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Pinterest recently announced their new feature that encourages conversation between pinners: Pinterest Messages. Now users and brands can start conversations around their products without having to leave Pinterest, thanks to this great addition to the platform. You can read more about the announcement on their blog post: Start a conversation about a pin. This feature comes to complete another great feature released last year: Send a Pin, that according to Pinterest, was a huge success.

With Pinterest’ Messages, users can send pins directly in the message feed, save the pins from messages to their boards or even send an entire board or user profiles to their friends. The feature is not limited to one-on-one discussion, but also supports chats of up to 10 people.

How Pinterest Messages work

From your Pinterest dashboard, you can see in the left side of your screen bubbles with your friends’ pictures that represent your recent. You can also access all the messages from the tab next to the notifications, right under the pin icon. To send a new message you need to click the “+” icon, type in the name of a friend and send a pin or a text message.

new pinterest messages

What’s exciting about this feature is that you can send a pin with a simple drag and drop in the messages window. And, with a pin inside a message you can do anything you can do with a pin on Pinterest’s website: pin it to a board, send it to a friends, like it or add it to your favorites. You can even send entire boards, send profiles or create group conversation with other 10 people. In the screenshots below you can see how to send a profile or a board:

how to send a profile on a board on pinteresthow to send a profile on a board on pinterest2

What this means for your business

You must know that, for a business, in order to start a conversation with a potential customer, the user must follow the brand and vice-versa. The purpose is to protect pinners from being spammed and keep a wonderful Pinterest experience.

However, this feature has great potential for your business and your marketing strategy. You can use it as a tool to create intimate conversation with your influencers around your products and build customer loyalty. Even more, with Messages, Pinterest becomes a great collaboration tool for your marketing team.

Some brands may want to use the Pinterest Messages feature for their Customer Support, in which case you might want to enable the setting on Pinterest to receive email notifications on new messages. Especially if you use automation tools for your Pinterest marketing, and you log in infrequently into Pinterest, you might not know that new messages has been left for you.

Here are some ideas to use Pinterest Messages:

–          As a collaborative tool for your team: they will not have to leave the platform and use another tool to communicate and work together on projects.

–          Planning trips with friends or co-workers: Pinterest is already used as a planning tool for many types of events, planning a trip and actually discuss with friends and/or co-workers is a great idea.

–          Share boards: you can share your special boards (new products, demos, special deals, discounts and so on) to your loyal customers.

–          Connecting with fans: think about the potential of having intimate conversations with your true fans!

–          Running contests: this can boost your traffic and grow your audience.

–          Product demos: help your fans understand your products with inspiring one-on-one conversations.

–          Customer Service Issues: your customers can give you their feedback and you can help them with their issues right there on Pinterest.

how to use the new pinterest messaging

This feature is even more powerful than Facebook Messages or Twitter Direct Message, and we expect to see higher engagement rates that will not slow down any time soon. If your business is not already on Pinterest, we recommend you to find out what you’re missing! At Mass Planner we even have automation tools for Pinterest, to schedule your marketing campaigns to free up your time and let you focus on better strategies to attract more customers and grow your business. If you automate your Pinterest activity with Mass Planner, don’t forget to enable email notification for your messages so that you don’t miss your customers’ feedback or questions.

Let us know your thoughts about Pinterest Messages in the comments! What other ideas for using this feature in your marketing campaigns did you find?

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