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Everybody knows about duplicate text penalty from google, and they’re not the only ones doing it, if you try to post several times the same exact message on different Facebook groups you will get a warning the you’ve posted that message, if you try to post the same message on your Twitter timeline you will get a message telling you you’ve already posted that. Everybody frowns upon duplicate content and for good reason, it becomes useless and if everyone would post the same thing it will all get so cluttered that it would be hard to use.

For that reason duplicate content is highly penalized, in order to make people not do it. Did you know that’s also the case with images/photos? Google can immediately recognize the same image and not rank it as high if it has been posts on other websites too. Pinterest can immediately spot the same image and tell you if it was already posted by someone else and who. Facebook can also see duplicate images and possibly show them less. What’s to do?

make no duplicate content

Post unique images! This can be achieved in two ways. Either create unique images for all your posts. It works great, it will attract people ( especially if the images are interesting) and your posts will rank high. Or use our newly created “Unique Images” module. You will achieve the same result, the search engines, Pinterest, Facebook and so on will see that picture as unique.

As the title says this is an extra module so you’ll have to purchase it separately as not everybody will need this, only for the ones that really want all their image posts to be unique. This is a one time payment and you’ll have it for as long as you have your account with us. This module will be enabled for all the platforms in Mass Planner.

How do we do it? It’s a little bit of work but we managed to get it done, we change little bits here and there so it remains completely the same for human eyes but it looks quite different for the computer. How do you use it ? It’s amazingly simple, all you need to do is enable this function and Mass Planner will do it for you.

For the Facebook platform you can find this feature in the Settings tab of each campain, scroll to the bottom of that tab and click on the “Click here to show/hide advanced campaign options” . There at the bottom you will notice a checkbox with Post unique images, enable that and that’s it.

how to enable post unique images in mass planner for facebook

For the Pinterest Platform you can find this option in the Settings tab of each Board at the bottom of the tab filed under Other options. Again enable it and Mass Planner will do the rest.

how to enable post unique images in mass planner for pinterest

For the Twitter Platform you can find this option in the Tweets Scheduling button to the top left, in the Settings Tab, at the bottom of the tab filed under Other Options. Enable to use.

how to enable post unique images in mass planner for twitter

Things to consider:

  • as with everything don’t over-do it. Even though Pinterest for example will see the images as unique, if you post the same image over and over people will notice that on your boards and might complain. There’s no running from a manual review after that.
  • Mass Planner can do this only for images you have in your campaigns on your computer, if you are using the clickable images post for example if will not be able to do this as the image is hosted somewhere else.
  • if you use images and pictures that you do not own make sure they are at least widespread. You can use the Search by image function in google to see if the image you are using is found anywhere else, if it’s on only a couple of domains and the owner finds out you’re using it he might complain, if it’s already found on hundreds of domains you should be safe to use it.


  1. Henry Flachs says:

    does this module create images or do I have to manually add them?

    1. Johnny says:

      It does not create images, you need to add them, it alters them in a way that is invisible for the human eye but clear for the search engines so they think it’s a new image.

  2. Ľuboš says:

    Where to find pictures. Show link.

    1. Johnny says:

      Not sure what you mean by that, the pictures are the one you put, it just makes them unique.

  3. Lee says:

    How can i use this to take images i from my computer that i want to post to intagram? I want the program to pull images from a folder on my computer and alter them each time to make a unique image everytime Mass Planner post it to instagram. Thanks!

    1. Johnny says:

      just enable the option in advanced settings for any campaign and it will automatically do this to all the images you post.

  4. Zak says:

    So if I post a single photo to different groups in Facebook with a single message, FB won’t post to those groups, or it will know it’s the same image? I tried using spin syntax in my messages but it never works……..the messages always appear the same in the different groups

    1. Johnny says:

      You probably didn’t use a correct spin syntax, there’s no reason for it not to work. If you put an image and a spinned text it should post that image along with a different version of the text each time. If you also enable the unique images option the image will look the same for humans but it will seem different for facebook.

  5. Michael Corleone says:

    For example, If I have a scraped album of a person with 30 images I am using to make the FB A/C look legit. Is there a way I can drip feed an altered unique image as a timeline photo per week to make it look normal ?

    This will improve the quality of the accounts.

    Thanks !

    1. Johnny says:

      You can post it altered to your wall, it won’t set it as the account image though. Send a feature request and our devs will see what they can do.

  6. Matic says:

    I am uploading a new profile picture to my Instagram account in MassPlanner. I have purchased this module. Is my profile picture now unique?

    I plan to set the same avatar picture for multiple accounts, so the picture must appear unique.

    1. Johnny says:

      If you have the unique image and you enable it for posting, yes they will appear unique to anyone that checks. This only makes it unique to machine reviewers tough, for humans they will still look exactly the same .

      1. Matic says:

        Sorry for my bad english, but I tried to ask:

        -I have 10profiles (Instagram) in MP
        -I have 1 picture on computer.
        -I set (upload) this picture as profile picture to all 10profiles.
        QUESTION: Do the profile pictures appear unique to Instagram machine reviewers?

        If this is not possible, I suggest you create this feature, as it would automate a big task, probbably not only for me, but for other users too.

      2. Johnny says:

        Please send a feature request with this feature and our devs will take a look .

  7. Lavoslav Bauman says:

    Hello, the tutorial above is a bit obsolete as I can see. Now there are options to make images with small, medium and hard changes. Can I know why are there 3 options and which one is recommended for what?

    1. Johnny says:

      You can choose whichever you want, it means how much the image is changed, the hard option may have visible effects of the image as well.

  8. MELODY AZ says:

    Is there a serious chance that our business accounts can get banned for using this software? I will use it in moderation but i am still concerened.

    1. Johnny says:

      No, it depends only on the way you’re using it. If you use it to post/ follow-unfollow/ start spamming a lot then it can happen, but the same can happen if you do it manually. So keep it within reasonable limits and you’ll be perfectly fine.

  9. Ian says:

    In a campaign, if I select ‘Re-Add Image to Post List After Posting’ does the image get altered again when it’s posted a 2nd/3rd/4th time? If it keeps getting put to the bottom of the list in order to be reposted, is the image being altered each time by MP?

    1. Johnny says:

      Yes, it’s altered every time.

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