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The Importance Of Instagram Videos And How To Use Them For Your Business

On 04.02.2016, by

Are you wondering how to set up Instagram videos and how you can make your business more visible? Are you wondering how to make images and videos work for your business? Then let me tell you the importance of Instagram videos and how to use them for your business. Instagram is not only for those …

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Save Hours By Scheduling Your Instagram Content With Mass Planner

On 03.02.2016, by

Instagram is still in a rapid growth phase, with 68% of users that engage regularly with brands – which is 58 times more engagement per follower than Facebook. But even with these impressive numbers, only 36% of marketers are using Instagram to its full potential. One reason could be the lack of tools that can …

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5 Most Engaging Types of Pinterest Posts

On 02.02.2016, by

With an estimated 3 billion monthly active users making pins, Pinterest has become one of the most popular social media tools to date. Pinner Jane Wang has the most number of followers at 7.9 million, with 40,000 pins, of which are mostly repined to various Pinterest boards. How does one gain so many followers? Here …

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How To Use Circles To Get More Traffic From Google+

On 30.01.2016, by

Statistical knowledge of the software is powerful information on how to use circles to get more traffic from Google+. Data compiled by Edward Morbius in 2015 show that there are 2.2 billion Google+ profiles with only 9% of which have any publicly-posted content. 37% of the said percentage have commented on YouTube as their most …

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5 Tools To Help You Create Infographics For Your Social Media Marketing

On 28.01.2016, by

Tools to help you create infographics for your social media marketing are essential to private individuals, to private and public enterprises, and to multinational companies. Numerous options for the customization of presentation are available online, most of which were created by professional graphic designers. Flexible packages for access to the options available for infographic usage …

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The Best Ways To Use Periscope For Your Business

On 26.01.2016, by

Do you have a business and are wondering how to incorporate Periscope into your marketing? Do you want to reach a certain target audience but don’t know how to effectively do so? Fret no more because this article will show you just that, the best ways to use Periscope for your business. Listen To This …

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5 Most Engaging Types of Twitter Posts

On 25.01.2016, by

Twitter posts are undeniably a popular source of information in this day and age. It can spark influence and impact to followers, with content interesting and/or relevant to the one who comes across it. Though it does create a buzz to certain demographics, does it automatically equate to a higher user engagement? As a social …

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10 Reasons Why People Unfollow Your Twitter Account

On 24.01.2016, by

Have you noticed the number of your Twitter followers decreasing at such a steady rate and you just don’t know what makes people unfollow your account? Are you thinking of changing your tweeting style to get those followers back up maybe slowly but surely? If you’re one of those tweeps who are bothered with the …

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10 Ways to Improve Your Pinterest Boards and Grow your Following

On 22.01.2016, by

  Are you looking to improve your Pinterest boards and grow your following? Are you looking for people with the same interest but may have different ideas? Pinterest has become more than just social media which is why I would want to talk to you now about how to improve your Pinterest boards and grow …

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5 Strategies To Grow Your Pinterest Following

On 20.01.2016, by

  With so many users starting to grace the social platform that is Pinterest, the constant question that nags at everyone is how to grow your Pinterest following. If you weren’t aware of this already, Pinterest is the leading visual social platform if you are talking about numbers. There are multiple sources that say this …

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