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5 Best Kept Secrets for Successful Social Media Marketing

On 01.03.2017, by

Social media has now evolved into one of the most important marketing platforms in contemporary business. Most of the social networks started as avenues to connect family and friends but today even the largest global brands are scrambling to get a piece of the big market. With over 2.3 billion users on social media according …

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How To Write Posts That Go Viral On Social Media

On 24.02.2017, by

Copywriting is an art, and that’s certainly true of writing for social media. As it’s seemingly so difficult, how is it that so many posts end up going viral on social media? The secret is that it isn’t actually that hard. If you make some tweaks to how you write your posts, you’ll convince your …

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How To Make Your Business Successful With Social Media

On 22.02.2017, by

Social media is an essential tool for any business in the modern world. However, as with any tool, it must be used in the correct manner if it is to work well. You have to get to know your audience and what they are looking for. Here are some effective ways to promote your business …

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How to Get More Subscribers on Instagram

On 19.02.2017, by

Let’s face it: Instagram is useless unless you have at least a few dozen subscribers. However, just after registering, you won’t have a lot of followers. And that’s why this article is just for you! In it, we’ll share some tips on how to attract people to your account on Instagram. Of course, the network …

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Things To Consider When Scaling Up Social Media

On 16.02.2017, by

Scaling a social media marketing operation can be a daunting task. There are no right answers. There is no clear path on how to grow your operation. However, many marketers have achieved social media excellence and reached their goals by scaling their social media marketing. In this article, we are going to consider why you …

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Online Reputation Repair Tips for Travel Businesses

On 10.02.2017, by

If you run a travel business, you understand all too well just how crucial it is that your business maintains a glowing online reputation. Even the smallest blot on your reputation can instantly lead to less business, and damaged reputations take time and effort to repair. Thanks to advancements in technology, the reputation of travel …

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Why LinkedIn Is the Best Social Media for Personal Branding

On 06.02.2017, by

Everyone’s on Facebook. When you want to develop a personal brand, that’s where you should be. Plus, Twitter and Instagram. In addition to being active on these social media networks, you also engage in blogging and other activities that help you build authority. Is there something you’re missing? LinkedIn! If you’re already too busy developing …

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Mass Planner, One of The Best Marketing Blogs of 2017

On 03.02.2017, by

We are happy to announce that we made the list of the best marketing blogs of 2017 on FitSmallBusiness.com! The guys at FitSmallBusiness.com did a great job in finding some of the most important voices in the business, blogs that will not only help you create a basic understanding of the marketing field but also …

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9 Tips For Running A Successful Business Blog

On 31.01.2017, by

Of the millions of blogs out there, a huge proportion is a hobby. People are writing because they love it because they’re passionate and have a story to tell and enjoy sharing that experience. For many, however, a blog is a facet of their business, or in some cases a full-time job. There are huge …

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Why Facebook Groups are the Secret Ingredient

On 25.01.2017, by

Facebook groups. Do you use them for business marketing purposes? You should. Here’s why and exactly how to tap into largely unknown nuggets of golden value that await. Uncovering Likemindness Exactly how do you find the right groups for you? Conduct a search on FB with the following parameters: [niche]+group The result will be an …

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