Secret Social Media Techniques From The MPSocial Community

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Many of you already know that we recently launched a new forum for all the MassPlanner and social media marketing discussions: MP Social.

After just a few weeks the forum became quite active. Many MassPlanners shared their success stories, tutorials, tips and tricks on how to get the results you want from social media … faster :).

We strongly recommend you to drop by the forum to see the inside stories other marketers like you shared (and also share your own side of the story). Meanwhile, let’s see some of the most popular discussion topics on MP Social:

How To Grow Your Instagram Account Fast Using Hashtags

In this forum post, you will learn how to grow your Instagram accounts faster and get more likes for your posts by strategical use of hashtags. The idea is to split the hashtags into 3 categories based on their popularity, and use the most relevant hashtags from each category. This way your posts will get featured in the “Top posts” section for the less popular hashtags at first, but it will also increase the chance to get featured in the “Top posts” section of the most popular hashtags after you get enough engagement.

Follow this strategy and you’ll soon see the results!

Instagram Settings To Keep Your Account Safe

If you need a set of Mass Planner settings for your Instagram accounts, you need to read this thread (comments too!). You’ll learn how to set your accounts to grow on autopilot, without getting into trouble.

Make Easy $50/day or More with Instagram!

If used right, and with the right tools, Instagram can be quite profitable for Internet Marketers. In this post, you’ll see how you can make noteworthy profits with the right social media strategy. Give it a try and let us know how it worked out for you!

Make Money with Instagram + CPA | Full Mass Planner Settings Included

This is another step-by-step method to make money with Instagram and Affiliate Marketing. As you can see it involves some work and patience, but it’s not impossible. If you’re looking for a side project that will also make you some profits, you need to read this detailed post.

What NOT To Do on Instagram

But, before jumping into any Internet Marketing strategy, you need to know one platform’s limitations, what to do, but mostly what NOT to do so you can avoid getting your accounts banned. In this thread, you can see a list of things to avoid doing while marketing your products or business on Instagram.

Targeting Using Hashtag Emoji’s

There are a lot of learning threads on the forum, and this is one of them: how to use hashtag emojis to build your marketing funnel and target your ideal customers with your Instagram posts. Many Instagrammers don’t know this little trick that will definitely give you a competitive advantage.

[Journey] Managing Companies’ Instagram Accounts

On MP Social you’ll also find a lot of journeys posted by fellow MassPlanners, where you can learn along the way.

Now, these are just a few of the most popular threads on the forum. You’ll find more learning resources and even help with your project in the growing MassPlanner community. Remember to ” give & receive “: share your own stories so you can get all the help you need to succeed in your endeavours.


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