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Focus On These KPIs For Social Media Success

On 18.04.2016, by

Individuals in the fields of marketing and public relations know the power of well-strategized social profiles. It can convert potential buyers into paying customers, serve as a platform for official corporate news, and allow for natural conversation with its consumers. These individuals know that what’s best for their business’s social media isn’t necessarily best for …

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5 Ways to Make the Most of Your Facebook Cover Photo

On 16.04.2016, by

As businesses active in social media, we should always look for and take advantage of ways to get our audience’s attention. Utilizing Facebook Cover Photos to its maximum potential can help you with your goal. Check out five ways to make the most out of it. Facebook Cover Photo Technical Guidelines We need to refresh …

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5 Strategies to Use Snapchat to Market Your Business

On 14.04.2016, by

Snapchat is quickly growing in its engagements and earnings every year. Its user base is increasing rapidly, especially among the youth. Businesses should take advantage of this by integrating effective marketing strategies. We would like to present you a short background of Snapchat’s growth, followed by 5 strategies to use Snapchat to market your business. …

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How to Maximize Your LinkedIn Pulse Benefits

On 12.04.2016, by

LinkedIn Pulse has been around for a while. It has proven its effectivity in enhancing one’s professional profile by sharing of valuable content by the users. It has also developed brands, especially with its connectivity with industry influencers. It has also brought information and more intelligent insights and angles to various industries. Given all these benefits, …

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Top 5 Social Media Marketing Security Tips

On 08.04.2016, by

Your social media metrics have seen exponential growth due to your solid strategies. Several of your targeted hashtags have trended on Twitter; your paid campaigns are succeeding, and you’re meeting your engagement goals. Suddenly one evening as you are closing up shop for the day after chatting up an influencer that just mentioned you in …

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5 Ways to Increase Your Social Following Without Using Ads

On 08.04.2016, by

Did you know that you can increase your social following without using ads? Here are 5 of the best strategies which work around what you have already been doing. Some are suggestions, but we also encourage you to take bolder steps to reach your goal. #1 Make your content better The best way to increase …

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How to Use Pinterest Ads Manager to Grow Your Business

On 07.04.2016, by

Pinterest is a very useful social media platform for users to find or to collect ideas. Users look for inspiring, amusing, and even entertaining pins. This also serves as a venue for them to shop for items and avail services. Entrepreneurs see this as a great business opportunity. Pinterest recognizes this trend, thus the conception …

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Everything You Need to Know About the Coming Instagram Timeline Update

On 05.04.2016, by

There’s a great buzz with the coming Instagram Timeline Update. In the past weeks, we’ve been invited to click those three tiny dots to turn on post notifications. Though there has not been a definite date for its implementation, Instagram News gave us an idea about what it is. Instagram Timeline Update 101 Instagram is …

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5 Strategies To Discover What Your Followers Want

On 01.04.2016, by

Discovering what your followers want is a good way to manage your social media accounts, blog, and website. Communication is the underlying factor in your online engagements, and understanding each other provides you and your followers what they want. Read on the 5 strategies we suggest you to take to understand your follower’s wants: #1 …

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7 Content Marketing Trends To Watch In 2016

On 31.03.2016, by

As a brand, knowing the content marketing trends to watch every year enables you to adjust your marketing and promotion strategies to achieve maximum exposure and engagement from your target market. You are more aware of what is to come so you can cope with how your market responds to your hard work in coming up …

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