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Social Media Reviews and Other Tips for Improving Local SEO

On 28.10.2016, by

When you run a small business, you’re not competing for the top Google search results of all time. You want search results that attract local customers. That means a different SEO strategy from one meant to attract people from all over the world. Making yourself the first or second result in your area isn’t easy, …

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6 Annoying Social Media Mistakes That Can Damage Your Business

On 24.10.2016, by

Social media gives businesses effective marketing opportunities. Although practically everyone who operates a business has accounts on popular social media sites, those accounts often fail to achieve any positive results. Unfortunately, that’s because businesses often make annoying mistakes that damage their reputation.  They might intend to spread news of their brand to millions of social …

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Best Practices To Increase Follower Engagement On Facebook For Better Conversions

On 11.10.2016, by

Facebook is a powerful social media platform that is home to millions of users worldwide. When using Facebook for your business, the general goal is to increase your followers and make them engage and interact with your business to boost your website traffic and conversion rate. However, like many other businesses have found out, it …

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How Facebook Reactions Can be Used to Create Content that Appeals to the Emotions

On 07.10.2016, by

Social media marketing is becoming more complex especially for marketers. Facebook is a great case in point. Not content with retooling their news feed algorithm to penalize clickbait and introducing live streaming tool, the social media giant has also provided users with a whole new set of responses to Facebook postings.   Known as “Facebook …

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4 Mass Planner Features to Use With Your Instagram Accounts

On 03.10.2016, by

This week I’ve prepared for you 4 Mass Planner features that will help you grow your Instagram account easier and faster. Some are newer, some have been there for some time, but I bet most of you are not using them to your advantage. Here’s what I’m talking about: Automatically change your bio link with …

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Things You Need to Know About Social Media Security

On 26.09.2016, by

Despite what you read on the Internet, social media doesn’t pose a massive risk to the security of your business. The most common reason there are problems is because of social media mismanagement. Use this article as a starting point for your business’s social media policy, and make a point of staying up to date …

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6 Tactics for Getting More Traffic for Your Blog

On 22.09.2016, by

To increase your blog traffic, you don’t have to spend extra money on advertising or help from professional marketers. Understanding who your audience is and how to reach your audience members, as well as how to engage them, is the first step in getting more blog traffic. Experiment with some of the most successful tactics …

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Using Psychological Triggers When Writing Social Media Messages

On 18.09.2016, by

You don’t need to read another article about how social media can make your business go viral, or how images convert more than text-only posts (though, they do). What you actually need is a guide that explains how to craft your message, in any niche, so that your content triggers viewers to act. Here is …

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Top Instagram Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

On 29.08.2016, by

Instagram appeared in 2010 and very soon this small application developed into a huge social network. In 2012 Facebook owned Instagram and in 2014 this app gained popularity among more than 300 million people. As for the marketing purposes, Instagram proved to be the tool that helps brands, celebrities, social media figures, and small companies …

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5 Mass Planner Features I Bet You Didn’t Know About

On 26.08.2016, by

We’re moving along just nicely, this is our 4th part of the weekly “5 new Mass Planner features and how to use them” and I am sure in no time you will be expert at using our software and it will save you more and more time. Since we already have 3 other articles about …

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