New update today – Facebook changes its policy on click-baiting

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Facebook revealed another big change in a blog post on Monday this week, with the purpose to reduce headlines that use “click-baiting”, which the social network defines as “a headline that encourages people to click to see more, without telling them much information about what they will see.”   You can read more about this announcement here.

Even though posts like this tend to get a lot of clicks, according to a survey conducted by the social network, people prefer in their News Feeds posts that let people decide if they wanted to read the full article before they had to click through.

Facebook is worried that these kind of posts will drown people’s attention from friends and Pages they really care about.

The algorithm behind this major change is explained in the same bog post: the plan is to measure the time spent by the users on a particular article after they clicked the headline in News Feeds. If people click on an article and spend time reading it, it means they found something valuable, something worth sharing.

Another factor used in identifying these type of stories is to look for the number of people clicking on the content compared to people commenting and sharing it with their friends. If a large number of people clicked on the story but they didn’t discussed it or shared it with their friends, than it suggests that the story is not valuable to them.

So, the idea is to have engaging and shareable content that encourages people to discuss it and share it with their friends. The quality of your content will grow, implicitly the quality of your Page.

Don’t trick your followers to click your posts, be honest and keep your most loyal fans genuinely interested in your content!

Sharing links on Facebook – another change in the News Feeds algorithm

Another change announced by Facebook this Monday is about how will be displayed links in posts from now on.

First of all, as you already know, there are two methods to share a link on Facebook:

  1. Links with a large picture, a headline and some text that gives context on the link (just paste the link while drafting a post):


  1. Links in status updates or in the text caption above pictures:

According to Facebook people prefer the first type of sharing links, known as the link-format (which appears when you paste a link while drafting a post), rather than links that are buried in photo captions. With the update of the algorithm that decides what you see in your News Feeds, posts showing links in the link-format will be displayed with priority. According to Facebook this kind of posts have received twice as many clicks compared to links in photo captions. Fewer and fewer links shared in captions or status updates will be shown in the News Feeds.

With Mass Planner, you can schedule all kinds of posts including link-format. You can choose which image to add to your story to better represent your article. You can even A/B test various methods of posting your links, to see which works best for your audience.

A few month ago, Facebook also announced another series of improvements to News Feeds, to reduce stories that people consider to be spammy: .

This means that the competition for user attention and a spot in News Feeds is going to be even stronger in the light of these new changes. How about you, what do you think about these changes? Will this impact your Facebook Marketing strategy?

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