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Is Facebook Video the Future of Video Marketing?

On 30.05.2016, by

Online video is quickly becoming the most popular content type on the Internet. Compared to text, it is more engaging, direct and more effective. Cisco has predicted in its annual white paper that online video will account for 80% of the total consumer traffic on the Internet. Whether we’re talking about education, advertising or general-purpose …

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Here Is Why You Should Publish More Curated Content On Your Blog

On 12.05.2016, by

Content curation is all the rage these days. It is vital in content marketing because it can help you to attain various goals and complete your overall marketing strategy. But what exactly is curated content? It’s simply correlated content that is amassed from a myriad of sources and presented in an organized manner. When it’s …

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How to Make Content Marketing Work on a Tight Budget

On 03.05.2016, by

Investing in content marketing can give you outstanding returns as a result of improved SEO, increased traffic, more leads, and higher sales. This, in turn, can make your company increasingly competitive and profitable. The strategy definitely works, but unfortunately, it can cost a lot. Small businesses often believe they cannot afford content marketing. Although the …

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Top 7 Pinterest Tools for Social Media Marketers

On 30.04.2016, by

Pinterest is an indispensable social media marketing tool. With an average of 305 million monthly users, your pool of potential clients is massive. How will you effectively communicate your message to your target market? Here are 7 of our top Pinterest tools for social media marketers. #1 Mass Planner Mass Planner is a Pinterest tool …

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5 Tips that Will Double, Even Triple Your Twitter Conversions

On 28.04.2016, by

What once was just a platform for connecting with family and friends has turned into an effective tool for your brand. More than 320 million users are active worldwide, thus making this a powerful online marketing tool. A research conducted by Edelman also revealed that 67% of marketing professionals rated this as the most effective …

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Demystifying the News Feed Algorithm for Facebook and Twitter

On 26.04.2016, by

Every social media marketer needs to learn and understand the News Feed algorithm for both Facebook and Twitter to be able to shine on social media. These changes will affect your engagements among your friends, fans, and followers. Knowing how these algorithms work will give you a competitive advantage and will help you drastically improve …

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5 Ways To Reach Millennials With Snapchat

On 23.04.2016, by

Can you reach millennials with Snapchat? The millennials are also called Generation Y or Generation Me. Though there’s no specific number of years for this generation, the popular notion is they comprise of young people born between 1982-2002. In order to know if it is feasible to reach millennials with Snapchat, it is helpful to …

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Everything You Need To Know About The F8 Facebook Event

On 22.04.2016, by

You might have heard about the F8 Facebook Event that happened several days ago. You might know what that is all about. Or you might be like the majority who has no inkling what an F8 Facebook event is. The F8 Facebook Event is actually an annual conference for business people and developers who have …

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7 Copywriting Hacks Based on Psychology

On 19.04.2016, by

  Copywriting may seem burdensome, but in knowing a few hacks will help you with this endeavor. Improving the impact of your content marketing requires one to be creative in their writing. One approach you can consider is taking a psychological perspective on the matter. We present 7 copywriting hacks based on behavioral psychology which …

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Focus On These KPIs For Social Media Success

On 18.04.2016, by

Individuals in the fields of marketing and public relations know the power of well-strategized social profiles. It can convert potential buyers into paying customers, serve as a platform for official corporate news, and allow for natural conversation with its consumers. These individuals know that what’s best for their business’s social media isn’t necessarily best for …

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