The Best 10 How-to Tips on Using Twitter to Promote Your Business

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Every business, online or offline needs certain marketing strategies in order to reach its target audience. The marketing campaign is extremely relevant to the overall success of the business, as it could be considered the engine that makes the whole business process possible.

Twitter is one of the giant social media networks that are dominating the marketplace right now. The statistics are also impressive. According to a 2016 Twitter report, around 310 million users are logging in each month. That’s a lot of people, and many of them are waiting for you to create the proper approach strategies.

With Twitter you can definitely improve your brand awareness, which is basically your business reputation and popularity. As you probably realize, brand awareness and social media attention is extremely beneficial for your business. It allows you to extend your limits and bring your business up to a new level.

If you haven’t heard of the big domain registrar service called Namecheap. What’s impressive about this specific company is the fact that they’ve managed to gather over 100.000 followers by using an engaging Twitter marketing strategy.

What they do is organize giveaway contests, trivia contests, and they mix the business with fun. It’s a pleasure to read their tweets and definitely cool to win free prizes for just participating in a discussion. They use some of the tips which you’ll learn later during this article.

Important Twitter Promotion Benefits

Twitter is great because it comes with a lot of benefits. There is a huge potential for your business, as the users and Twitter promotion tools are going to offer you an enjoyable and productive marketing experience. The moment you start promoting your business through Twitter, the moment you’ll begin to notice instant effects.

Let’s take a look at few of the most important benefits which Twitter can provide any business with:

  • Awesome Communication

By tweeting instant messages you can properly communicate with your target audience. You can reach your followers by tweeting, and they can do the same with you. They can participate in discussions and stay updated with your latest business news.

  • Brand Awareness

promote your own brand
As previously mentioned, brand awareness is one of the factors that will improve your business stability and revenues. You are building an image of your company by providing value to your followers. If they have something to learn from you, they will stick around and be satisfied with your services.

  • Instant Sales

Twitter is not just about communication, retweeting, and networking. It’s also a place to promote your website. From there, you can sell affiliate products, your own products, or sell and promote services. You can also choose to directly promote them using your Twitter profile page.

  • Valuable Feedback

Sometimes all your business needs is to be told that something’s wrong. That is the only way to replace and optimize aspects of your business. With Twitter, you can easily ask your followers to help you with some serious feedback.

Have them say what they enjoy, what they don’t, and what they would like you to change. This is an essential process of any professional business.

  • Discover New Trends

Even if you are not using your profile for business purposes, you can still take advantage of Twitter’s search and follow tweets feature. Discover new trends and go for what people talk about at the moment. If you are a business owner, you should find this feature extremely useful for generating new business and promotion ideas.

Enough with the details; let’s get straight into what should be done in order to assure a successful performance of your marketing process. Next, we’ll talk about the top ten tips which will help you create better results while using Twitter as a promotion strategy for your business.

#1. Build a Professional Twitter Profile

effectively advertising on twitter
You need to take special care of your company’s presentation. Your Twitter profile is the most important place in which you can present your company’s information and services.

Start by adding your company’s physical location (if you have one). Then include your business website address. Lastly, you have a 160 words description which should be your company’s bio. Do everything you can to give as much information as you can.

Your Twitter’s profile helps at building the story and the branding of your company. If it’s going to be a long-term journey, you’ll sure benefit a lot from having a clear and professional Twitter profile.

#2. Interact With Influencers

There are hundreds of influencers that hold great marketing “powers”. These individuals are social media users who already have a strong reputation. They usually focus on one niche and gain a lot of followers and interested potential customers.

You can start approaching them and asking them to promote your business through their Twitter profile. Start building a list of potential influencers, and start engaging with them on a daily basis. This will create an amazing traffic performance, as their posts may be seen by thousands of people.

In most of the cases, you will have to pay for this service. The price depends on the popularity of the influencer. If you try to get Cristiano Ronaldo to promote your football shoes company, you may have to pay a few millions in order for him to do it.

#3. Tweet Regularly

You need to treat your Twitter marketing campaign as seriously as you treat your business. By creating a social media presence, you are committing to be extremely active and provide a lot of value to your audience.

People are following you because they want to learn new things, entertain themselves, or solve issues. If you can provide enough relevant and useful information, you can expect to gain their trust. When the trust is built, you can easily progress to more serious actions such as selling or promoting your (and others) products and services.

Tweeting regularly will create a professional image of your brand, and your potential prospects will perceive your business as something serious and worth following.

#4. Don’t Be Afraid to Retweet

twitter retweet
Your social media profile is supposed to provide value. That we have already established. In most of the cases, your resources will be limited. You might be able to create or outsource only a certain amount of content. In that case, you have to approach new methods for delivering the promised value.

The retweeting option is just like the sharing option on Facebook. You are taking someone else’s content and sharing it on your Twitter profile. You can share everything you want; from tweets that have already been published to content from all around the web. Articles, videos, images, and so on.

Don’t be afraid to retweet, and instead be afraid of not giving enough helpful content. Focus your attention on keeping a constant quality of your content.

