Why LinkedIn Is the Best Social Media for Personal Branding

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Everyone’s on Facebook. When you want to develop a personal brand, that’s where you should be. Plus, Twitter and Instagram. In addition to being active on these social media networks, you also engage in blogging and other activities that help you build authority. Is there something you’re missing? LinkedIn!

If you’re already too busy developing a personal brand through other social media, adding LinkedIn into the package may seem like too much work for nothing. You’re wrong. You can accomplish almost everything that mainstream social media give you solely by using LinkedIn. Plus, you’ll get the advantage you don’t get from other networks.

Before We Get Further: LinkedIn Is Not Just a Resume

At first, LinkedIn did seem like an online resume, but it grew into a personal branding platform. Yes, a personal branding platform is the right definition for it.

LinkedIn is the largest professional network on the Internet. It has over 467 million members from all around the world. Over 40 million students and recent graduates are using the network. They recognized its potential: if you still haven’t built a reputation that’s attractive to a potential employer, LinkedIn can help you do that.

If you’re an employer, LinkedIn can be your recruiter. If you’re looking for job opportunities, LinkedIn will be your mentor. Most of all, it helps people promote themselves as employers and job seekers. How exactly does the platform do that?

How LinkedIn Boosts Personal Branding

#1 LinkedIn Increases Media Mentions

Social media are seen as a relatively reliable source of information. However, journalists and online writers are being very careful with sources from Facebook and Twitter. LinkedIn, on the other hand, is a much more reliable source of information.

No, people are not going to link to your LinkedIn profile, unless your authority is close to the one Bill Gates has. They will, however, mention a cool post you published on the LinkedIn publishing platform.

#2 It Supports Blogging

While we’re at the publishing platform, let’s mention this huge advantage: LinkedIn supports authoritative blogging. If you intend to blog for the purpose of building a personal brand, start writing great posts on this platform. As long as you write great posts, you’ll easily get readers. Much easier than trying to attract readers to your own blog. These are only a few of the many benefits you’ll get if you start publishing blogs through LinkedIn:

  • You’ll be engaged with your professional network. Your contacts will have access to these posts, so you’ll establish the reputation of a knowledgeable, skilled person that people want to hire.
  • You’ll demonstrate your ideas. You’ll show that you have a unique approach to your profession, writing, and life in general.
  • You’ll gain better visibility. When people search for your name online, they will see these posts, too.
  • The posts will attract more connections with people who share your vision. These connections can result in great career progress.

#3 LinkedIn Is Your Free Promoter

Do you know how much it would cost to hire an agent who would promote your personal brand? LinkedIn does that for free. The platform makes you visible to potential employers or business partners who are looking for people with your skills, education, interests and knowledge.

When your LinkedIn profile is packed with all the right keywords, people will easily find you. You’re making yourself open to opportunities simply by having and maintaining a LinkedIn profile. That’s something Twitter can’t beat.

#4 It’s Your Mentor

LinkedIn helps you become better at what you do. You observe the activity of the influencers in your industry. You see what they are interested in and how they upgrade their skills. They inform about the online courses they take and share information about the projects they are involved in. With connections like these, you’re getting free advice on career progress.

#5 LinkedIn Is Also Your Portfolio

Instead of sending your portfolio within the job application documents or including a link to your portfolio in the resume, you can just use your LinkedIn profile as a portfolio. The platform doesn’t support only textual content. Although the profile has a form of a structured resume, it still allows you to integrate videos and images, which show off your work. If you get a premium account, you can customize the profile even further and set yourself apart from other users.

Extra Tips: How to Develop a Personal Brand through LinkedIn

#1 Optimize Your Profile

Use industry-specific keywords to describe your qualifications and interests. When people are searching on LinkedIn, they are using keywords. That’s how the right people will find you.

Make sure you have a complete profile, which shows you’re serious about participating in this community. People are more likely to explore your profile if they see a profile photo. The right photo is like a handshake; it shows you as a positive, professional person. The photo shouldn’t be too official, but it should be a headshot. Browse through the profiles of influential personalities from your industry and you’ll see how the profile photo should look like.

#2 Publish! Build a Portfolio

The content you publish on LinkedIn establishes you as an authority. That’s a crucial element of personal branding. You’ll start getting more profile views from the very moment you start using this platform for publishing content.

When you explore the blogging platform, you’ll realize that long-form content with practical career tips is really popular. If you don’t have any ideas on topics, stick to that form.

#3 Build Your Network

LinkedIn is easy to use, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t put any effort into it. Once you have a nice profile, you have to promote it. You do that by creating connections. Add people you know, people you’ve met, and people you would like to meet. Focus your efforts on professionals from your industry.

You Still Don’t Have a LinkedIn Profile? Make It Today!

Once you build your LinkedIn profile, it won’t take much time for you to maintain it. Developing contacts and writing blog posts may seem like a lot of work, but it only takes 2-3 hours per week. You’ll get great results in return. No other social media platform can compete with the potential of LinkedIn in terms of personal branding.

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