Mass Planner’s Twitter Poster Features

With Mass Planner is easy to find new people in your niche and connect with them, using powerful tools like: Auto-Follow, Retweet, upload tweets in bulk and more.

Features for your Twitter campaigns

Schedule your tweets for future publishing

Plan ahead your Twitter strategy and then import multiple tweets from a file in one simple step.

Add multiple tweets from file

Plan ahead your Twitter strategy and then import multiple tweets from a file in one simple step.

Twitter Mention Tool

Lets you target your audience by allowing you to extract users from a list and use their Twitter handle in your posts. Create a unique message through spin syntax and use special tokens for personal touch.

Add Signature

Automatically add a signature to all your tweets or to a certain percentage. You can have a call to action in your signature or just your website link for more information.

Add multiple image tweets from your computer

Import your image tweets from your computer and schedule them to be published throughout the day for better results.

Complete history and statistics

See a complete history and more insights about what and when you published, to help you improve your future promotional campaigns.


Automatically find interesting people in your niche on Twitter and follow them to expand your audience.


Unfollow those users that didn’t follow you back to keep your following list to a manageable size.


Automatically follow your Twitter followers to keep in touch with your fans and build long-lasting relationships.

Pull tweets from RSS Feeds

If you have a few places with great tweets material it’s really easy to pull their RSS feed and keep your account active with fresh content.

Auto Retweet Tools

Keep your account active with great tweets from other people, you can either get tweets by keywords or get tweets from a few select users.

Automatic backup

Automatic backup of your campaign details to be protected in case of errors.

Spinning syntax

Spinning syntax is enabled for all the fields to help you avoid dull and repetitive messages.

Automatic Hashtags

Automatically add hashtags to your tweets so you increase your tweets’ reach and visibility.

Proxy Support

You can run each Twitter account on its own unique proxy so you don’t leave an IP footprint. We support HTTP proxies.

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