

  16. Somayl says:

    Hello guys,
    I just wanted to know if using PVA accounts is fine.
    If yes, can you suggest any service provider?

    1. Johnny says:

      Yes, you can use them, many people do. Sorry, can’t suggest any good one, the BHW marketplace has a lot of them, you might want to check there.

  17. bill says:

    i have a test group, for previewing how my posts look before i start posting in groups, i got put in FB jail just after manually posting a few test posts in quick succession, i was the admin and only member lol

    1. Johnny says:

      Yes, Fb is crazy like that lately…

  18. DD says:

    Hey guys! I was wondering, has anybody tried Proxymesh for group posting?

    Its a lot cheaper and it rotates 20 ip’s within 1 proxy.

    1. Johnny says:

      A very bad idea, for Facebook you need to keep the same ip/proxy for the same account or you’ll get it banned. It might work for other things you do online but definitely not for this.

  19. Rafiq says:


    I have been following your tutorials and they are great. I d have a few questions though. Hope you don’t mind me asking.

    1. I noticed above you said you have many accounts posting on 300 groups per day. I would like to be able to achieve this. How many post per day do you make? And also, did you go through each and every group to make sure that they are safe for your post? since its seems like a daunting task if you have a lot of accounts.

    2. Since I would like to send all the traffic from several accounts to one website, will it be ok if I use diffrent URL’s on each accounts but redirect them to main landing page?
    Also at least 3 accounts will use one proxy, but the URL’s will be diffrent although redirected to the same site and content will be diffrent too on each account.

    3. I have also been studying this article and its just amazing

    Since like you said one account should only perhaps post a maximum of 300 groups per day, Not sure it will do much for the traffic right? Was thinking if you could give some idea on how to scale it up.

    By the love MP, great tool!

    1. Johnny says:

      Hi, no problem, here you go :

      1. The article is over 2 years old, written in 2014, a lot has changed with Facebook since then and they are a lot more strict, so now if you warm up an account nicely and with high quality spinned text you should be ok posting to 50-60 groups per day, no more. There used to be 300 or more, but that’s long gone unfortunately. So yes, given that you’re going for quality rather than quantity now you need to go through each group and see if it’s worth posting there, if they accept what you want to post and if it’s active enough .

      2. These are all tactics that used to work 1-2 years ago, again, unfortunately not any more. If you post with several accounts at the same time on different groups posts that have links to the same domain you will get all accounts blocked. They see this now, redirecting/minifying won’t help as they see past that. You could either try and post with different accounts at different times, like having 12 accounts and each posts in a 2 hours window of time each day, or maybe using an intermediary page – like creating a fb page, sending all traffic there and from there to your page.

      If you’re aiming to promote the same url with all accounts i’d definitely go with a unique ip for each account, if something goes wrong with 1 account they might block all 3 that are on the same ip as they see a lot of similarities.

      3. Scaling is a good idea, but only after you know exactly how you can do it with 1-2 accounts without getting in trouble. I’d play around and learn how to do that first before trying to scale anything. Traffic can still be good if you pick the right groups and post high quality posts.

      1. Ahmad Rafiq says:

        Thanks for your reply. The only part I am confused at the moment is when you said ” high quality spinned text ” The thing is I post articles that are on my webpage using RSS feeds. I wouldnt mind doing it manually if traffic is good. But lets say I have an old account and managed to add 60 groups covering the same interest and niche. Will I be allowed to post it on those 60 groups with that one article/post, though with some time interval in between? Since I am not sure how to spin the text as they are in article format when posted to FB. Hope I’m not confusing you here. Also 60 groups per account, what would be the ideal time interval within those 24 hours?
        Thank you

      2. Johnny says:

        I don’t think Facebook will let you post to that many groups the same exact text, haven’t tried this in a while as I’m spinning everything for the past year but it used to be a problem back then, i don’t think that improved now. There is a spinner in mp, you will need to do it manually though. As for the time interval, 10-15 minutes should be fine, but it can depend on a lot of things, like if you’ve posted before that much, how unique is the text and so on, my advice is to start slow and grow it gradually.

