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Here’s Why Social Media Makes Sense for Manufacturing Companies

On 24.04.2017, by

Manufacturing companies have discovered that social media can give them a competitive edge. As firms accelerate the adoption of social strategies, they have enjoyed remarkable results. Increased communication capabilities can, by themselves, result in high levels of customer satisfaction and thereby promote loyalty. Similarities exist between consumers and business customers, so many of the principles …

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The Benefits of Having a Twitter Business Account

On 07.04.2017, by

Twitter is best known as a social media network. The first things that come to mind are checking out what’s currently going on in the world, reading clever comments and watching interesting images. These are the most frequent reasons why people browse this social network and often refresh their feed. But is this all Twitter …

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6 Sure-Fire Ways to Repurpose Blog Content for Social Media

On 04.04.2017, by

If you are managing multiple blogs across a plethora of social media platforms, repurposing content can be a lifesaving option. Not only does it save you a decent amount of time and effort, but it can also breathe a new life into a dull content as well as introduce some more interesting angles of the …

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10 Ingredients to a Successful Social Media Campaign

On 31.03.2017, by

Social media marketing campaigns can lull you into thinking that as a marketing vehicle, it is a quick fix. You read stories of companies whose businesses have been propelled into the stratosphere with a Facebook marketing campaign or an Instagram promotion. What you assume is that all it takes is a few posts here and …

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7 Ingredients You Need For an Amazing LinkedIn Summary

On 27.03.2017, by

In virtually every field, the job market has become more competitive. Having the right connections matters more now than ever. Since LinkedIn has emerged as the premier place to network with other professionals, you’ll want to begin by creating an impressive, professional summary there. Your summary should be easy to read. It should clearly describe …

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How Visual Content Dominates Social Media And How to Leverage This For Your Brand

On 16.03.2017, by

As a marketing professional, it’s part of our blood to notice trends and embrace them with open hands. 2016 saw visual communication platforms blossom and the recent mammoth IPO of Snap Inc. bears testament to the growing significance of visual communication. Whether you’re in B2C, B2B or personal marketing, visual communication is quickly becoming a …

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How To Get More Meaningful Comments On Your Blog?

On 14.03.2017, by

Many bloggers assume that they need tons of traffic or they need to become an influencer to get more comments on their blog. To an extent, this belief may be true as influencers usually have a large following on social media and their blogs tend to get viral quickly and fetch higher engagement. However, new …

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7 Most Common Social Media Marketing Mistakes Startups Should Avoid

On 07.03.2017, by

Whether you are thinking of starting a social media marketing business or seeking to sell any other types of products or services, here are seven social media mistakes to avoid. If you follow our advice, it could improve your chances of success. Welcome to the social media marketing world 2017! #1 Going All-In With the …

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5 Twitter Hashtag Strategies to Take Your Marketing Campaign to the Next Level

On 06.03.2017, by

“Twitter hashtag” is one of the most powerful tools to promote any idea. However, it is no longer associated only with Twitter as many other social media platforms now have trending hashtag features too. Today, hashtags are even used in actual billboards and commercials. The usage of hashtags nowadays is a norm but some companies …

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4 Ways to Use Instagram for Business Promotion You Need To Know

On 03.03.2017, by

Instagram offers a lot more than a chance to share your party photos/selfies with the world. Since its launch in 2010, the visual social network has gotten over 500 million active monthly users who like 4.2 billion posts per day. This is a huge audience that your business can rely on to grow and develop …

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