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Did you just create a new group and you’re so excited about it and want to tell all your friends to come join. That’s great, everybody feels like that once in a while. If you have many friends it will be a really hard job to invite them one by one, so we thought to make this easier for you and created the Add Friends to Groups Tool that will help you do this a lot faster. It’s extremely easy to use, just select the group from the group list where you want to invite your friends, select how fast you want to invite them and click start. That’s it, sit back and relax while Mass Planner adds all your friends into your group.

You can find this new tool in the Tools tab, here is how it looks like :

As you can see first of all you will need to select which groups you want to invite your friends into. Make sure you select only your groups or groups where you know you are allowed to add friends into and where you think your friends won’t mind be added to, as there’s no approval process, once you do this your friends will be members of those groups.

Next select the delay interval. Mass Planner will wait for a random time between these two timers here before making another batch of invites. Don’t hurry them, you can spread them over a longer period of time especially if you have many friends.

Select how many friends you want Mass Planner to add to the Group for each Add Friends to Group operation, you can set it to invite one friend wait for the delay time, invite one more and wait again and so on. Or if you’re in a hurry you can set it to invite a couple of friends wait the delay time, invite a couple more and so on.

Final setting you must do is set the maximum number of friends you invite per day. If you don’t want to invite more than a certain amount of friends you can set a limit here. If you leave it at 0 it will invite as many as it finds given the settings that you made.

After everything is ready, you selected the groups where you want to add friends and selected how fast you want to add them just press the Start Add Friends to Groups and it will start adding your friends into the groups you’ve selected. In the image it says stop because the tool is already running for me. It will automatically stop after it finishes inviting all your friends into the given groups, or you can manually stop it any time you want.

Below the Start/Stop button there’s the Results area, it looks like this :

It will list all the groups that it added people into, it will give a direct link for the group and it will tell you how many friends it added to that group from your total amount of friends( For this test account I only had 2 total friends 🙂 )

Things to consider:

  • you can’t specify which friends to invite where, it will randomly select from your total friends and invite them one by one into groups, if you want to target only a couple of friends for a group you should do that manually within Facebook
  • depending in what groups you add your friends they might not like it, make sure you don’t piss people off using this feature because if they dislike it they might report you to Facebook, if only a couple do that it won’t be a big deal but if many do that Facebook might take notice and block your account or the usage of some features.
  • as with everything automatic it has the potential to add a lot of people really fast, make sure you set everything correctly before running it and at least the first few times you run it you should monitor it closely to see that everything is working as you wanted it.
  • DON’T over-do it, it goes without saying but I feel compelled to do it again 🙂 take it easy and grow it over time!

So if you were looking to learn how to automatically add your friends to your Facebook groups here you have it. It’s extremely simple to do and it takes no time at all. Hope you enjoy the new feature, let us know if you have any improvements for it in mind.

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