  20. Panky says:

    i have a facebook page with low no. of likes. this page is related to funny pictures.
    i have 40 groups now which allow funny pictures.
    in my page, i post funny picture every 1 hour.

    so, what i want to do is this – i want to share every image of my page to every group.

    can it be done with 1 account ? or should i use 2 accounts ? and if i use 2 accounts, then they both will be posting same post url on groups from 1 ip.

    how exactly should i do the fanpage marketing in groups to increase likes to my page without getting banned ?

    Q1-i have 40 groups. so how many PVA fb accounts should i use
    Q2-my page have 24 posts in 24 hours, so how to post its post urls to each group only once

    please answer and give some advice. i only want to get more likes to my fb page.

    1. Johnny says:

      I understand what you need, however I am quite sure that sharing 1 post every hour to 40 groups is way too much, especially with 1 account. I’d advise you to do 1 max 2 posts shares per day, those groups might not be as active and sharing 24 posts per day is way too much. You could try and use several accounts ,still i don’t think you’ll share all 24 posts. You’ll have to try and gradually grow the number.

      1. Panky says:

        Thanks for replying mate.
        One more question.

        I just bought 3 facebook accounts which are 3-4 years old. Each FB account is on seperate private dedicated proxy. Each facebook account has 20 groups. It means there are 60 groups in total.

        What i want is sharing one of the best posts from my facebook page daily to each of those 60 groups once in a day.

        Q1-Will it be good to share single post from my page to all 60 groups ? (one unique post daily)
        Q2-Up to what number of groups can a facebook account post daily without getting banned (if it posts 1 times in a day on each group)?

        Sorry for asking these questions, but I really need your advice.

      2. Johnny says:

        R1 – yes, you can do that, however try to grow it daily until you reach that number, so first day post on 5 groups with each account, next day 6 and so on until you reach 20 d for each group. Also make sure to do it at different times of the day with all accounts, never post with 2 accounts at the same time with the same url. Lastly shared message should be highly spun.

        R2 – there’s not a fixed number, it depends on the quality of the groups and of your posts, but if you take it slow and grow gradually you can definitely go higher, I still have accounts that post to 60-80 groups per day with no problem, i just got them there slowly.

  21. Panky says:

    Your replies are really helpful for all us here. I am really enjoying your software and I’ll recommend it to every marketer 🙂

    Q1-You just said – never post with 2 accounts at the same time with the same url. (can’t I share same fanpage post on all accounts even if every account is on separate dedicated ip [OR] The good idea will be to take 6-7 good posts from my page daily and then spin them in [what to post option] , so that each time massplanner posts a fanpage post to any group, it will post any of those 6-7 fanpage posts randomly each time with each FB account and each FB group ??

    Thanks in advance for your guidance. Best marketing community that I have seen here 🙂

    1. Johnny says:

      Yes, you can do that. Just make sure to set different posting intervals for each account and it should work ok.

  22. Chloe says:

    Hi, I’m new to Mass Planner, watched tutorials and follow them and I already encounter difficulties.
    I bought aged facebook accounts to a reliable supplier been buying there for years.
    Then I imported them on Mass Planner together with proxies on each account.
    Then when I verify them I got more than 10 blocked accounts on facebook.

    Can you please advice me on how to avoid this kind of issue?
    Thank you

    1. Johnny says:

      There will always penalized accounts with automation, it’s just something that will happen, what you need to learn is not to leave footprints so it happens less and less. You might want to take a look at there are a lot of people that might help you with this.

  23. Wicky says:

    I am a Sri Lankan.
    when I m using mass planner, can i log in to my face book account or instagram account simultaneously in the same computer or, in a separate phone?
    Thank you.

    1. Johnny says:

      Some people do this, some don’t, here’s what they each say.

  24. Wicky says:

    Also, when using mass planner, from which country am I logging in to instagram or face book?
    Thank you.

    1. Johnny says:

      Mass Planner is installed on your computer, so your are logging in with the it of your computer and your own country.

      1. Wicky says:

        Thank you Johnny..

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