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5 Tips to Improve your Social Media with Web Design

On 02.12.2016, by

With today’s website design trends, no website is complete without social sharing buttons. Sure, your fans could post your link to Facebook or Twitter manually, but what’s easier than sharing at the press of a button? Social media marketing begins with your web design. When visitors come to your page, can they share your content …

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9 Social Media Marketing Mistakes You Need to Stop Making

On 24.11.2016, by

It’s literally impossible to market effectively without a heavy social media presence these days, and for some businesses, social media can be enough of a platform to fulfill all marketing goals. No matter what you’re looking to market, you absolutely can’t afford to make social media marketing mistakes in an increasingly connected world, so follow …

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Top Instagram Tools for Your Business

On 21.11.2016, by

It’s understandable that Instagram is usually associated with entertainment, fun and the inevitable pics of food, but many companies have discovered and used its great potential for business purposes. And their number is rising rapidly. Whether its main role is to inform the existing customers about your new products and services or to attract new …

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The Small Business Owner’s Guide To Social Media

On 17.11.2016, by

Social media has become one of the primary drivers for big business, but did you know that it can work wonders for small business owners too? Making social media work for you takes a bit of effort. Like any medium, ideally you’ll be using it to build leads that you can then convert to sales, …

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The Best 10 How-to Tips on Using Twitter to Promote Your Business

On 04.11.2016, by

Every business, online or offline needs certain marketing strategies in order to reach its target audience. The marketing campaign is extremely relevant to the overall success of the business, as it could be considered the engine that makes the whole business process possible. Twitter is one of the giant social media networks that are dominating …

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Social Media Reviews and Other Tips for Improving Local SEO

On 28.10.2016, by

When you run a small business, you’re not competing for the top Google search results of all time. You want search results that attract local customers. That means a different SEO strategy from one meant to attract people from all over the world. Making yourself the first or second result in your area isn’t easy, …

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6 Annoying Social Media Mistakes That Can Damage Your Business

On 24.10.2016, by

Social media gives businesses effective marketing opportunities. Although practically everyone who operates a business has accounts on popular social media sites, those accounts often fail to achieve any positive results. Unfortunately, that’s because businesses often make annoying mistakes that damage their reputation.  They might intend to spread news of their brand to millions of social …

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Best Practices To Increase Follower Engagement On Facebook For Better Conversions

On 11.10.2016, by

Facebook is a powerful social media platform that is home to millions of users worldwide. When using Facebook for your business, the general goal is to increase your followers and make them engage and interact with your business to boost your website traffic and conversion rate. However, like many other businesses have found out, it …

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How Facebook Reactions Can be Used to Create Content that Appeals to the Emotions

On 07.10.2016, by

Social media marketing is becoming more complex especially for marketers. Facebook is a great case in point. Not content with retooling their news feed algorithm to penalize clickbait and introducing live streaming tool, the social media giant has also provided users with a whole new set of responses to Facebook postings.   Known as “Facebook …

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4 Mass Planner Features to Use With Your Instagram Accounts

On 03.10.2016, by

This week I’ve prepared for you 4 Mass Planner features that will help you grow your Instagram account easier and faster. Some are newer, some have been there for some time, but I bet most of you are not using them to your advantage. Here’s what I’m talking about: Automatically change your bio link with …

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