How to Use Pinterest to Engage Customers and Promote Your Brand

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How to Use Pinterest to Engage Customers and Promote Your Brand
Skyrocketing popularity has brought Pinterest to the forefront of the social media revolution, making it a valuable platform not only for individuals but also for brands. Pinterest now boasts more than 100 million users who have access to about 60 million products. More than two-thirds of all “pins” on Pinterest come from business sites, suggesting that the site offers many promotional opportunities. Simply put, when people “repin” images from a particular company, they drive its sales. With its simple concept of pinning images, Pinterest can be a great medium for engaging customers and promoting your brand. Let us see why you should use it and how you can leverage its power.

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Why Use Pinterest?

If you are wondering why you should be using Pinterest in the first place, consider the following facts. First off, statistics show that Pinterest drives more traffic to websites than any other social media site. Also, shoppers that arrive at business sites from Pinterest typically spend more money than the ones referred from other locations. Shopify has published statistics showing that orders placed by Pinterest users have a higher value by as much as fifty dollars. Additionally, 93 percent of Shopify users plan their purchases on Pinterest. This social image site sends the second largest number of social media traffic to Shopify, including an increasing number of mobile users. All these facts show that people are more easily engaged when it comes to visual input.

Pinterest offers several options that you can use to build your business. For example, Rich Pins for business pages enables companies to include context for their images by providing information such as the price of a product. Another feature – Buyable Pins – lets Pinterest users make purchases from the mobile app. Finally, the Pinterest shop, a new feature as of November 2015, allows Pinners to find trending groups of Buyable Pins. So far, the feature has become a popular place where people spend a lot of money.

The reasons for considering Pinterest for business purposes are obvious by now, so let´s see how you can use it to your advantage.

How To Engage Customers?

Pin, Pin & Pin

Simply put, Pinterest works best when you regularly pin, so you should provide excellent images that represent both your brand and your entire niche. Avoid the temptation of repinning existing content, the way most users do. Instead, always try to pin fresh content that adds value to the community. Such fresh, engaging content has built-in repining potential because other users will want to share it. Every pin on Pinterest gets repinned about eleven times, suggesting that your company can gain significant traction on the site. All you have to do is pin great images.

To enhance your Pinterest presence, install a “Pin It” button on your website. That way, your business content will be pinned more often by the users on your site. As long as you have compelling images there, you will have a steady source of pinned content appearing on Pinterest. Doing this can save you a lot of time and get your images in front of potential customers quite effortlessly on your part.

Build A Story Around Your Pins

There are many useful ways to engage your customers, and storytelling is definitely one of them. On Pinterest, you can use your images to build interesting stories that revolve around your brand. For example, much in the same way as Starbucks has Pinterest boards that display recipes for coffee drinks, you can highlight different ways customers have used your products and service.


You should always go beyond simply showcasing your products or services. Instead, try to expand your storytelling in different ways – you can pin photographs of your employees, customers, working premises, or images that inspire you. As an example, consider Boticca, a company that produces jewelry and accessories. Aside from pinning its products, the company has different boards such as “Boticca Studio Visits” and “Boticca Interviews”, including image descriptions and links to original stories. No wonder Boticca is one the most successful companies on Pinterest.

Create Multiple Boards

For your business to be successful on Pinterest, you will have to create multiple boards. When you put images that promote your products and services on more than one board, you increase your exposure and seize more opportunities to get noticed. Think of the boards you post as display windows of a store. As people browse through your categories, they will window-shop and eventually buy. The mentioned Boticca has 75 boards with different names such as “Boticca Summer Look” and “Travel”.


If your company offers products and services in a variety of categories, create a separate board for each one to maximize your visibility to relevant searches. Moreover, you can create different boards for different aspects of your business. A marketing company, for example, might want to have one board for public relations and another for design.

Don’t strictly limit the content of your boards to business. Instead, add some quotes and humor wherever appropriate to make sure Pinterest users perceive your company as friendly and approachable.

What Is In A Name?

When you create a fantastic profile with engaging images, you want people to follow you. However, to be followed, you first need to be found. Help people find your Pinterest boards by giving it a distinct and memorable name. A cruise company would probably want to call their board “Unforgettable Family Mediterranean Cruise” rather than “cruises.” Also, create keyword-rich descriptions to your images to make sure they appear in relevant searches. Finally, add descriptive copy to your boards and bio to make sure you attract the biggest possible audience.

Start Group Boards & Discussion Boards

To engage your Pinterest audience some more, consider starting group boards and debates. The people you invite to join your group boards can pin content to them. As you add board contributors, you allow your fans to participate, thus eliciting their appreciation. In turn, they start spreading the good word, and your brand gets nicely promoted.

The same goes for discussion boards through which you encourage your fans to discuss fun and serious topics, as well as to post their opinions and images as part of the interaction. Both group boards and discussion boards are a great way to engage your customers and promote your brand.

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Communicate Some More!

As you delve into everything Pinterest offers, you will find even more ways to communicate. For example, you might find that posting photos of satisfied customers and their testimonials is another useful way to achieve customer engagement. Let´s say that you own a record shop – you can post an image of a smiling customer who has just bought a new album by their favorite band. If you are a hairdresser, you can pin a photo of a customer with their fantastic new haircut. The possibilities are endless, but the bottom line is the following – when you make your profile a place that features your clients, they will realize that your company cares about them as people.

What you can also do is invite people to leave feedback telling you what they would like to see from your profile and your business. Don’t forget to follow other people on Pinterest and like their pins as well. Tag them in your pins and watch your audience grow.

Run Contests

Finally, another great way to attract followers and engage customers is organizing competitions. For example, the winner can be the one who pins the best picture, or the one who creates the board with the best collection of pins. Such contests are very popular and when you offer a valuable prize, you will drive your target audience to engage with you on Pinterest. Consider the Ann Taylor Dream Wedding Wardrobe contest in which Pinners were supposed to create a dream wedding board. The winner won a wedding dress, and the company experienced a growth in sales. Sounds tempting, doesn’t it?



Pinterest can be an amazing social platform when it comes to engaging your current customers, turning other users into customers, and creating the buzz around your products or services. It allows you to leverage the power of image in order to help your business grow. If you follow these tips, you might be surprised how many visitors start gravitating to your profile.

When planning and executing your Pinterest strategy, always try to think outside the box. There are always new and creative ways to use Pinterest to engage your customers.

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