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We’ve had a few people asking for more than 10 accounts for their Mass Planner copy, we’ve been reticent about allowing that, but as we’ve added more and more performance improvements lately and as people are asking about this we decided to give you what you asked for.

So, from now on, in your Mass Planner account ( on the site)  you will see 2 Extended multi account modules, one is +8 and one is +15. The first one allows you to add 8 more accounts to each platform so that will make your Mass Planner copy able to use 10 accounts for each platform as 2 accounts are already included.

This is how it looks like in your account before getting it:

Extended Multi Account Module +15

The second one allows you to add 15 more accounts up to a total of 17 for your copy of Mass Planner. For the ones that really want as many accounts as possible you can get both exta modules +8 and +15 for a total number of 25 accounts for each platform.

If you want more than the 2 accounts for each platform that are default into Mass Planner you can get any of the extra modules of +8 or +15 or both of them. Just to re-iterate, extra modules are a one time payment this means you pay for them once and have them as long as you have your account with us. Also the extended multi account module applies to all platforms, so you will be able to use more accounts for Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter at the same time.

Just a word of advice, being capable of adding more accounts doesn’t necessarily mean your computer will be able to run them all. Facebook uses a lot of resources, the facebook pages are filled with images and take some processing power, the more accounts you add and the more actions you do with each account the more processing power you will need. This means you will need a powerful computer or vps if you plan to use the maximum number of accounts at the same time. Please take into account that we told you that and don’t complain when/if you computer is running slow or not at all after running 25 accounts for each platform, that is a lot and it’s not for everybody.

One more thing, the more accounts you use for each platform the greater the need for proxies. We do advise you to use private proxies if you’re using Mass Planner with more than 3-5 accounts to make sure that all your accounts are secure. Read the post about why and where to get your private proxies for more information on this!

Hope everybody that asked for more accounts is now happy, hope you’ll be able to use as many as you need, if you don’t set each account to do a lot of stuff daily this might just work for you. Let us know!


  1. rami says:

    hi. i have 2 accounts and i wold like to have 4, what do i need to do

    1. Johnny says:

      Hi Rami, just log into your online account, you have the link in the footer of this site, from there you can get extra modules that increase the number of accounts you can use with each social platform.

  2. mai nguyen says:

    can you give an estimate of vps config to use base on facebook account add ?. for example 1 core 2 gb for how many fb account, 2core 4g for ?? 4 core 8 gb for ?,

  3. amin says:

    i am not able to see the accounts on the destination list what should i do

    1. Johnny says:

      Are the accounts valid? Also make sure you didn’t write anything in the filter box at the top.

  4. amin says:

    yes valid and nothing written on the filter box this is happening to me and my friend too same issue

    1. Johnny says:

      What type of accounts are we talking about here, if it’s instagram you need the instagram poster module for them to be shown there. If it’s one of the others and you say there’s nothing in the box and they are valid please contact support with a printscreen of this and they will take a look.

  5. Stojan says:

    Hey Johnny… I am interested to know what kind of hardware specs would be needed to run let’s say 25 accounts from one PC? what is more important RAM or processor? is there a way to split the work to be done on the 2 computers? Thanks in advance

    1. Johnny says:

      RAM is the most important, a PC with 8gb of RAM should be quite ok for 25 accounts. There is no way to split the work, just maybe set up 12 accounts on one and 13 on the other 🙂

      1. ND says:

        euh are u talking about 25 acounts each plateform or 25 accounts on the total ?

  6. chama says:

    I want to know if I can have 100 or just 25 account since I registered in the massplanner and pay the price of 70 dollar lifetime, buy proxies to support the 100 account

    1. Johnny says:

      If you got the unlimited accounts module you can add as many accounts as you want.

  7. chama says:

    or is that with this I mean that I need the massplanner it for unlimited or infinite account account for the price of 70 dollar for life … I hope your answer thanks

    1. Johnny says:

      That price is for the unlimited accounts module alone, you only pay for it once, however you still have to pay monthly or every 6 months for the regular subscription.

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