Mass Planner’s Pinterest Poster Features

Mass Planner has everything you need to automate your Pinterest Marketing and grow your accounts fast. Here’s a list of all the Mass Planner features for the Pinterest platform.

Features for your Pinterest campaigns

Schedule pins on any or all of your boards

Instead of posting hundreds of posts on one time, spread your pins throughout the day with Mass Planner campaigns.

Auto Re-Pin

You can have Mass Planner search for viral pins based on your keywords, and re-pin them to your boards. Or you can enter several high quality boards and it will only repin great pins it finds there.

Add video pins

Don’t limit yourself to images. You can apply the same techniques to videos: from Youtube or Vimeo.

Export your Followers List

You can see the list of people that are following you and export it.

Add multiple pins

To increase your speed, you can add multiple pins in one step.

Default URL

Set up a default URL to be added to your pins, for increased traffic.

Add Signature

You can choose to add a signature for all your pins or just a certain percentage, to help improve your brand visibility.

Auto-Like pins

Find high-quality pins in your niche and auto-like them to boost your Pinterest activity.


Automatically comment high-quality pins in your niche to boost your reach and grow your Pinterest account fast.


Find interesting boards or persons in your niche and start following them on auto-pilot.


Follow back the users that followed you to stay in touch with your followers, build relationships and grow your account.


Unfollow the people that didn’t follow you back to keep following only those users that are interested in your content.

Automatic URL shortening

Mass Planner will automatically shorten your URL, to help you create simple and to the point messages.

Add pins from URL or your computer

You can add pins from URL or from your computer and schedule them to be published on perfect times.

Spinning syntax

Spinning syntax is enabled for all the fields, to help you avoid repetitive messages, that makes your campaign look unprofessional.

Watermark your pins

You can watermark your original work before you publish it on Pinterest. That way your work will be recognized with every re-pin.

Complete history and statistics

See a complete history and statistics of what you pinned, to help you improve you marketing strategy.

Pull pins from RSS feeds

Do you have a few amazing rss feeds with great images? Just add them in Mass Planner and all those images will be automatically published on your boards.

Proxy Support

You can run each Pinterest account on its own unique proxy so you don’t leave an IP footprint. We support HTTP proxies.

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