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Automate Your Future Updates, Likes, Comments,
Follow and Unfollow Activity on Instagram

Instagram Posting and Scheduling

Automatically post your photos and videos on Instagram at perfect times.

Auto-Like, Comment, Follow, Unfollow

Automate all your Instagram activity with specialized tools like: Auto-Like, Comment, Follow, Follow Back and Unfollow.

Unlimited Instagram Accounts

You can add all your Instagram accounts to automate and manage from one easy to use dashboard.

Instagram Chat and Contact Members

With Contact Members you can send messages to targeted accounts. Instagram Chat helps you manage conversations for all your accounts.

Instagram Auto Re-Post

Find and automatically repost other people’s photos to your own feed based on your keywords.

Delete Posts

You can easily delete your Instagram posts and start with a clean state, if you change niches for example.

We’ve Got Everything You Need!

Have access not to 1 but to 6 social platforms – Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Instagram at your fingertips. You can schedule your future posts, import from rss, auto-find and join groups, automate your posts on groups using spin syntax, auto retweet, repin, auto-like, follow, follow back, unfollow and all the time saving tools that you will ever need!

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How It Works

1. Add Instagram Account

After you Install your Mass Planner on your Windows machine or your windows VPS, in case you are a Mac OS X user, you can go ahead and add all your Instagram Accounts.

3. Create Your Campaign

Add photos one by one or in bulk or just import new images from RSS feeds and have your posts scheduled for weeks ahead at the exact times you want!

2. Choose Destinations

You can post on all your Instagram accounts at once or to each separately by creating custom destinations to group them together.

4. Activate Your Tools

Have your Like, Comments, Follow, Follow Back and Unfollow activity on AutoPilot and have time to focus on other aspects of your business.

5. Sit Back & Relax

You’ll be surprised by how quickly you can get new REAL Instagram followers, likes and comments, and how much your account will grow on auto-pilot!

Get Mass Planner for Instagram Now!

Instagram Poster
Unlimited Instagram Accounts
Automation Tools: Auto-Like, Follow, Follow Back, Unfollow, InstaComment, Delete Comment, Instagram Chat – Read and Respond to Direct Messages, Contact Instagram Members, Block Followers
Free Modules: Delete Posts – delete old posts and start fresh
Other Platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and Pinterest Automation
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Frequent Asked Questions

What is Mass Planner’s Instagram Edition?

Instagram Edition is a special Mass Planner package that includes the Instagram Poster extra module by default, unlimited accounts along with the standard Mass Planner features.

You also get everything Instagram related: extra modules and tools to supercharge your Instagram marketing.

Why not get the Mass Planner default subscription?

If you’re focused on Instagram Marketing, then the Mass Planner Instagram Edition is the best value package for you because you get all the Instagram tools and features you need.

If you choose the default Mass Planner subscription, you will then have to also purchase the Instagram Poster module and other Instagram extra modules.

What are the tools and features that I get with Mass Planner Instagram Edition subscription?

First of all, you get all the Instagram poster features and tools:

Instagram Posts Scheduler
Auto Repost
Auto-Follow with the possibility to like and comment latest user photos
Follow Back, Unfollow
Auto Ignore for people not following back
Auto Like
Clear account (Delete posts)
Contact Members
Instagram Chat with Direct Messages: read and respond to the messages
Unique Image Posts
Automatically Add Comments to your posts
RSS Import
Automatically post photos from a selected folder
Unlimited accounts for all platforms

Next you have all the default Mass Planner features for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus and Pinterest, except the extra modules. Read more here.