Save Hours By Scheduling Your Instagram Content With Mass Planner

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Save Hours By Scheduling Your Instagram Content With Mass Planner

Instagram is still in a rapid growth phase, with 68% of users that engage regularly with brands – which is 58 times more engagement per follower than Facebook. But even with these impressive numbers, only 36% of marketers are using Instagram to its full potential. One reason could be the lack of tools that can save up time by scheduling your Instagram content, which means there is a high opportunity to still be one of the early adopters and have an impressive success. Especially if you use the Mass Planner complete automation and scheduling tools!

By now you must surely be convinced that Instagram is an open field to be explored. Now let’s see what are your options.

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As you already know, the only link that’s working like … well, a link… it’s the one in the bio. So you need to learn to be creative with your calls to action to entice your followers to actually click on the link.

Not only you need to be creative with your messages and CTAs, but with the imagery as well. You can add text to your photos or videos to communicate to your audience the messages you want to transmit.

So your top priority as a marketer is to learn how to create unique and original images for Instagram. Images that will be perfect for other visual platforms as well. Think of Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and, why not, Google+. You need to stand out and imprint your brand into the memory of the people visiting your profile.

There are many methods to sharpen your creative skills and come up with original images for your Instagram accounts. But we will not discuss this today. We will discuss instead ways to free up your time by automating and scheduling your Instagram visual content, so you can have the time to actually put these ideas into practice.

Save Hours of Work Each Day With Mass Planner

The first thing you need to figure out is what tasks you can automate to get out of your way, with no impact on the quality of your content.

For example, scheduling your Instagram content should be done automatically. As long as your conversation and interactions with your fans are real, why not automate the minor tasks that often end up taking so much precious time? You need to know your priorities. Setting up alarms for when to enter your Instagram app and post your photos is not productive.

With Mass Planner you can schedule your Instagram posts and have them published at the right times, when your followers are most likely to engage with your content.

The best part is that you can even cross-promote and have your images posted on other platforms as well… but we’ll discuss this a bit later.

Now let’s see how to automate your Instagram content with Mass Planner. You have 2 options: the easy way and the even easier way ;).

First you need to create a campaign for your visual content.

add new campaign

Set it up to publish on your Instagram destinations (yes, you can add more Instagram accounts to the destination lists).

add instagram account in massplanner

Set up the number of posts you want per day between specific hours and Mass Planner will choose the optimal times to publish your posts.

when to publish in massplanner

And of course, add your visual content.

add photos in massplanner

The easy way to do this is to add your content as you create it: just go to Mass Planner and add your photos, descriptions and start your campaign. Every time you have new photos, you just repeat this easy step.

Or, you can go with the super-super-easy way: set up a Monitor Folder in Mass Planner, where you can add your photos when you finish editing them. Mass Planner will detect the new photos and add them to the campaign.

monitor folder in massplanner

You can choose a Dropbox folder, or regular folder as you wish. All you have to do is to add your photos to this folder after you finished editing. Mass Planner will do the rest: extract them from the folder, add them to your campaign and publish them to your destinations.

How about the descriptions, hashtags and all that? Easy, you can set up so that Mass Planner will use the images’ filename as the caption for your posts. And you can also set up a template with a series of hashtags to be added at the end of each post description, like in the picture above.

Al you have to worry again is how to better express your originality and put your creative power to work.

Now about the cross-promotion. Remember when you created a destination list for your Instagram account?

add other platforms in massplanner

Well, you can go to that destination list and add a Pinterest board, a Facebook Page or a Twitter profile. And the campaign will start to publish your images to these new places too. No other changes necessary. How cool, right?

Now let’s talk hashtags.

How to Create a Perfect Hashtag Strategy for Your Instagram Marketing

Instagram will allow you to add as much as 30 hashtags to a post. But that doesn’t sound like a good strategy. #AmIRight?

The best strategy would be to add the most relevant, let’s say, up to 5 hashtags in your photo description and add the rest to the first comment to your post. This will leave your post nice and clean, while all the hashtags will be buried in the comments. Neat!

This too can be done automatically with Mass Planner. When editing the description of your photos, or the template if you choose to use Monitor Folder, add the token [COMMENT] and everything that follows this token will be posted as a first comment to the post.

monitor folder template in massplanner

This works for Instagram and Facebook, and the fact that the comment will be posted almost simultaneously will make your images discovered by interested Instagrammers faster. On other platforms, it will simply be ignored.

Using Instagram Videos for Marketing

With Instagram Videos, you get the power of 15 seconds of storytelling to get users’ attention. You get to use powerful editing tools and craft a message that will stop your followers from scrolling pointlessly.

Whether you make a product demo, a visual portfolio of your work or behind the scene moments, an Instagram video has the power to boost your engagement rates and entice people to interact with your brand.

Recently we added the possibility to schedule your videos through Mass Planner. This new feature completes the scheduling capabilities of Mass Planner, making it a comprehensive automation kit for all your visual content on Instagram.

schedule instagram video massplanner

The workflow is easy as you would imagine: within your campaign, you need to go to the “What to Publish” tab, click on the video icon to add the video you want to schedule. Just like you would add a picture. However, unlike for the photos, this feature is available only for Instagram.

What you need to pay attention to is the length of the video. You need to craft your message into 15 seconds of video. Otherwise, your video will be incomplete as Instagram will show only the first 15 seconds, and your followers will not get the point of the story.

Another important factor is to make your video enticing enough even without sound because it will first start playing mute. So don’t rely too much on the sound, instead, try making the visuals compelling enough to make people turn the sound on.

Wrapping It Up

We have seen how fast Instagram’s popularity grew over the last year, and it looks that the trend will continue upwards. Every marketer should consider building a strong presence on Instagram before it becomes too difficult to stand out in the crowd.

There are so many innovative ways to explore when marketing on Instagram, you just need enough time to implement them all. I’m sure we all have just 24 hours in a day, so the best way to get more time is to find those tasks that steal it from us.

With Mass Planner, you can do just that. Apart from scheduling your Instagram posts, you can also manage your followers with Mass Planner’s tools. You can unfollow dormant accounts or find new targeted users to follow and grow your community. You can monitor your competitors and engage with their followers, repost interesting visual content you find in your niche and much more. You can try it for free now and see how it works!


  1. Aurore Jones says:

    Awesome post, as usual. Is mass planner going to be available on MACs soon?

    1. Johnny says:

      Thank you, Aurore for the kind words! Unfortunately we don’t have a Mac version yet. But we have a tutorial for those who want to use Mass Planner on MAC OS X or how to get a Windows VPS for Free for a year and start using Mass Planner. Hope it helps!

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