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Vanessa marketer

“I’ve wasted so much money signing up for other posting services. Some worked fairly well, but didn’t have all of the features I needed for a reasonable price. Others just didn’t work and the customer service was HORRIBLE or just didn’t exist.

The staff at Mass Planner has been VERY responsive. I’m not very tech savvy so I’ve had a lot of basic questions and I appreciate how patient you all have been. You respond same day and in most cases within minutes of me sending in a request. Customer service has been top notch!

After I logged into my account I discovered all kinds of features I didn’t know were included for such a reasonable price. I’m excited to dive in and expand my marketing using this platform.”

Inception_ac Social Media Marketing Specialist

“I have been using Massplanner since it was in its Beta stages, After upgrading to Massplanner 2 everything is so simple, it is literally the perfect program for all Internet Marketers. I would highly recommend it to anyone. The Group Search and Join function is flawless and the full control over posting to groups makes this program far superior to any on the market today!”

Raul Quintero Marketer

“If you are a community manager, you MUST use Mass Planner. It’s the best program I’ve ever used for managing all your social accounts.
My company specializes in managing Instagram accounts, and helping our clients gain followers. After using this program, I’ve been able to expand my number of clients and give them even better results.
Using MP you can easily gain up to 8k followers per month, something that’s impossible doing on your own! And better yet, you can manage unlimited accounts!
I have nothing but good words and excellent experience from using this software, besides, the guys from tech support are very nice!

Thanks MassPlanner

Edgematch bhw member

“My review will not be about how good software is etc. Because I really do not know much about it. I just used twitter module for 2-3 days and It worked perfectly. It did its job in a very effective way. It took my 1 min to start to use the software.

I will write about something else here: These guys are awesome. I still cannot believe their positive attitude. There came an issue while buying the software, it was resolved quickly and in return although they did not need to, they offered a free module. They were kind and helpful. Whenever I asked something, I got my answer quickly

In return, today bought 3 copies of massplanner. One for myself and 2 for my friends after seeing how they treat to their customers. During the first days my online adventure, I was after cheap deals. By time, you start to realize that support is more important than the price. Thanks to the team of massplanner. ”


“It was soooo easy to set up, I thought it would take some time to get used to it, but to my surprise in 4 minutes I was ready to go. So I jumped right into searching more stuff to post. Mass Planner is a great time saver, thanks guys !”

Andy Green Blog Owner and enthusiast

“I’ve used it for a few weeks, then there was an interruption in the service for a few days as it was still in beta testing, I was checking every hour to see if it’s back on, couldn’t believe I could manage without it before.”

Mike Leroy SM Consultant, Terong Pace, INC

“Mass Planner helped me save hours and hours each day, it’s like having a personal assistant 24h/day & 7 days/week on call. It doesn’t complain and does exactly what I tell it to do at the times I specified. How amazing is that?”

Aggie Page

“I have been one of the privileged beta testers for the app. I must say the app is pretty good. The people behind the software are great too as they are pretty swift in adding new features and correct bugs if any reported. Alongside testing the module I have realized the power of the tool , that not only saves time but also generates a great traffic to your website, page and increases sales.

I wish I had found this earlier on, would have saved me so much time.I now spend time dealing with customers rather than advertising :)”

Danny Shaw Blackhat SEO Expert

“The Massplanner team have built not one but two amazing app’s that in only a short space of time have become the new bench marks for Facebook and Pinterest marketing. Their excellent support, are not only professional and quick to respond but also pick members brains for improvement ideas and then “actually” implement them. Very excited to see what evolves next.”


“I have been using this software for more than two months now and I can say that I am extremely pleased with it. It was designed to be used both by beginners and the more advanced users of IM.

What I like most is that I have the freedom to make posts as I wish, it’s because I choose a random time between posts and I can use the spin function for text. Of course this software has many useful features for any user, searches for groups in your place and at the same time it can join them.

Besides all this, the software can work with two Facebook accounts (you can also use proxies). For a modest fee you can purchase an extra module that makes it go up to 10 accounts simultaneously. There are a lot more to say but I don’t want to get boring. In short, this software will make your IM life easier.”


John november.media

“I came as a total newbie to mass social media posting. I was looking for a tool to help with the growing demand of clients for posting to accounts that had thousands of Social Media pages/groups/connections, I stumbled upon massplanner and I am so glad that I did! When dealing with people in this not so conventional/mainstream side of the internet you often come across a very arrogant and intolerant outlook. No one seems to have time for ‘the new kid’. That has no been my experience with the crew at massplanner, they have gone out of their way to help me be successful, even going as far as adding features to the software to meet my clients’ needs.

They have deal with integrity with me. I have given them access to my account on several occasion to help in the back end and there has never been one issue. As a result of their efforts the impact of our posting has gone through the roof and at the same time my workload and stress levels have dropped to nearly tolerable – LOL. Their customer service and continually improvement of the product has made me a loyal fan. I can not recommend them highly enough”


Kara J. Designer

“Thank you so much! Your customer service is excellent. I’m always bragging about your program – not only does it save me a ton of time each day but whenever I have a problem you always solve it for me fast!!! “



“Im writing this message today to thank you for creating such a superb product ! I bought Mass planner when it first launched and was impressed with it a lot, but when Mass Planner2 came out I was simply blown away at how you made it easier and more professional looking .

I’ve been using Mass Planner 2 for my marketing and it has brought me profits and saved me a ton of time ! Thank YOU! If your a marketer and don’t use this tool your leaving money and time on the table.

I’m one happy customer and a customer for life! Cant wait to see what you come out with next.”

Adam Tweet Essex T/A Social Networking LTD

“I have been a client of Massplanner for quite a while now and LOVE every aspect of it. The features are so easy to use and the support that is provided is outstanding. The value for money this software provides is simply astonishing.”

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