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5 Lesser Known Mass Planner Features to Use for Your Facebook Account

On 03.08.2016, by

You might have seen from the changelog that we are constantly adding new features. Some are smaller ones, requested by our users, and unless you’re the one that requested them or don’t follow our updates regularly you might not even know they are there. And most of them are quite nice and would really help …

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How to schedule updates to all your web 2.0 and blog properties via email

On 24.07.2016, by

Many of you might have several blogs and web 2.0 properties that take time to update and for which there usually are no scheduling options. We’ve just released another “platform” in Mass Planner, it’s called email, where you can add an email, then add your post via email addresses, and schedule updates for all your …

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The Best Ways To Use Your Brand To Boost Conversions For Your Business

On 23.07.2016, by

In marketing, your brand name is the face of your company. It holds the reputation of your business and what people perceive when they hear it. In this day and age with so many different brand names available it can be difficult for some companies to really gain a memorable brand name that drives in …

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Five Steps Guide to Determine the Right Hashtags for Twitter

On 15.07.2016, by

Hashtags originated on Twitter, however, their popularity has made them useful across all social media platforms. A hashtag is an easy way for someone to label and search for social media information. This can sometimes mean a trending topic, and sometimes it can be geared towards a specific discount or business campaign. Hashtags can also …

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6 Steps to Setting up a Cross-Functional Social Media Team

On 13.06.2016, by

Regardless of their size and the industry they operate in, businesses must recognize the importance of social media. Social media presence can increase brand awareness and build customer relationships. Companies also use social media to keep an eye on the competition, build website traffic and gain visibility in SERPs. Businesses have long known about the …

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All You Need to Know About Social Media Automation

On 10.06.2016, by

Social media automation means using tools to automate the procedure of posting content to social networks and social bookmarking sites. It helps social media marketers and entrepreneurs who are strapped for time. However, it also has its downsides. You can easily get carried away and stop engaging with your audience. Here are some reasons why …

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Is Facebook Video the Future of Video Marketing?

On 30.05.2016, by

Online video is quickly becoming the most popular content type on the Internet. Compared to text, it is more engaging, direct and more effective. Cisco has predicted in its annual white paper that online video will account for 80% of the total consumer traffic on the Internet. Whether we’re talking about education, advertising or general-purpose …

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Here Is Why You Should Publish More Curated Content On Your Blog

On 12.05.2016, by

Content curation is all the rage these days. It is vital in content marketing because it can help you to attain various goals and complete your overall marketing strategy. But what exactly is curated content? It’s simply correlated content that is amassed from a myriad of sources and presented in an organized manner. When it’s …

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How to Make Content Marketing Work on a Tight Budget

On 03.05.2016, by

Investing in content marketing can give you outstanding returns as a result of improved SEO, increased traffic, more leads, and higher sales. This, in turn, can make your company increasingly competitive and profitable. The strategy definitely works, but unfortunately, it can cost a lot. Small businesses often believe they cannot afford content marketing. Although the …

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Top 7 Pinterest Tools for Social Media Marketers

On 30.04.2016, by

Pinterest is an indispensable social media marketing tool. With an average of 305 million monthly users, your pool of potential clients is massive. How will you effectively communicate your message to your target market? Here are 7 of our top Pinterest tools for social media marketers. #1 Mass Planner Mass Planner is a Pinterest tool …

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