#5. Offer Exclusive Discounts for Your Twitter Followers

When people see the word “exclusive”, they are automatically tempted to take advantage of the information or services that are being offered. It makes them feel special and they’re most of the times do more efforts in order to get what they want.

Offering discounts to people who are loyal to your business and have already followed your Twitter profile is an awesome strategy for increasing the impact of your promotion. Create a special page on your website, post on Facebook or other social media channels, or send your audience an e-mail with information regarding your exclusive promotion.

You can either offer discounts, promise free spots to certain events, or offer free e-books or special articles. Anything that’s relevant to your audience could be used as an incentive. They will have to do some actions in order to be eligible for your offerings.

#6. Get Visual

In order to stimulate your followers and future followers, start posting tweets that also include visual aspects. If you post an update, look for a relevant picture and post it together with your message.

Videos are also another strong method of generating a lot of interest. They say that one picture can speak a thousand words. Now imagine what one video can do. People nowadays frequently prefer to sit and watch something instead of reading it.

The content you provide on your Twitter profile page can take many forms. Make sure that you give your postings a small variety, so you can keep your followers engaged and interested.

#7. Pay For Promoted Tweets

Like with any social media network, Tweeter is offering advertising options and features. Promoted tweets are one of those paid advertising options which allow you to feature your tweets and boost their visibility. The moment your tweets reach a wider audience, the moment your business stats will jump to different levels.

If you are totally into your business, you’ll most definitely need to invest a part of your budget for direct promotions such as these. With Twitter, you can take advantage of many awesome options and possibilities of promotion. You will be able to reach persons according to their interests, age, gender, and so on.

#8. Use Twitter Analytics

If you didn’t know by now, Twitter has an analytics feature. This will allow you to track and analyze your marketing efforts. It will also give you insights concerning what aspects of your promotion you must change, and what aspects you must keep.

By analyzing your advertising campaigns and profile signals, you’ll save a lot of time and money. Besides that, you can also optimize your promotion strategy according to what’s working at the moment.

Any business needs analytics in order to stay on track. If you can take advantage of this feature, why wouldn’t you? After all, you are only learning more things about your target audience’s behavior and your marketing campaign’s performance.

#9. Be Super Responsive With The Use of Mobile

mobile marketing explained
This is more like a personal tip, but it can truly make the difference. You see, Twitter is a very fast paced sharing network. A lot of connections happen instantly, and you must be present in order to seize the opportunity. As mobiles are an essential part of today’s society, you should use them in order to stay connected to your social media profile.

By downloading the Twitter application on any of your smart devices, you will be constantly noticed of the updates and events that are happening on your profile feed. Sometimes these notifications can really give you a fast chance of establishing something or making a fast sale.

Be present, be responsive, and you will see that everything will work smoother. Do not neglect the power of instant responses. Many individuals will see you as a professional due to your fast responses.

#10. Test, Optimize, and Scale

Each and every marketing campaign, be it Twitter, Facebook, or Snapchat, cannot hold if there’s not a lot of testing and optimizing involved. In order to maintain a positive ROI (return on investment), you must constantly test and find new advertising and promotion angles.

There are quite a lot of tools that will help you keep track of everything. These tools will also suggest modifications for your individual marketing campaigns. Of course, it is up to you or to the person who’s dealing with the Twitter promotion to find creative ways of improving the overall campaign.

After you take care of the testing part, you will be able to notice the aspects that have to change. Begin optimizing your campaign and test again. If you get better results, then it means that you should scale your efforts using the same strategy. As long as a marketing strategy gives you satisfying results, you should keep pushing it as much as you can.

Wrapping it Up

Twitter is a powerful tool that can be easily used for promoting any type of business. You just have to understand and apply certain tricks and promotion strategies. If you can master that, you can definitely improve your business level by connecting with thousands of potential clients and customers.

About the Author

Jessica Freeman is a professional journalist and a freelance content writer at the company Australian Writings. She focuses her content writing on education, social media, and marketing topics. You can follow her on Facebook and Google+.


  1. Amar kumar says:

    Hey Jessica,

    Twitter is considered incredible weapon for blogging, it helps our blog to get popularity. Twitter is best platform in social media where we can share our videos as well as content to maximize our traffic and productivity level. Twitter has the potential to drive traffic to our blog, get more eye-balls on our content, promote our products/services and increase our influence on the social web.

    If we’re managing the Twitter account for a brand where various people have access to the Twitter account, it’s good practice to tag individual tweets so people know who they are talking to. Sharing other people’s content and tagging them is a sure-fire way to get on their radar. This is an important step in cultivating mutually beneficial relationships. Eventually, you have explore great facts which are really looking beneficial to increase productivity and traffic to website.

    With best wishes,

    Amar kumar

    1. Jessica Freeman says:

      Hey Amar,

      Thank you for more great tips.

      You have good point there. Tagging people into tweets is one more useful way of promoting your business or services.

      All in all, Twitter is a powerful tool in many spheres: business, entertainment, or just for communication that’s for sure.

      All the best,
      Jessica Freeman

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