How to Effectively Optimize Your Instagram Posts

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How to Effectively Optimize Your Instagram Posts

Growing by the minute, Instagram is loved by businesses looking to establish a presence and encourage engagement. It offers brands a great way to increase their visibility and connect with their clients and prospects. If you want to build a strong community of people who relate to your brand and to ensure your products are seen by more people, Instagram is the place to be.

But with 300 million monthly users and lots of images uploaded every single day, it can be hard to know how to interact with the Instagram community and get loyal followers who keep coming back for more. But fret not, many users have achieved success, and so can you. Here are some ways you can optimize your Instagram posts and increase engagement.

highquality photos

Capitalize On High-Quality Photos

Instagram is image-centric, it is all about visual storytelling. But everybody posts images and videos on Instagram, so how do you ensure you stand out from the rest? Upload images that attract people at first glance; those that lure, captivate, and enthrall.

Instagram now allows users to upload high-resolution images (1080×1080 pixels). While the images are not displayed as such on Instagram, they are saved in 1080px resolution, probably in preparation for making a switch to the bigger size. Upload high-quality images that make people linger on your Instagram posts. As well, add minimal text and relevant hashtags.

schedule your posts

Schedule Your Posts

If you want to make posting to Instagram easier, start scheduling your posts. While posting in real time has its advantages, it is not ideal for everyone. There are many tools you can use to schedule your posts. Some are computer-only, others are mobile-only, and some work on both mobile and PC.

Some of the most popular scheduling tools help you set up a timer when to go ahead and publish your photos. The publishing will still have to be done manually, though. With Mass Planner you can schedule your Instagram posts and also automate other tedious tasks that cost you a lot of wasted time, everything completely automated so you can focus on more important aspects of your business.

Also, use Instagram analytics tools to measure the effectiveness of your posts and to know the best time to post. If you use Instagram for business, you must track Instagram analytics. As with any other social network, you must have a strategy in place if you want to boost engagement.

Instagram does not have its own analytics dashboard, but there are many tools you can use including Iconosquare and Simply Measured.

use the right hashtags

Use the Right Hashtags

When a user needs to find something on Instagram, they use hashtags to narrow down their search. Hashtags are labels for content and help people to find information on different topics quickly. If you are a seasoned Instagrammer, you know that there are popular hashtags and not-so-popular ones. If you use unpopular hashtags, your posts can easily go unnoticed – no matter how captivating they are.

Use hashtag apps to choose the most popular hashtags in your industry. Some allow you to create your own set of hashtags so you can copy them whenever you want to use them. Always use popular hashtags in your posts to increase the chances of reaching new users and getting discovered. However, refrain from using too many hashtags as Instagram can revoke your hashtag use indefinitely.

To make your posts look clean, a good practice is to choose the most relevant 2 or 3 hashtags for the description and leave the rest for the comments. And don’t forget to include all the necessary hashtags at the time of the posting, otherwise your photos will not appear near the top of the search results and your images could go unnoticed.

use photo editing tools and apps

Utilize Photo Editing Tools and Apps

On an average day, about 70 million images are uploaded to Instagram. There is stiff competition for likes, and only outstanding photos attract the much-needed views.

Make your Instagram posts stand out by using photo editing tools and apps. You can use them to adjust contrast, warmth, brightness, and saturation. Images look so much better when edited. Instagram has its own set of editing tools, and there are many apps at your disposal. They help you to share the beauty of a moment as you remember it – right inside Instagram.

tag people in instagram

Tag People in Images

Tagging on Instagram is currently available for the Android and iPhone apps. The process is super easy. You simply add the names or usernames of the people you want to tag. If you can’t find a person, simply search for them. The beauty of tagging is that you can tag anyone in your photos – those who follow you and those who don’t.

When you tag a person, they get a notification and your post becomes a part of their profile. This means that your followers and their followers see the post.


Engage With Your Followers

Make your brand become popular by regularly engaging with your fans. Remember that your fans follow you for a reason. If they ask questions or comment to your posts, do not ignore them. Even saying “thanks” for good comments makes your followers know you appreciate them.

When you have time, leave nice and thoughtful comments on your fans’ posts. Be thoughtful and avoid posting multiple photos at once as you’ll clutter their photo feeds and they will not be happy. Spread out your posts evenly.

partner with influencers

Partner with Influencers Who Support Your Brand’s Values

Many businesses and brands on Instagram share and promote their partnerships. Partnerships increase brand awareness, reach, and revenue. When you partner with an Instagram influencer, you showcase your brand’s offerings the best way.

Bear in mind that social media influencers are today’s celebrities. Instagram has more than 40,000 influencers who cover all fields. Their opinions are trusted and they can give credibility to the products and services they promote. Look for influencers in your industry to partner with. You can team up to create Instagram takeovers, contests, or product campaigns. Your posts will not only be viewed by many people, you’ll increase brand awareness and get more fans.

Wrapping It Up

While Instagram is one of the best marketing tools for business, most brands do not go the extra mile and optimize their Instagram posts for further reach.

Do not be like them.

Use Instagram to make the most of your posts and to enjoy marketing success. Remember that Instagrammers are shoppers, if you post the right content, your fans will soak up your marketing messages without getting hard sales pitches from you.

Instagram allows you to appeal to customers without selling to them directly. Which other social media platform allows you to do that?

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