Scaling the Heights of Your Business with Video Marketing: What you Didn’t Know

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In a recent survey published by Ad week, it was reported that 76% of businesses that have embraced video marketing in the past one year have reported massive commercial impact. Ideally, 60% of them are planning to expand their budget for video marketing in the subsequent years.

What does that tell you about this form of digital marketing?

It is the next big thing.

Well, that might give you a reason to pull out your smartphone or grab your camera to capture and upload some fancy videos of your business.

Just a minute: it doesn’t work that way. Video marketing is a powerful tool, but only when used appropriately. Before venturing into it, it is fair enough taking your time to develop a game plan. The rules of the game might vary from one business to the other. However, there are some ground rules that every business owner dreaming to reap big from video marketing must know.

Outline your Objectives

What would you like the viewers to take from your videos? What objectives would you like to accomplish using your videos? More often than not, people jump into video marketing with the vague aim of increasing ROI. Well, you might not realise the expected results.

Some of the common goals of video marketing for top companies include:

  • Building strong brand awareness
  • Attracting top talents
  • Marketing the CEO of the company as an insightful leader

What would your objective be?

Closely related to this is setting how best you will measure your level of success in line with these goals. With various online tools like Google Tag Manager, Wistia and Google Analytics, establishing and monitoring your goals couldn’t have been any easier. For some people, KPIs may be as easy as tracking the number of views or subscribers of your videos in the various platforms you post them. Outlining the key performance indicators alongside your goals will help you realign the objectives in congruence with your business model.

Have the Audience in Mind

With your goals tucked in your chin, you need to cross to the other side and be the audience. Which visual ideas will drive your goals? What topics would best appeal to your viewers and how well can you modify them to achieve the desired goals? Which graphics and supplement footage can best capture the audience’s attention? What are some of the key aspects the audience is most likely to concentrate on?

A viral marketing video is one that not only meets the viewer’s expectations but also challenges them to think beyond their scope.

For instance, take attracting top talent as your main objective. How do you develop visual content that will see you achieve this objective in a systematic and carefree way? In attracting the best brains to work for your company, your video needs to outline some of the unique or special attributes of your firm. Why would they choose your firm over the others? Is there something more that your company offers besides the irresistible perks? Young innovators not only love those who identify and reward their talents, but also those who can nurture and help them reach their maximum potential. Do you have that covered in the video? In addition:

  • You can have the potential employees take a virtual tour of your company
  • You can create day in life videos to highlight various open positions within your firm
  • Showcase the company’s latest awards or accomplished mission

It’s all in the Distribution

What’s the main aim of creating a fascinating video? It is every business owner’s vision that their marketing videos will reach as many people as possible. Before sharing your video, therefore, it is proper taking closer considerations on how best to conduct content distribution. You probably have YouTube figured out. Have you thought of social media and the landing page of your website? Other suitable platforms for video distribution include email campaigns, Vimeo, and company blog.

However, ideal video marketing stretches far beyond the distribution platforms. Other aspects like timing need to be considered. You might want the videos to be released in line with an upcoming event, major company announcement or even media push.

Keep track of the trends

This is where many people miss it. Similar to other marketing strategies, video marketing also requires consistent analysis and optimisation. Advisably, you should have your KPIs written in a spreadsheet and the changes noted over time. For instance, if a video garnered more likes on LinkedIn than on Facebook or one topic had more social shares, then you should be able to adjust appropriately. At the end of the day, it is all about embracing what’s working as you weed out the less productive strategies.

Change is Imminent

With a recent survey indicating that the brain processes visual content 60,000 times more than texts, you have every reason to step out and embrace video marketing. Consumers love identifying with videos. For business owners and content marketers, you have every reason to take advantage of the fact that videos have the ability to create a multi-dimensional experience. Creating a video that embodies your company’s mission, vision, and core values is the fastest way of establishing stronger brand awareness. With the rise of platforms like YouTube, consumers are getting accustomed to more visual content. The person who figures this out and uses it to his advantage carries the day.

Interestingly, Google has been trying integration of videos in search engine results so don’t be surprised to see the first page of your search results featuring videos besides the common texts. Yahoo and Bing are already implementing. For a business owner who is analysing the trends, there couldn’t have been any better time of embracing video marketing than right now. In the next marketing budget, try to go slow on text blogs and increase your budgetary allocation on video; you won’t be disappointed if you do it the right way!

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