Mass Planner’s LinkedIn Poster Features

Schedule your content to be published on LinkedIn Profiles and Groups to get maximum benefits from your social marketing efforts in terms of traffic.

Features for your LinkedIn campaigns

Schedule Updates on LinkedIn Profile and Groups

Schedule posts on your LinkedIn profile and Groups to be published in the future.

Export LinkedIn Group lists

You can export group lists so you can use them on different PCs or Mass Planner accounts.

Publish Clickable Images Posts

You can create and publish clickable images. Choose a high-quality image and a description and clicking anywhere on it will redirect to your site.

Flexible scheduling capabilities

Schedule and post your updates on exact times in the future, repeat the posts on certain days or hours or choose the number of posts per day and let Mass Planner choose the optimal posting times.

Schedule your posts in bulk

Add multiple text or image posts to your LinkedIn Campaigns with a single click.

Automatically stop campaign if the situation requires it

Mass Planner will automatically stop the campaigns in case you get too many error messages, as a safety measure.

Schedule posts from RSS feeds

You can automatically post from rss feeds on your LinkedIn Profile.

Campaigns statistics

Mass Planner gives you insights about your campaigns to help you improve your strategy.

Add Signature to posts

Automatically add a signature to all your updates (or to a certain percent of you posts) to strengthen your brand identity and awareness.

Complete history of your posts

Mass Planner gives you complete details about your past and pending posts, along with direct link to each post you made.

URL shortening

You can choose to automatically shorten the URL’s in your posts, for a more clear message.

Automatic backup

Mass Planner will automatically backup your campaign’s details to be safe in case of errors.

Spinning syntax

Spinning syntax is enabled by default to help you create unique messages for each destination.

Find targeted groups by keywords

Find Groups in your niche by keywords and number of group members, to reach new audiences and get more traffic and customers.

Auto-Join groups in your niche

Automatically join the groups you found with Mass Planner or imported groups.

UnJoin groups you don't need anymore

Set Mass Planner to automatically unjoin you from inactive groups or groups you don’t find useful anymore.

Auto-View Profiles

Build your LinkedIn network by visiting other profiles. Raise their curiosity and make them check out your profile as well.

Ignore LinkedIn Groups

If you want to avoid sharing your content with certain groups, or you don’t want to join them by mistake, simply add them to the Ignore list.

Proxy Support

Run each of your LinkedIn accounts on its own proxy so you don’t leave an IP footprint. We support HTTP proxies.

Invite Friends to Groups

Automatically invite all your LinkedIn contacts to join your groups.

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