Mass Planner’s Facebook Poster Features

Mass Planner has everything you need to completely automate your Facebook Marketing and grow your fanbase fast. Here are all the features that makes Mass Planner the most powerful social media automation tool.

Features for your Facebook campaigns

Schedule posts on Facebook Pages or Groups

Schedule posts on as many Facebook groups or pages as you want (from the list of pages you manage).

Add Video to Facebook Post

Create more interesting and share worthy posts by adding native videos and get the chance to go viral on Facebook.

Find Groups and Pages in your niche

Automatically find groups in your niche by keywords and number of members. We guarantee to have the best group finder around, you can find thousand of targeted groups.

Publish Clickable Images

You can create and publish amazing looking posts on Facebook namely clickable images. They will have a great image and description and clicking anywhere on it will redirect to your site.

Exclusive Clickable Image Post Server

Have the ability to assign a clickable image post server specific to each Facebook account added to Mass Planner.

Join Groups in your niche

Automatically join all the groups you found before, based on your interests, or imported join groups.

Un-Join Groups

Automatically un-join certain groups you lost interest in – either because you switched niches or you don’t find them useful anymore.

Ignore Groups

Send to Ignore Groups those Facebook groups that you want to avoid, to make sure you don’t post or join them by accident.

Flexible scheduling capabilities

Post your content on exact times, repeat the posts on certain days or hours or choose the number of posts per day and let Mass Planner optimize the posting times.

Export/Import Group and Page lists

Export/import group and page lists so you can use them on other PCs/accounts.

Schedule your posts in bulk

Schedule and post hundreds of text or image posts to your networks in a single click.

Auto-Share posts on your Groups

Automatically share the posts on your page to the groups you are member of for amazing reach and page growth.

Automatically stop campaign if the situation calls for it

To prevent any incidents that may occur, Mass Planner automatically stop the campaigns in case Facebook gives you the “Slow down or be blocked” message.

Schedule posts from RSS feeds

Schedule posts from RSS feeds, even feeds with images.

Campaigns insights and statistics

Mass Planner gives you statistics of what and when you post to help you improve your strategy.

Add Signature to posts

You can choose to automatically add a signature to all your posts (or to a certain percent of you posts). This can help you strengthen your brand identity.

Complete history

See a complete history of your posts along with direct link to each post you made, to know which type of content generates more visits and leads.

URL shortening

Automatic URL shortening to keep your messages short and to the point.

Automatic backup

Automatic backup of your campaign details to be protected in case of errors.

Spinning syntax

Spinning syntax is enabled for all the fields to help you avoid dull and repetitive messages.

Auto - Accept new group members

You can set Mass Planner to automatically accept new members in your groups, no need to do it manually anymore.

Auto - Invite friends to your groups

You can set up Mass Planner to automatically invite some or all of your friends to join your groups.

Turn off group notifications

You can automatically turn off the groups notifications, to avoid flooding your friends with the messages you post on all the groups you’ve joined.

Proxy Support

You can run each Facebook account on its own unique proxy so you don’t leave an IP footprint. We support HTTP proxies.

Auto-hashtag words on your post

Optimize your posts and make the keywords on your content standout by automatically adding a hashtag to it.

Better Account Management

Lower the risk of getting your account restricted. Limit the number of posts per day and customize an exclusive sleep time for each of your Facebook accounts.

Auto-Unlock Account

Indicate the date of birth and Mass Planner will automatically unlock your Facebook account when the situation calls for it.

Post as your Facebook Page

Promote your page and increase engagement by interacting as your Facebook page.

Post to Sell Groups

Earn quickly by posting and selling your items on Facebook sell groups.

Birthday Tool

Set up custom birthday wishes using the spin syntax, start the Birthday tool and never miss a friend’s birthday again. Mass Planner will post your message on your behalf.

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