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Core Elements of Marketing With Facebook Ads

On 26.06.2015, by

Deliver the right message to the right people at the right time. Click To Tweet For a successful ad campaign, you need to design the right message, to find the right people for your business and to plan your ads to be displayed at perfect times to generate the best conversions. So you want to …

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The Beginner’s Guide To Facebook Ads

On 22.06.2015, by

After all the changes in Facebook’s algorithm and the decrease in the organic reach of your posts, you probably started thinking about using Facebook Ads to boost your engagement rates. However, many business owners are disappointed with the results they get and sooner or later they give up. That’s because they expect that once they …

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Inside The News Feeds Algorithm: How To Get Into The News Feeds More Often

On 19.06.2015, by

The Facebook news feed algorithm, also known as Edgerank, was implemented in 2010 with the sole purpose to choose what Facebook users will see in their News Feed. So if you had the feeling that not all your followers see your Page’s updates, that’s exactly what happens. The Edgerank algorithm decides which of your followers …

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11 Proven Tactics To Grow Your Facebook Page Fanbase

On 16.06.2015, by

Growing your fan base is not just about the numbers. You can get the numbers without any effort these days: page likes, posts likes or comments, shares. You can get anything really. But that’s not the point of having a Facebook presence. It’s all about the community. You don’t want just fans, you want engaged …

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The Complete Guide On Getting Started With Facebook Marketing

On 13.06.2015, by

Every month 1.39 billion people log into Facebook. To give you some perspective, China has a population of 1.36 billion people and 1 billion was the entire Earth’s population in 1804. 64% of Facebook’s monthly active users return every single day Click To Tweet Whether you have a small business or a Fortune 500 company, …

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The Importance Of Facebook Videos And How To Use Them For Your Business

On 09.06.2015, by

Videos are more accessible than ever to create or view. These days, to make a video is as difficult as the click of a play button on a smartphone. And according to Cisco Systems, this trend will not slow down anytime soon. In fact, by 2018, the video traffic will represent 80-90% of the global …

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The Complete Guide On How To Build A Massive Following On Instagram

On 05.06.2015, by

Most of you are already familiar with Instagram in one way or another. This photography and, out of late, video centered social platform made a boom in 2010 and has been burgeoning ever since. In 2012, Facebook acquired Instagram for a whopping US$1 billion in cash and stock. That is one billion US dollars for …

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How To Easily Schedule Your Posts on Facebook

On 02.06.2015, by

Managing all of your Social Media Profiles is a worthwhile task and it can help your business grow by connecting to users directly, users that you wouldn’t otherwise reach. In order to keep that connection with them, you have to publish on your social profiles at least a post every day so your fans and customers …

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6 Simple Ways To Be Honest And Make It Big In Marketing

On 23.05.2015, by

If someone had told you that you could win hundreds or thousands of potential customers by putting an emphasis on what you lack in service or offerings, what would you have thought of them? Most of you are already very familiar with some of the basics of marketing. I personally like to think that we …

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News and Updates from Mass Planner – 22/5/2015 Newsletter

On 22.05.2015, by

Here’s our latest newsletter – in case you missed it in your email there’s something nice for everybody in here: It’s been a little while since our last newsletter so we have a lot to share with you in this one. First of all we wanted to let you know that we finally picked a …

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