Why Facebook Groups are the Secret Ingredient

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Facebook groups.

Do you use them for business marketing purposes?

You should.

Here’s why and exactly how to tap into largely unknown nuggets of golden value that await.

Uncovering Likemindness

Exactly how do you find the right groups for you?

Conduct a search on FB with the following parameters: [niche]+group
The result will be an immediate view of groups for you to consider joining.

I’m a Writer whose focus is in the arena of marketing. Bloggers are Writers though their choice of preferred topic can greatly differ from mine. My joining and sharing invaluable marketing advice within these groups will lead other Bloggers to see me as a person of value when it comes to marketing their blogs out to the world.

That’s the exact position I want to be in and recommend for you to consider developing as it relates to your own niche influence within FB groups.

Secret Sauce

One of the most overlooked aspects of interactivity within Facebook groups is the ability to be involved with private groups that are open to only a select few.

Let’s say you have some type of membership program or software that you are part of.

Having access to an FB group that focuses on precisely that which others cannot be involved with absolutely strengthens your position no matter if you are buyer or seller. As a buyer, you know you will be able to tap into a network of influence that has had their own experience that can be shared. As a seller, you can speak with your exact audience and advise them of updates, changes or even new product releases that you are rolling out.

Everyone wins.

Instructional Engagement

Many people find their venture into FB groups to have resulted in failure.

It should be noted that it is not normally the fault of the group involved but rather a neglect of reading the proper way to interact with the group in question.

For example, I once joined a group and posted my informative content (non-salesy) to the wall. Shortly thereafter I was contacted by the moderator and an unplanned interview ensued.

Had I taken the time to read the rules for the group I would have clearly seen that self-driven posts were not allowed. Each group is different. Find out how to work safely within the confines of each group, follow their guidelines and you will achieve a positive experience from your endeavors.

Groups for Sale

A more unknown way of using the power of groups as it relates to FB is found in your ability to create and/or join a “for sale group.”

Here you can offer your viewers products and/or services related to the business you are conducting. If you are setting one of these gems up, just be sure to identify its purpose during the configuration process and you will be good to go.

Be sure to focus on providing value over making sales in order to create the best synergy between you and your currently or future audience.

Communication Factors

The purpose behind business people belonging to a group involves connecting with your preferred audience in such a way that open dialog can be started. However, it is critical that your attempts at outreach are more informatively friendly than blatant attempts at marketing your message.

In this way making sure that you are:

  • Providing quality content to those involved in the group.
  • Engaging group members with likes, shares and comments.
  • Contributing more value in than you are receiving out.

When posting my own content to the group, I generally do this by asking an engaging question that relates to the post being made. Once engaged, I share the related link with a photo and let the rest be history.

This can be done in a simple 1 or 2 sentence paragraph to evoke though then the link guides the viewer to your answer to that question raised.

HOT TIP: Make sure your answer really is a genuine answer and not a shameless attempt to market your message. Doing otherwise will be clearly seen and largely rejected.

always listen to feedback

Listen In

While actively participating in a like-minded group be sure to listen to what others are saying.

  • What needs are they talking about which your products or services can clearly fill?
  • What innovations for new concepts released can you uncover based on the dialog?
  • What can you do to meet the needs and fulfill the concerns that are arising?

You can also ask group members for their thoughts, ideas, and opinions.
HOT TIP: Why not create a focal group of active clients or customers? Make it private so they feel like they are entering something exclusive, which they are. Here you can have a think tank brainstorming synergy largely unavailable within the traditional confines of an open group atmosphere.

Influential Position

As you continue to contribute high value to the group’s members your position of authority and influence within that group will correspondingly increase.

Be consistently available both in ways of content shared and interactions provided and the various group members will come to see you as the person to turn to when they have issues which relate to the solutions you provide.

United Keynotes

Let’s say you are having a speaking event of some sort and you want a place where everyone can tap into associated details as well as engage one another before the event. Why not create a Facebook group for accomplishing this exact purpose?

If you happen to be a featured attendee to the event coming, ask about such a group and how you can gain access to it.

Closing Thoughts About Facebook Groups for Business

As should be apparent, FB groups offer great power for the purposes of business. Tap into that power and win.

Which strategies that are listed above regarding the usability of Facebook groups do you like best?

Which have you tried?

What are you now interested in testing?

In short, what has worked and what hasn’t, for you?

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