Frequently Asked Questions

 Q. Does my computer need to be on and Mass Planner started in order for it to post?


Mass Planner is a desktop software and it stores all its files on your computer. Nothing is kept online. So in order for it to post you need to have your computer on and the Mass Planner software running. You also need an active Internet Connection for the scheduled posting.

 Q. How many accounts can I use Mass Planner with?

A. That can vary, anywhere between 2 and unlimited accounts for each platform

Everybody can have 2 accounts for each platform that come with the subscription ( either monthly or 6 months). For the people that need more than two accounts we have created 3 extra modules.

Extra modules are a one time payment, after that you will have access to those upgrades as long as you have your account with us. There are a couple of extra modules that do different things, you can see all of them within your account, just click the top right Login button to go there or go to the Extra modules tab within the software.

In order to use Mass Planner with more accounts you can get any or a combination of these extra modules:

  • Extended Multi Account Module +8 for $15 – you will be able to use Mass Planner with 10 accounts in total for each platform
  • Extended Multi Account Module +15 for $25 – you will be able to use Mass Planner with 17 accounts in total for each platform
  • Unlimited Multi Accounts Module for $70 – you will be able to use Mass Planner with unlimited accounts for each platform

You can combine the first two from above for a 10% discount and use Mass Planner with a maximum of 25 accounts for each platform.

If you’ve gotten any of the +8 or +15 modules and want to upgrade to Unlimited you only need to pay the difference.

 Q. Can I use Mass Planner on multiple computers in the same time?

A. No

You can install the product on more computers but it will work only on a single computer at a given time. For your convenience, you can install Mass Planner on a VPS and access it from any computer. The advantage is that you install it only once and it’s always ON.

 Q. What operating systems does Mass Planner work on?

A. This software runs on any version of Windows.We currently have no version for Mac Os X, the software only runs on Windows, however we wrote 2 detailed article on how to get passed that.

  1. How to install Mass Planner in a virtual machine on your Mac
  2. How to get a one year free VPS from amazon and install Mass Planner on that VPS

Either of the above will work it just needs a little setup.

 Q. I don’t have a PayPal account, can I purchase your software with my credit card?

A. Yes, you can. You can choose to pay with your credit card.

This method is available only for a 6 months license due to limitations from Paypal. This type of payment is also processed by PayPal, but you don’t have to create a PayPal account.

  1. Go to
  2. Select the “Credit Card Payment” tab
  3. Click on “Start Now” for 6 Months License
  4. Enter you Name, Email, confirm your Email again and click “Checkout using only Credit Card”
  5. You will be redirected to PayPal to complete the transaction.
  6. Choose “Pay with a debit or credit card, or PayPal Credit”
  7. Fill in the required information, Review and Continue the transaction.

At this time Paypal and Credit Card are the only two payment options we accept.

 Q. Can I change from a monthly subscription to a 6 months subscription?

A. Yes, you can.

To switch to a 6 months subscription please follow these steps:

  1. Go to your Massplanner account
  2. Once there, click on the Cancel button – it will take you to Paypal where you will need to actually Cancel your PayPal subscription.
  3. Go back to your Massplanner account and refresh the page. You can now create a new subscription.
  4. Choose the 6 months option and click on Subscribe with PayPal. Go to Paypal and accept the newly created subscription.

 Q. Where can I download the installer?

A. After you’ve created your account with us you should have received an email with all the details that you need in order to use Mass Planner. You should check that email first.

If you need to re-download the installer you can get the link from your account with us

Or just go here and download it

 Q. Can I move Mass Planner to another computer/VPS?

A. Yes you can.

The best and fastest solution is to copy the whole Mass Planner folder from one PC to the other (or to the VPS).

To open the folder where Mass Planner is installed, open Run (windows+R keys) and type %APPDATA%, then press enter. It will open a folder that contains the Mass Planner 2 folder. Copy the entire folder to the other computer/VPS – on C://MassPlanner for example

In order to copy all the data easily on a VPS, read the section about how to use a local drive in remote connection. This way you will have access to your local drives on the VPS and can simply copy-paste the folder.

Then just start Mass Planner (MassPlannerNew.exe) from the new location. It will continue from where it left off on your PC.

 Q. I am getting a login error in Mass Planner, what should I do?

A. First, double check your email and password: make sure you entered the correct email (the one you used to purchase Mass Planner 2) and the corresponding password.

Make sure you don’t enter by mistake your Facebook account credentials (or other social profile).

If you think the email and password are correct, please go to your Mass Planner account and try to login there. If you still can’t login, try resetting your password.

You should receive a new password via email. After logging in you can see the status of your account.

If you can log into your account but can’t start Mass Planner with the same credentials your license might have expired. Check how many days you have left in your online account.

The status can be: Trial, Active Subscription or Disabled. If your subscription is expired, the status will be disabled. To fix this, you need to renew your subscription or buy a license (without auto-renewal) with direct payment:

Choose the subscription you want (monthly or 6 months) and click on “Subscribe with PayPal”. This will redirect you to PayPal to finish the transaction.

Alternatively, you can choose to pay only for a month or 6 months access with Direct Payment.

 Q. How can I cancel my account?

A. You only need to close your Paypal subscription if you have one. The account will expire on its own.

To Cancel your subscription you need to:

  1. Access your Mass Planner account /
  2. Go to My Profile
  3. Click on “Cancel Subscription”
  4. Follow that link to paypal and cancel your paypal subscription from within your paypal account.

Make sure you actually go to paypal and cancel the subscription don’t just reach step 3 and stop there as that won’t cancel it.

 Q. My Mass Planner is not opening, what can I do?

A. If you Mass Planner isn’t opening anymore there are several things you can check :

  1. Check your system tray and task manager and see if it’s already running, if so access it from your system tray.
  2. Go to the Mass Planner installation folder and double click on MassPlanner.Updater.exe to make a forced update, it could be a problem with the update.

If it’s still not working let us know and we’ll do a teamviewer session to see what the problem could be.

 Q. My embedded browser is not starting, what can I do?

A. If your embedded browser is not starting when you click it, then please try the following:

  • Go to the mass planner folder and right click on “MassPlanner.exe” , select Properties, go into the Compatibility tab and select the box saying “Run this program as Administrator” and click OK. Do the same for the “MassPlanner.Browser.External.exe” file in that same folder.

    Restart Mass Planner and try again. It should work now.

If it still doesn’t work, it might be a problem caused by your antivirus so:

 Q. How fast can I post on my social accounts?

A. It depends greatly on the age of your account and on how you used it until this point.

For example if your account is new then definitely take it very slow and don’t do only one action with it ( like joining groups or making a lot of friends). If the account is older ( over  6 months ) you can take it a little faster.

How you used the account so far also comes into play, if you’ve never joined groups and start joining hundreds of groups today that’s not a good idea, you need to take it slow and join them over time. The best thing you can do is grow it slowly in time and take it easy at first.

We have users that post in over 1000 groups per day and have been doing that for months with no problems, but they took it slow at fist and gradually reached that point.

We’ve made a post about the most important things you should take care of when starting, I advise you to go through it and make sure you understand everything. 

Do you have a question? Contact us!

Before you submit your request using the contact form, see if it’s not already answered in our FAQs or Knowledge Base.

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