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How to automatically accept group members with Mass Planner

On 27.07.2014, by

Many of our users have their own Groups on Facebook that they manage and also other groups allow members the possibility of accepting new members into the groups so we though why do this manually? Except for Hidden groups that are targeted on a specific thing everybody wants as many members in his/her group, so …

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Did your groups dissapear and you can’t find them in your destination lists anymore?

On 24.07.2014, by

Don’t worry, they were not unjoined and Mass Planner is not malfunctioning, there was a recent Facebook update a few days ago and the page where we took all the groups where you were a member in didn’t show them anymore, so Mass Planner had no groups to get from an empty page. The way …

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New Facebook feature – Clickable Image Post

On 23.07.2014, by

NOTE : These are the instructions for the old Mass Planner, for the updated instructions check out this article. The ones of you that are doing serious Facebook Marketing will be absolutely thrilled about what we have for you today. We have just implemented the Clickable Image Post, this will allow you to create posts …

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New Feature – Auto Retweet by keyword or Target in Mass Planner Twitter platform

On 21.07.2014, by

Some of you that are using the Twitter platform were asking for this so here it goes – you can now auto retweet other people’s tweets by finding them after certain keywords or just entering a few people that you want to always retweet from. It’s really easy to use and it will keep you …

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Mass Planner news, updates and new features

On 17.07.2014, by

We’ve just send our first newsletter to everybody that had anything to do with Mass Planner since we started, we’ll like to keep everybody in the loop with what we’ve been doing and what we plan to do in the future so do let us know your thoughts on this. Here’s the first email: “ …

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Mass Planner extension for Chrome

On 15.07.2014, by

We have some great news for everybody today. We’ve created a Mass Planner extension for Chrome. At this point it has a few basic features, but depending on how useful it is and on how many people use it we can make it do a lot more stuff so it helps you add content to …

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Things to know when running Mass Planner on a VPS

On 14.07.2014, by

Some of our users have been using Mass Planner on a VPS which is a great idea in order to free up your computer and also keep it running 24/7 so you promote your business on auto-pilot all the time. The thing is that on a VPS the windows used it Windows 2008 and sometimes …

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5 tested methods to promote your business with Facebook

On 11.07.2014, by

The competitive landscape is fierce nowadays, for any niches out there. You might be the one providing the best services, with a really competitive advantage. But if you don’t know how to drive targeted and high quality traffic to your business pages, your chances to succeed are pretty low. Having a marketing, a SEO and …

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How to create and use a Scheduled Campaign in Mass Planner

On 11.07.2014, by

We’ve introduced a new type of campaigns recently, it’s called a Scheduled Campaign, with it you can schedule posts at exact times in the future. You can now schedule  post for future events well before they start or you can schedule posts to be posted on certain days of the week at certain times. Here …

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How to automatically turn off group notification from Facebook

On 10.07.2014, by

Turning off group notifications from Facebook is quite simple, all you need to do is go to the group and click on the notification button, from there select “off” as you can see here: Quite basic right? Well how do you do that if you are a member of a few hundred groups, or maybe …

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