Mass Planner’s Google+ Poster Features

With Mass Planner you can schedule your Google+ posts for future posting and automatically share your marketing messages on communities for maximum exposure. Here’s a complete feature list.

Features for your Google+ campaigns

Schedule posts for publishing on your Pages, Communities and Profiles

Schedule posts on as many Google+ pages and communities as you want (from the list of pages you manage) in advance.

Find communities in your niche

Automatically find as many Google+ communities in your niche as you want by keywords and number of members. It’s never been easier to find places to promote your business

Join communities in your niche

Automatically join all the communities that you found, or just import a list of communities and start joining them automatically.

Turn off group notifications and Show posts in home stream

You can automatically turn off group notifications or the “Show posts in Home stream” option that is auto-enabled when you join a community and fills your profile with posts when posting to communities.

Auto Un-Join communities

In case you don’t want to be in some of the communities anymore, you can automatically un-join them with a simple click.

Create exact time posts

You can create exact time posts in the future, if you want to schedule your Christmas or Easter posts today you can do that easily.

Ignore communities list

You can send communities you don’t want to use with Mass Planner to the ignore list and they will never show up again, no matter if you’re a member in them or not.

Publish clickable images

You can create clickable images to be posted in Google+ communities and pages. You can add some text and a big image with no link, however clicking anywhere on the image will redirect the user to any page on your site you want.

Export/Import communities list

Easily export and import a list of your google+ communities so you can easily join them with other accounts as well.

Schedule posts from RSS feeds

It’s never been easier to post you blog content on your Google+ account, schedule posts through rss feeds and there’s nothing else you need to do.

Add signature to all your posts

You can automatically add a text and URL signature to some or all of your posts and automatically promote your business through all your posts.

Spinning syntax

You can use spinning syntax for all your text so you don’t post the same repetitive message on all those google+ communities and pages.

Proxy Support

You have full proxy support – each account you enter can be assigned its very own proxy.

URL shortening

You can set all the posts to have automatic URL shortening meaning all URLs will be shortened randomly using, or

Schedule your posts in bulk

Schedule and post hundreds of text or image posts to your networks in a single click.

Complete posting history

See a complete history of all the posts you have made through Mass Planner along with direct links to all the posts.


Find and automatically follow Google+ users in your niche to grow your account and get more exposure.


Unfollow the people that didn’t follow you back to keep following only the people that are interested in your content and start building relationships with them.

Boost your post

Show that you are all for what you posted and be the first one to like it.

Execute actions as Branded Accounts

Setup your google plus accounts to take all the actions as Branded Accounts for more exposure to your business.

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